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I have copied this from news comments (because they aren't that easy to find - I am working on integration with the forum. Time constraints - sigh!)


Mp3 Player and Answer Machine soon from PsiNT for 9210 by Rafe at 08472 AM on 11/6/2001
In what must be a spolier news release is reporting that PsiNT, the authors of Task Manager and External Dictaphone, are soon to release both an MP3 Player and an Answer Machine. It looks like software wars have come to the 9210. First it was the ZIP software, then the Password Managers and now the MP3 software. This can only be good for us users!

PsiNT have promised to make a demo version available, in contrast to MP3Go from They also seem to be willing to undercut the price with an offering or around $25 compared to the full price of $60 for MP3Go. Looks like PsiNT are continuing their agressive development for the 9210 - lets hope their products appear on time (we don't want more vapourware!) - after all competition benefits the users most.

PSI NT - (Unregistered) at 045219 PM on 11/7/2001
1) It wasn't reporting, but PSI NT themselves. As you can see my site allows posting comments by other users/companies. This post is signed by PSI NT.
2) I don't see any war here. PSI NT has been working on their MP3 player for 2 months. This is why it is going to be much more reliable and requires less than 700 kBytes memory as opposed to over 2.3 MBytes in the Chinese one.
3) As for demo version PSI NT doesn't have to "promise" a demo. They always release their software as demo version with fully functional 21-day trial period, so that everyone is able to try the software before spending money.
4) The price level was decided a long time ago. This is a 'usual' price for PSI products and not 'undercut' as you try to sugest.
5) I am surprised by all these "contrasts", "contras", "wars" and "agressive movements" in your information. News about PSI's MP3 player and Answering Machine was posted only because
- Answering Machine is a bit delayed because of extensive work on MP3 Player while many people wait for it
- PSI wanted to let people know that their player will be available in just few days. I consider this pretty fair, because people will be able to check both offers and make a decision instead of spending money now and regreting it on Friday.
So... I don't see any conspiracy in this.

Michal Jerz
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RE PsiNT - Rafe (Registered) at 124045 PM on 11/7/2001
I didn't imply there was a conspiracy. It was just my take on the news. I like to ahve a bit of personal commentary sometimes.

Sorry about the confusion over where the news came from. I was sent an e-mail about it and wanted to make it clear that the original info was from the my-communicator site [credit where credit is view].

I still think it is an interesting timing for the news announcements (its not bad, its good in terms of news) and still believe that there is a software 'war' of sorts. Calling it competition is probably better term. I'm not complaining its good for the user after all. I dont see the problem in labelling it as such.

I'm sure the PsiNT version will be fine. I look forward to the inevitable comparisons.

Answerphone has been delayed - which is a shame - but surley they would have known this if they've been working on their MP3 Player for 2 months.

PsiNT - Jebb (Unregistered) at 12463 PM on 11/7/2001
I couldn't agree more with Rafe. Competition is great news for the 9210. Rafe - please keep up your style of news, it a refreshing change from the fact based stuff I get elesewhere.

I did think that the PsiNT announcement was a spolier news release. Its not wrong, but I bet m-internet are annoyed. I wonder if we will see a reaction from them.

Out of interest Michal why are you so defensive of PsiNT I dont see the news article as being negative?

Keep up the good work (both of you) [img]/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

PSI NT - (Unregistered) at 051351 AM on 11/7/2001
I am not defensive of PSI NT, but rather of my site's content (and the news was on my site). I was consulted by PSI before they put the news and this is why I know their reasons.

As for m-Internet (Chinese company which released MP3Go) maybe they get annoyed, but it's their own 'fault'. I try to be as objective as possible - that's why I asked them to provide me with a copy of their MP3 player. I offered them a nice promotion and detailed review on my site. Two e-mails and no single reply (although they got them - I've received a confirmation). I just thought that such a review will be a good advertisement and promotion of a product which doesn't have demo version. This way people could read from an independent source about how the player really works and if it is good or not. Just look at the posts on my news server - people ask "How it really works? Is it good?".
If it was good (and it would be indicated in my review), many people would purchase it before PSI relases their player. So, I am not defensive of PSI NT....

But now I'm pretty convinced, that MP3Go isn't as good software as m-Internet claims and that's why there is no demo version and they are simply affraid to let me test it and write a review.... And I am not going to spend my own 45 bucks to be able to test it and write a review (read provide them with free promotion) if they don't even bother to give me a negative answer. This is the first time I get no reaction from a company when offering them free advertisement on my pages.

And that's why I suggest people should wait and check PSI NT's player before spending money on MP3Go, because we simply don't know what MP3Go really is.

Rafe as for Answering Machine. You don't always know how much time the development will take. Sometimes there are some unpredictable problems, new ideas to implement etc. This is why Answering Machine is delayed (development of MP3 player took longer time) and they didn't "surely" have to know this two months ago. Check my news groups - PSI was announcing their MP3 player more than 2 months ago.

PSiNT / MP3Go - Rafe (Registered) at 052752 AM on 11/7/2001
Michal - agree with about mp3go until its tested or I hear from someone what I think I am suspicious about what its like / how good it will be. (They don't answer my e-mail either!)

I agree with you about the marketing too. They could make a lot of sales if they have a good product but we need to know that first.

Re Answer Machine - I wasn't being negtaive here, I was just wondering why they didn't say something earlier (the point being if they were busy with development for Mp3 Answer Machine stood a good chance of being delayed - still as you say development is a hard to predict business in time terms). Its good they have and PsiNT as a rule are good about this, but there always room for improvement (I wish for perfection in all things he he!).

The original is here
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