All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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The ultimate arcade puzzler?

Ewan may be in the USA, but it seems he found time on the flight over there to hammer through epic arcade puzzler (you'll have to read the review!) Tilelander for both S60 3rd Edition and UIQ 3 smartphones, and to give it his hearty recommendation.

Read on in the full article.

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After reading Ewan's positive review I downloaded the trial. I only played the first 8 or so demo levels, but I am liking this game a lot. The way the game (mostly) pauses when you are not actively moving is a great fit for a mobile game and allows for play interruptions without worrying about returning to a game over screen. (I would like to see this real time/paused approach applied to a mobile action RPG.)

I have not bought the game yet, but am planning on it... $13 is a decent price point for a mobile game - especially for 70 levels. (I prefer spending about $10, but I might go up to $15 if the game seems especially promising.)

After playing the game demo on my Nokia N73 I only have two minor complaints:

1) When I muted the game sound and music it seemed like the speakers were still turned on with a good bit of volume, but just not playing anything. This does not distract from the game much, but the first time I started the game after muting all sound I thought it was about to start blasting its title screen music when I heard that "powered speakers that don't play anything" sound.

2) During the installation, I was asked to authorize the software to make phone calls or access the internet. That was a bit unexpected as I don't remember the review mentioning online high score tables or anything like that.
I like that the S60 3rd Edition installer warns users about such things, but with a suprising number of PC apps phoning home this sort of warning makes you wonder a bit. (I'm not totally paranoid... really :)

At 1.3 MB this is not a small demo, but the 10 levels provide a good amount of gameplay. I highly recommend trying the demo.

Thanks for the tip Ewan.


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Thumbs up Tilander is one of the winners of the UIQ Open

that was freshly announced today (, so good timing for a review
I tried the game and I really like it. I'm gonna buy it for sure.
I have tried it on a P990 only and using the pen is very good; I don't know if using the keypad only changes much the playing experience.

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I bought this game and I'm nearly finishing it!

The game is absolutely brilliant. The way action and puzzle games are mixed is superb. I hope they can come with a tilelander 2, or some level add on.

I feel the same with the sound, but that happens in some other games too like k rally.

The only "bad" thing about it is that it only allows you to play with your joystick/navipad and the key numbers would come in handy. Not only to have a better play feeling but also to save your joystick from the massive action it asks for.

It's certainly a good buy. I wish half of the games produced for mobiles could offer this quality.
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