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Whose fault is it?

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Old 05-09-2002, 09:58 PM
adrianbaby adrianbaby is offline
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If Singlepoint don't support GPRS, whose fault is it?

That is the question. I bought my 7650 through dial-a-phone for 99.99 with 28 per month contract with Singlepoint, for connection to Vodafone. I needed voda cos we bought a pay up front sim card deal for 60 (100 peak mins +50 txt per month for 1 year) for my better half. The dial-a-phone deal is the cheapest in UK for Voda contract at the moment, I believe. Anyway...

...then I try to use GPRS the other day. Setup it up via Vizarri, sent me a txt for settings and all. When I try to log on, nothing... GPRS not available. Why? Tried a couple of time, still the same. So I decided to call Vodafone 191, thinking that it will be automated voice message (cos it cost 25p per min to speak to an operator). Selected my option, and suddenly someone said, "Hello, could you confirm your name please?" At that point, I thought, "Sh!t, 25p down the drain". Anyway, I asked the guy about the GPRS thing. He told me that Singlepoint does support GPRS yet. I thought, WHAT? Anyway, put the phone down before they take another 25p off me.

Called Singlepoint the next day, and they told me that GPRS will not be available in the near future... will probably launch it by the end of they year. GREAT!!! I was looking forward to playing with WAP and all (my last phone was my other half's 8210, the one before that was a NEC DB2000. Cellnet paid me 50 to have that phone, but that's another story. )

My question is:

Is it my fault that I didn't check before I got the phone? Or is it Singlepoint and/or Vodafone's fault for not able to negotiate a deal for the GPRS fees... Very P-off!!!


Old 06-09-2002, 12:55 AM
Jelster Jelster is offline
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Been there, done that.

Quite a funny conversation with singlepoint when they rang to find out how I liked my new phone.

"Oh great, its the best phone out right now, then again seeing as my service provider is pants and can't provide GPRS it does kinda ruin all possibility of using the phone for sending pictures or browsing the web"

Needless to say the guy shut the hell up and proceeded to try and sell me stuff.

I personally think it stink that a service provider can't get GPRS sorted. Voda looked very attractive with their GPRS select package at .2p per k, something that would let me play for a while and not have to comit to 5-10 quid more a month.

Ahh well you're not on your own. I'll be ringing them once a week too until they get their thumbs out.


Old 06-09-2002, 05:54 AM
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While some may have a point in saying that you should check this stuff out first, I'd argue that when a major selling point of a phone is GPRS, the company (in your case, Singlepoint) should make it clear that they don't support it.

We should, by now, be moving away from the 'buyer beware' culture, but alas not, buyers must beware and so I'd eat my grief-chicken in the courts of Singlepoint.


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Old 06-09-2002, 08:05 AM
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Hmms if they can't even provide 2.5G where are ya gonna get 3G from (when it finally gets here)
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Old 06-09-2002, 11:07 AM
adrianbaby adrianbaby is offline
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I thought when I bought the phone, that all features would be supported.
I mean if you buy a box of Kellogs corn flakes (for example), you would expect to get the same content and quality be it from Tesco or Sainsbury. I thought Singlepoint and Cellular Operation Ltd etc are just like the Tesco and Sainsbury of Mobile, selling a product (in this case a mobile phone service) supplied by Vodafone. I expected to get all the features already available on Vodafone. But no. It is more like this: Tesco plc is vodafone, and the Tesco superstore and Tesco Metro are Singlepoint and Cellular Operation Ltd etc. Tesco Metro don't sell all the products that Tesco Superstore sells...

Feels like I have been conned... don't you agree?

Old 06-09-2002, 04:13 PM
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That saves me a phone call! Let me join you in being p*ssed off a Singlepoint!

GPRS has been around for a while now hasn't it? you would expect them to have sorted it by now

Old 06-09-2002, 11:57 PM
technobabble technobabble is offline
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I rang up T-Mobile and asked them when I could have GPRS set up on my account.

I was told that they were "phasing it in" slowly, and direct GPRS will not be available for "some months". Apparently not all of T-Mobiles customers are "as knoweledgable about GPRS as me" (I love having my ego stroked by customer services ) and launching direct GPRS would not be "economically feasible" for the company at the current time. Only MMS is available, which is 20 per month for 10Mb of mesages.
No way am I spending 20 knicker a month on a service which I can communciate with maybe 1 of my mates (and he's a prick anyway, I would probably only send him offensive photos). And as if I will use 10Mb in a month! A picture is only 20k-ish.

Why can't they just charge you per message like Text messaging??

