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Advice needed


I currently have an Sony Z7 which is on Orange pay monthly, paid for by my work (including monthly bills).

On Monday it will be possible for me to upgrade the phone to a P800 through Orange.

Now, the problem I have is this. If I agree to pay the upgrade cost my work has told me that I could keep the handset for myself (I would own it) and they would continue paying my calls/SMS - but reasonable usage only. Im not sure if they would upgrade the account to GPRS or not.

So the question is - do I pay 299.99 to get a SIM-locked P800 through Orange, and never pay another penny on it. Or do I buy it entirely seperately, on my own, on an SIM-unlocked Vodafone contract - and pay 27.99 a month rental + calls?

Any advice would be great.

I don't make many calls, but I envisage probably wanting to use GPRS, maybe MMS, etc and Im not sure the company I work for would be willing to pay for it.

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Can't you get the code to unlock it? Some carriers will give it to you if you know how to ask.
You could tell them that your are upgrading to a p800 and wanna stay with their service but wanna give your girlfriend the sony 27, but she needs it unlocked to use it through some other carrier.
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Sorry, I'm not sure I was very clear in what I said.

The P800 that Orange will be selling from Monday (fingers crossed) will, so I'm told, be SIM-locked to Orange. The P800 that is available at FWDCellular (for example), on Vodafone, isn't SIM-locked.

But, if I buy the phone outright myself, I'll have to pay rental charges etc which I don't really need/want.

But if I buy the phone from Orange, and - for example - quit my job, Im gonna be stuck with a phone that only works on Orange.

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Vodafone, Vodafone, Vodafone.
Have you spoke to celluar ? I have only just found them today (through this site) but its sunday so theyre shut :cry:

The website is a bit lame - not much info about the tarrifs given at all
eg - " calls charged at 15p per minute flat rate" is this peak/ of peak ?
My advice would be to wait another week for vodafone.
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I wouldn't buy a pda phone locked. the reasson is because it could become a big part of oyur life and if you travel, change life e.t.c. you want to be able to keep it or to decide how to change it. BUT, if oyu can find a way of ordering it from orange and getting them to tell you how to unlock it, then you should go for it and buy it locked. Bear in mind also that some companies restrict the software and other prefrences in order t stay within their network range, and avoid you browsing without them e.t.c So find out from orange what presets and changes will (if any) they make on your P800.

Perhaps if oyu tell orange that you use the P800 both for bussiness (through them) and for personal use through another carrier they will give you a way to unlock it so that you can use it freely. But you have to know how to ask, and explain that your bussiness is offering service through them this way, but that you could use another carrier instead

Good Luck
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advice, needed

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