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n95 WiFi Weirdness

Hey All -

After spending weeks pouring over these (quite informative) forums, I pulled the trigger and happily took possession of my new n95 yesterday!

Here's a problem that's been recently stumping me: I'm trying to determine the correct settings for an access point to connect to my work's WLAN.

On an aside, after an hour or so of fiddling around with the dreaded "No Gateway Reply" message, I was able to connect to the WLAN in my apartment last night . My apartment WLAN settings (on my D-Link) had WEP 128 encryption and DHCP assignment in the 10.0.0.x range. I got it to work after using the WLAN wizard to find and define my access point. Then I dropped into the settings -> access point -> advanced options -> IPv4 settings, and staticly assigned my phone an appropriate IP address, subnet mask, pointed my phone to the router's IP as the default gateway and used the routers ID as the first DNS. I also had to manually set the appropriate WEP key number, authentication type, and key settings, in the WLAN security settings. But finally after all was said and done (and an hour of my life had crawled by ) it worked excellent!

Now i'm back at work, and trying to cast the same magic that worked back at my home. Here's the work WLAN settings: WPA-PSK TKIP encryption, SSID broadcast, pre-shared key, no MAC filtering.
Here are my steps to date:
1) WLAN wizard to find and define my access point.
2) Drop into Access Point -> Settings, check that WLAN security mode is WPA/WPA2
3) security settings show Pre-shared key, and that pre-shared key is correct
4) leave the IPv4 settings as is (DHCP assignment)

Now here are my symptoms:

When I launch the web browser, i can pull up any web page i desire (i've been testing with However, when i select *any link* or make an attempt to navigate away from that page, the phone reports "Disconnected." If I select 'OK' to the Disconnected message, then proceed to select a link on that webpage, the phone searches for available access points, allows me to select my work WLAN, (re)connects, loads the new page, then disconnects. (arrgh ).

According to the router (sonicwall) log at work, my phone is connecting and authenticating. And since data is transferred (at least initially) i'm confident that the handshaking process is working to some extent...

Any ideas?

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Beer re: re-post

.. I'll repeat my post from another thread.

tools / settings / connection / access points / choose AP / WLAN security mode / 802.1x ..
go back then into WLAN security settings / wpa/wpa2 =

.. this is the part I leave to you guys .. since there are so many variations

This link might give you a hand getting your ssl stuff sorted ..

Let us know how you get on!

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RE: the wierdness continues

@Seki - Thx for reposting!

However, it doesn't seem to correct my problem. Here are the steps I followed:

1) Kill all related access point entries to my work's WLAN
2) WLAN wizard; Found SSID, prompted for passkey, defined access point
3) tools->settings->connection->access points->myWorkAP->WLAN security mode -> set to 802.1x
4) Back up a level, then into security settings. Selected WPA/WPA2 preshared-key
5) Entered Key
(note, no selection for TKIP...)

Backed out, and rebooted (just for good measure ).

WLan scanner see's my newly defined access point. I fire up the ol web browser, it asks me to select an access point, but my new work AP doesn't show up. I can scan for WLANs (which i did) and it sees the SSID for my work, prompts me to enter the preshared-key, and then i'm back to the 'one-and-done' behavior I mentioned above. Humph!

When I launch the web browser from the WLan scanner, it attempts to connect via my (new) work AP, then fails with the message "Unable to connect: WLAN network not found." (which is rubbish, as i'm sitting a few meters from my work's router!)

I'm going to try a few more debugging steps, but any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Working solution

I was able to find a solution to my problem. Here are the steps I took which allowed me to finally connect to my works WLAN (WPA-PSK-TKIP).

1) Nuke all access points defined (unsuccessfully, i might add) for my work WLAN
2) Reboot for good measure
3) Tools->Settings->Connections->Wireless LAN->Options->Advanced Settings (Yes, I know it's not recommended )->Power Saving->*Disabled*
4) Reboot for good measure
5) WLAN Wizard; Found SSID; Prompts for Preshared-Key; Defined Access point
6) Connect to web and VOILA - success navigating to multiple websites.

Hope this helps those having WLAN or WiFi dropout issues...

I'm off to surf


n95, weirdness, wifi

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