Oh well...
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Old 07-09-2002, 09:01 AM
ebo ebo is offline
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Originally Posted by Anonymous
GPRS has been around for a while now hasn't it?
Here in Finland three operators offer GPRS almost in the whole country and the largest operator Sonera has offered GPRS services since autumn 2000.

you would expect them to have sorted it by now
You could expect many things, but in the end this depends on what was told or promised in the store where the phone was bought and the subscription with Singleton / Vodafone made.

If they promised services that aren't yet available, I think you should be able to cancel your subscription. At least that would work here in Finland since we have a very strict consumer protection law.


Old 07-09-2002, 09:16 AM
adrianbaby adrianbaby is offline
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That is the point I am trying to make. I expected the sub-contractors of Vodafone, be it Singlepoint, Cellular Operations or others, to provide all of the service Vodafone offers. I really though they are just people who find the subscribers and collects the money for Vodafone. Obviously I was wrong...


Old 07-09-2002, 05:07 PM
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Still not got it yet!!!

Blimey I got a t68 with phones4u (Singlepoint) last december. They promised me then that GPRS was just arround the corner.

I quickly swapped sims (for my orange contract) and got GPRS with them which was fab.

Now got 7650 with orange with picture messaging. No one to send to yet but still kewl as. Oh and I got it for 90 as my bills are huge and I thretened to leave orange (250 for phone 100 credit back and extra 60 back for my orange 6210)

Also Orange are having loads of difficulties with GPRS billing I was charged 4 last month for my 42MB GPRS bill



Old 07-09-2002, 11:27 PM
adrianbaby adrianbaby is offline
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What network were you on Mike? When I call Singlepoint they said there is no GPRS for another few months. Are you telling me that they did have GPRS or are you talking about another network?

And how the hell did you manage to run up a 42Mb bill... must be using a html browser on the phone.......


Old 10-09-2002, 10:40 AM
headshox headshox is offline
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How did you get 60 quid back for your 6210?! They were offering me 20 if i gave them my 8210 the battery AND the charger! :-?

Old 12-09-2002, 07:32 AM
adrianbaby adrianbaby is offline
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I called Singlepoint again yesterday. Spoke to a young lass who also didn't know the company she works for don't offer GPRS!!! She spent some time trying to work out why I couldn't use GPRS, until she had to ask her supervisor. Apparently we should expect to get GPRS by early November. Hope her supervisor is not lying.


Old 12-09-2002, 07:53 AM
Chucky Egg Chucky Egg is offline
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I bought a T39m in October last year, connected to Singlepoint and discovered that they didn't do GPRS then.

I took the phone back and cancelled my subscription because I had told the shop that I specifically wanted email access using GPRS.

I would try that if I were you. You can get a genuine Voda subscription for GPRS and pay another 75 for the phone - otherwise you are stuck with a cheaper handset that you can't make use of.
Chucky Egg

Old 13-09-2002, 02:46 PM
FireBurn FireBurn is offline
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Just to clarify

My Phone is on Orange I have the 7650.

Single Point are lyars they continually say that GPRS is round the corner and have done for nearly a year. There excuse for me in December 2001 was that GPRS had bugs. They were letting other companies sort all that out so coutomers aren't inconvenienced by a defective service.

In my opinion GPRS is cheaper than GSM WAP hence they'll probably lose money.

42MB was run up with my t68 when my PC's modem broke I needed to download couse note's from uni. Used my MA-600 IR to conect to the internet.

I would also like to point out I wasn't told in Phones4u that GPRS was unavalable. They did how ever sell me the phone telling me that it could use GPRS. -(

For the 60 that's what orange said they were offering for all 6210's think it may have been a special offter. I still haven't sent it back yet. I just got the Royal Mail special delivery envelope the other day.

I think the reason they're offering so much for the phone is that they screw up a lot (6210's that is) That was my 4th one. The origional was stollen twice the 2nd replacement never worked (To my dismay it was a reconditioned phone) I realise this was what ornage was doing as the software number was going to earlyr versions and had more bugs and crashed more.

Oh picture messaging doesn't work with unregisered IMEI numbers (unregistered with orange) which is very annoying thing orange has done. Still at least they only charge you per message.

And could someone let me know if there is a way to have the names on the phone viewed as firstname lastname propperly without using name swap as I notice that with name swap when Texts come in they're from Lastname Firstname!!

Also does anyone know any test URLs for Realplayer?

Is there a working web browser and MSN messanger out for the phone yet as I couldn't get Requreles to work and IM+ isn't out yet

And is thre a online version of the user manual? As orange only gave me there own version which was written for 2 year old (it was only missing pictures of the teletubbies) and didn't tell me anything useful like extra features. I discovered for my self that holding the menu button is the mobile equivalant or <ALT-Tab> on the PC.




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