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Catalin Alexe
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Why should you buy SE P1i ?

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Unusable for business purposes:
- No searchable address book
- Unusable device lock (fixed to 1min)
- Unreliable synchronization with Lotus Notes
- Unresponsive UI and SLOW boot
- Unusable without fingers/stylus.
You are right BUT I strongly recommend it for:
- once you set up a birthday in 'Contacts', automatically shows up in 'Calendar'
- you have 'Find' function in 'Calendar'
- when you move a 'Reminder' a whole month appears so you can pick whatever week day you desire.

As to the searchable address book you can very easily use this app:

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Are we all still silly?

I use a mobile phone since 1998 for business reasons only. I wonder about us humans that we can hang on a PC and talk about the usefulness of these products.

Be honest, all mobile phones are crap. All. If not we would in no way read us in forums or read troubleshooting articles.

A phone is a phone not more. We are not doing something different then just talk daily stuff like Hello, I am in the bus, did you finish the job, can we meet or let's have a night stand.

Do you remember the time when we had a simple house phone? Did we discuss it wit others? Did we sit around the phone and wait for a call? Did we carry it in our lab while watching TV look at it from time to time and polish the edges with the sweather with glossy eyes?

Honestly, where did we go in our life?

Now I read this review. It's sounds like the author works for SonyEricsson as a hidden PR agent. Think about it. You can not proof it. You don't know him. Hmmm? Got it.

You read this and discuss it with others or write a siilar review or comment, what is in SonyEricssons interest.

It's all about this. You are little copiers copying an opinion and spread it into the web.

Better you just relax and do nothing. Keeps you free from manipulation.

Hope I did not offend to much.


Just bought my 4th SE Phone the P1i. It is just a phone.

Ha, I really laugh. What stupid game, I can use an icone here to decorate my message. Are we not silly?

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Hi i found this in , it workes try it.....

I went to my router and opened the section for wireless access point or the access control. I dint turn on the access control mine is still an open network but the was a list displaying available access cards connected to the that my laptop and my P1i showed and i added them to the access control list( even though i didn't check the box to turn access control..wiered) but it worked and im browsing.. now when i check the connected devices shows the P1i tooo.. soo the fix is in the router...none other solutions abt router worked except this one AND i use operamini and not the default browser.. ..

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sachin patil
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can u tell me how to open the phone touch pad ???
similar with the p990 or p900 something..........

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sachin patil
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sony ericsson p1i

can u tell me how to open the phone touch pad in the sony ericsson p1i???
similar with the p990 or p900 something..........

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I ve had the p1i for a year, and it has been through hell. Its dropped on a number of occasions and survived. The best thing about this phone is it has backups for each other. If you loose the touch screen, (which I did and it recovered itself) it has the jog wheel on the side. It also has arrows on the bottom to jog through. If your not looking to show off playing videos and games on your phone, and you really need a phone for business. This is a tuff little unit at a fraction of the price of iphones, with mp3 player, blue tooth and all the esential bits. If you wanna take great pictures, get a digital camera. I recomend this phone.


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