All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Replacing my Palm Centro with E71

I bought Palm Centro a while ago because it has a touch screen which lacks in E71, but after using it for about 3 weeks I decided that I don't like it that much and regrets my decision on choosing it over E71. The Centro doesn't support 3G connection which is essential since it has no WiFi connection.

Now I'm ready to miss those lovely touch screen, and started to think of buying a E71.

The questions I would have to ask,

1. Can I sync it to my Mac OS X applications, iCal and AddressBook, how? A friend of mine tried to sync his E61i and every contacts on his phone were doubled (duplicated)

2. I organized the numbers my contact (so it would have a better view) with spaces (eg: +6281 830 661). My friend had problems with this on his E61i. Is it possible that the E71 read this format? 'Cause I have hundreds of numbers on my AddressBook that organized this way, it would be a torture having to re-organize it.

3. I love to customize my phone, is just one of the things that I really love to do on my spare time. Such as downloading third party applications, and above all, change themes and so on. Can I do this with E71?

4. How do I push my emails to E71?

5. How's that navigation key? Do you find it easy to navigate, say while browsing the web or while editing your contacts or calendars?

Please answer, a friend of mine intended to buy my Centro at a very interesting price, but I have to be sure about switching to E71 before I let my Centro go.

Thank you.

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I've ported from a Treo650 to the E71 (via N95)

E71 is a very good device - free of squeeking buttons and back cover as it was on my Treo. I dont miss the touchscreen a bit, and tne E71 is not bad to operate. Takes a little while to get used to the keyboards - its not as good as my Palm's, but its Ok

1. I don't know as I sync to PC
2. It can read numbers that way, but it is in my experience not possible to write new telephone numbers that way - this has to be done on the computer side
3. Lots of 3rd party apps - although not the same offerings as for Palm OS. I miss Agendus, but I hope they will write it for the S60 now that the UIQ is dead
4. There are a feww apps that can do this. Nokia has its own "Mail For Exchange" which is preinstalled and free. Roadsync, Seven... are alternatives. It does not at this stage support BB sync
5. Quite good actually. You'll maybe miss the touchscreen when browsing, but except for that I think you'll do just fine

Desicions, desicions.....
BR JoranG

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Thanks, Jorang!

Yeah... I really have to think it over. The Centro is actually my 5th phone this year. It's really hard to find a good phone now days. And if... if I decided to replace my Centro with the E71, then that should be it. Another phone switching would make my wife go nuts!!

I could use a good phone for a long.. long time. But then finding the perfect one to replace the 'previous, outdated old perfect one' is really.. really hard.

I still have to find out about synchronizing with my MacBook. Because this is, my 'perfect one' for laptop.

I've heard that smart phones with S60 are the most compatible devices with the Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), besides iPhone, of course . I'd hate having to spend another money to buy a third party software. E71 is not a cheap phone.

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I switched from a Treo 680 to the E71. I had only Palms for the last 10 years. (i.e. It was a big step for me. ;-) )

I am very glad I made the switch. The E71 is awesome because it is packed with so many things my Treo didn't have - 3G, wifi, GPS, FM tuner, etc, etc, etc.

I thought I would miss the touchscreen, but I have been fine without it. There are only a few times when I try to slide the screen and can't. The web browser works pretty well with the navigator key. The zoom is very nice. You just zoom out and then navigate to the part of the page you want. The other thing was copy-n-paste. It took me a bit to get used to doing it with the keyboard. Definitely not as easy as on the screen, but I've got it down now.

I had TONS of 3rd party apps on my Palm. So far I have found replacements for most of them. The one big one I am still not happy with is the ToDo list. I can't believe I can't find one that will group by category and filter by due date. So I am probably going to have to make due with something not quite as good as I had before for this one. I also had this great Travel app which I was so bummed to find out that they just made an iPhone version for, but alas no s60 or Java version.

Not sure about the phone numbers or Mac sync. But I can tell you that even though I haven't gotten my E71 set up exactly as I had my Treo set up, I'm still very glad I made the switch. The E71 is an awesome device and such a huge improvement!

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Made up my mind, bought the E71 2 hours a go, holding it on my hands now.

So far I'm impressed with its speed and ease of use, specially on setting-up my Gmail account. I use Mac for everyday computing, and I can say that I found my new, lovely E71 is just as easy to use as the Mac.

Loved it, so far.


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