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New: Answering Machine for Series 60

Answering Machine is a software based answer machine for your Nokia 7650. It will allow you to answer incoming calls, play a precorded message and then record a message. There's one significant bug though - the microphone is not muted when a call is answered. This is a system level limit.

Author Notes:
"Answering Machine" for Nokia 7650 will serve you as a personal secretary. It will answer your calls, play prerecoded message of your choice and record a message for you.

Main features of the "Answering Machine" are:

* Answering incoming calls after the predefined time
* Playing one of the prerecorded responses to the phone line
* Recording a voice message
* Pick up and Hang up are possible at any time while AM is answering the call
* All voice messages are stored locally and are available at any time
* A special view allows you to manage recorded voice messages
* Caller phone number along with the date and time of the call are stored

NOTE! In the current version of the "AM" there is a known missing feature - microphone is not muted while answering a phone call. Unfortunately, Nokia doesn't provide a required API at the moment. As soon as this feature will be implemented all registered users will get a free upgrade version of the "AM".

"Answering Machine" is a shareware product. It has 30 days trial period. The price is 15. You will be able to purchase the software from the Nokia Software Market in the nearest time.
It is available in English, Finnish, Swedish, German, Russian, Hungarian and Italian languages.
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Link to authors page:


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I am wondering why do they have the maximum limit of 20 sec for "Pick up after". :-? I think this is far from being enough, and it would be the main reason to choose the competitor MTIT app that has 60 sec limit, even if it is more expensive.

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It has to be said... I downloaded this software, mailed it to my works email addy, drove 5 miles to work to then squirt the SIS file into my 7650 via the woefully inadequate Mitsumi BT dongle which only seems to want to work on my Win2K box in work (hence the drive)... to then find out that this Answer Machine software is a pile of pants! :-?

Sorry, I have not got one good word to say about it, let alone the fact it doesn't mute the mic! (I know this is a current API issue waiting to be resolved)

The software is let down by the fact there are NO icons or gizmo's or whatever on the main screen to let you know the AM is active or inactive. There are NO icons, gizmo's or whatever to let you know you have received a message! When you do take a call and AM answers it, it takes over a minute (while I was testing the software yesterday with my girlfs mobile) for it to list anything in the messages list.

Nowhere does it say you have to set the software active, then hit the red drop call button to leave the program running in the background so it can take messages. I know this sounds an obvious thing to do now having played with it for a bit - but for the first time newbie user, this idea is far from intuitive.

Suffice to say it's now been removed from my phone, and I'm wishing I rather hadn't bothered driving to work yesterday, a waste of petrol in my view! Now, where is the URL to that other answer machine software?

Strong words I know... Sorry.

Having said all this, once the software publisher reads up on my critique of their software, they might like to include this function:

Have the ability to record multiple outgoing messages, and allocate them to address book entries. This would be quite a neat idea as you could use personal messages to your friends for instance, and a general "leave a message" to people that do not exist in the address book.

Just an idea
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The other app is almost the same, can be seen here:

The idea of different messages for caller IDs is great, let's hope someone will implement it...


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