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WAFFLE: Schoolyard Monopoly

This is taken from my blog, but I wanted to share it and see what you thought

When Billy started at the local primary school, he made friends with Stevie and together they saved their pocket money to buy a football. The day they bought their football was magic! They invited all their friends to join in playing football during playtime, leaving their coats on the floor to act as goalposts.

After a while, Billy and Stevie managed to save up for a new ball that was rounder than the old one and everybody got to play with it. But after a while, Billy and Stevie said that anybody who wanted to play had to pay ten pence to help pay for the next ball when this one wore out. That seemed reasonable enough, and after a while the ball wore out and popped, but there was enough money to pay for a new one.

Billy and Stevie were really popular in the school because they owned the football. But sometimes, if the rest of the girls and boys didn't want to play football, Billy and Stevie would use the money left over for paying for the new ball to bribe some of the other sporty boys to play with their football. Because these boys who had been bribed were the sporty boys, it meant that any other games were just boring and before long, football was the only game being played.

It wasn't long before Billy and Stevie could no longer afford to pay the sporty boys and keep enough money to buy themselves loads of sweets, so they had to make more money by saying that the other boys and girls would have to pay again to play with their football. This time, though, the other boys and girls would pay less, but would have to pay before every playtime they played.

The boys and girls who had rich parents were able to pay, but the others weren't allowed to play (Billy and Stevie said they could pay less and play with their special 'square ball', but that wasn't any fun). The boys and girls who couldn't afford to play football with the rest really felt left out.

One day, Billy and Stevie were horrified to find that the poor kids had made their own ball and were playing proper football with it! Billy and Stevie told the teachers to make them stop playing football with the unofficial football, and the teachers told the poor kids to stop. But the poor kids said that there was nothing wrong with it and told the teachers to tell Billy and Stevie to leave them alone.

Because the teachers couldn't do anything to stop the poor kids, Billy and Stevie started telling everybody that the poor kids' ball was rubbish and popped every time it was kicked into the nettles, but the kids couldn't help noticing that after Billy and Stevie had had to buy three new footballs, the poor kids were still using their old one and it hadn't popped at all.

The next trick that Billy and Stevie tried was to say that their ball was a football and that the poor kids shouldn't call their ball a football (or even a ball) because Billy and Stevie used the name first, but the poor kids pointed out that people have been playing football for years, even before they were born and so Billy and Stevie weren't allowed to stop them. So Billy and Stevie said that the poor kids shouldn't play football with the off-side rule because that was special to kids who had the official ball and who paid good money to use it. But again, the poor kids said that since Billy and Stevie didn't make up the off-side rule, they would play with it anyway.

Billy and Stevie decided that they should try playing some games with the poor kids, but then steal the ball and say that it was theirs all the time, but when they did, the poor kids told the teachers and as punishment, the teachers made Billy and Stevie give some of the money they'd taken for use of their football. The money that Billy and Stevie had to pay wasn't much at all and they had loads left, but they were still upset because the teachers said that they weren't allowed to use all the school yard all the time and that the poor kids were just as allowed to play football with their ball in the main yard and not just in the sports hall (as they had been).

Billy and Stevie still have more people playing football with their ball than the poor kids do, but it does seem that the poor kids have more fun. Sometimes, one of the poor kids gets to borrow the ball and take it home to practice and when they bring it back, they've made the ball even better and they can play football even better and everybody has more fun.

One day, Billy and Stevie decided to have an inter-team football match, to see who was better. The poor kids said that was a good idea but Billy and Stevie insisted that they play with their 'official' football.

The match got underway and Billy and Stevie's team scored an early goal. The poor kids complained that the ball was too heavy and they couldn't do much with it. Eventually, they got used to the 'official' ball and they managed to do all sorts of tricks with it and they scored an equalizer. Billy and Stevie weren't happy with this, so they brought out a newer ball which was heavier still, saying that this ball was the best football in the whole school. Again, the poor kids couldn't kick it very well but some bullies from the local comprehensive school came into the yard and kicked the ball into the nettles and the ball popped.

The poor kids brought their ball out for the game and took a lead early in the second half. When the bullies came again from the local comprehensive, they kicked the ball into the nettles but it didn't pop. They then kicked it into the thorn bushes, and it did pop, but all of the poor kids had a puncture repair kit and the ball was soon repaired.

The final score was two goals to Billy and Stevie, seven goals for the poor kids. Billy and Stevie said the score wasn't proper and anyway and put up posters showing how two was actually more than seven, and that although their ball had popped, it was still safer than the poor kids' ball because it had more colours.

Billy snd Stevie still have more kids playing with their 'official' ball (even after it was kicked the wrong way and it broke some Windows (tm)), but when the kids really want to learn how to play football, they go to the poor kids.

That's just the way it is.


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I like it, very good.
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billie and steve.....there evil sinister plan to take over the school was almost gonna work
if it werent for those medeling kids
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