All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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F900i - New FOMA Symbian Phone

Before Christmas DoCoMo unveiled the 900 series of FOMA handsets. What wasn't clear is the fact one of these phones (from Fujitsu) runs the Symbian OS. This follows on from the F2102V and F2051.

The phone has a 1.28 megapixel camera, a sweep finger print sensor to control access to the phone and PC connectivity. The phone supports the miniSD memory card format and has two LCD's (one to be used in flip closed mode). The phone's browser includes a Flash Player (files upto 100k). The new phone will also handle richer, more sophisticated online games thanks to Java -based i-appli applications.

Like all FOMA phones the battery life isn't great, but it does seem to be an improvement on earlier models.

This Symbian phone will only be available in Japan on the FOMA network. Its likely that like previous FOMA Symbian handsets we won't hear that much about it beyond its availability. From what little we have heard the reception seems to be generally favourable although very few are aware they are using a phone which has the same core OS as Series 60 and UIQ.

At the same time as announcing the new FOMA phones DoCoMo also announced it would be investing in the development of new handsets based on Symbian and Linux, which indicates this is not the last Symbian phone we'll be seeing on the FOMA network.

The 900 Series from DoCoMo offers several new features in all handsets:

"Deco-mail" : HTML e-mail, which enables email messages to be decorated with photos and animation (downloaded from i-mode menu sites), as well as various backgrounds, fonts and letter colors.

"Chara-den" : Avatar-capable videophone, for transmitting animated cartoon characters ("avatars") to represent the sender's face (instead of live video), during videophone calls. Character expressions can be changed in real time.

"Chaku-motion" : Enables the user to combine video and high-quality music (AAC format) to signal incoming calls.


Special Features
1) Sweep-type fingerprint sensor for access security.
2) CCD camera with 1.28 mega-pixel effective resolution and 1.23 mega-pixel recorded resolution.
3) Connects to PC via optional USB cable to synchronize data such as schedulers and phone books.

Height x width x thickness (folded): 106 x 50 x 26 mm
Weight 120 grams

Battery Life
Continuous Stand-by Time: 300 hours (dynamic)
Continuous Talk Time: 140 minutes
Continuous Video Calling: 90 minutes

Main LCD: 2.2 inches; 262,144 colors; QVGA; TFT
Sub LCD: 1.0 inch; 4 colors, Organic EL LCD

External Memory Device
miniSD™ Memory Card

CCD camera
Effective resolution: 1.28 mega pixels
Recorded resolution: 1.23 mega pixels

Lime Green; Silver; Navy

Futher Details:[no]=403[no]=407
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S60 or UIQ?

Does this phone run S60, UIQ, or some other GUI? Does Symbian allow companies to develop GUIs besides S60 and UIQ?

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I think its Fujitsu's own UI.

Symbian does not proscribe a UI itself, however it now owns UIQ which its happy to sell to any developer who wishes to use it. Anyone is free to add whatever UI they care to develop on top of Symbian, after all this is what Nokia have done with Series 60.

Its a shame we don't know more about how well the existing Symbain FOMA phones F2102V and F2051 have done. There must be someone here who knows more about them?

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Re: S60 or UIQ?

Originally posted by mB1
Does this phone run S60, UIQ, or some other GUI? Does Symbian allow companies to develop GUIs besides S60 and UIQ?
The Fujitsu FOMA phones run a UI which I have seen being simply referred to as the FFUI (Fujitsu FOMA UI). I'm sure there is another name in Japanese. This UI does have some similarities with S60, would also have derived out of the 'Pearl' family, but is a completely different UI.

Symbian has repeatedly said that Symbian licencees are free to develop their own UIs. Symbian has also mentioned - though the exact number has varied from time to time - that there are about 9 UIs developed or being developed.

Since we can assume that Eikon (mainly Psions), ECK (E/// R380) and S80 (Nokia 9200) are end-of-life and thus excluded from this count, the 9 minus the 4 we are aware of, UIQ, S60, S90 and FFUI, means that there are about 5 UIs which have not been made official at this juncture. We can only speculate what those are, but I would believe that there are at least one more DoCoMo UI in the making. I would also not be surprised if Sony Ericsson has a hand in one of them for future introduction in the T-line.

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Yes, I will have a P900I in a few days

I am in Japan now, if you want to know much more about P900I then I will do some research for you.
I want to learn how to develop program for Symbian OS, but I only have some experiences in Windows programming using VC++ . I want to develop a program for the P900I, does anybody have good idea and suggestion? Thank you in advance.


f900i, foma, phone, symbian

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