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Cool Opera Mobile 10 beta + iplayer 2.5

Old news for some, I know, but thought I'd inject a little bit of info into this forum!

In recent weeks, I felt my Italian xxII1 had started to 'slow down'... difficult to explain this... but when browsing, or using Accuweather, even iPlayer 1.6 was taking like 30 secs to load up thumbnails... all odd...
also, I lost all connectivity with my XP machine - the USB just refused to load. So, I wasn't able to backup before trying out a master reset. I did it all manually *sigh* Ok, then I thought, I may as well trying some reflashing... so,

I reflashed my handset all over again (but this time went back to Orange UK to see what the latest PC Studio update was) and now I find I am on the good old xxIF6 dated 23/06/09 *sigh* wonderful Orange UK, aren't they great with supplying UK users with updates?

But, I now find my handset has become all 'fast' again (!) and everything zips along all ok. GREAT! Plus, the USB connectivity started straight away on my XP box, so I can confirm that if your handset suddenly loses USB connectivity - it's time for a Master Reset.

Putting on my progs all over again, and googling about - I discovered :
Opera Mobile 10 beta + iplayer 2.5

Given I had a completely 'fresh' handset, these installed no problem, and so far today have been working fine. Also, my problems with Google Maps v3.2.1 have also so far not reappeared today - it appears to have become stable again. Yay!

Iplayer 2.5 thumbnails load up in 1-2 secs, the browser loads most pages much much faster e.g. 2-3 times quicker and the first time I opened Accuweather, it downloaded and showed me a result (all via WiFi BTW) in about 1 sec. I was astounded. I'll see how long this 'speed' lasts...

In the past, with some WinMo handsets, a phenomenon I had experienced was that over some months, slowly but surely the internals/caches or whatever, would get bogged down/trashed. It seems to me that this has also happened to me on the i8910...

I haven't had time to check out everything else e.g. media (the podcasts app is broken as ever as I am suing the old Orange xxIF6) and I just don't use my i8910 at all for recording camera movies, so I guess that is AMR (I didn't take movies anyway, not even when I was on xxII1, as the quality is not good enough or me for that yet, stills are great as ever though!), so I can't say (yet) about having any thumbnail issues in Media Gallery either. Or for that matter, if I've gone back to any problems with battery life (although I think xxIF6 had solved those ones, which I have with xxIE2 before debranding)

Has anyone else felt this speed slow-down has happened to them? Or does everyone on this forum basically reflash their handsets every weekend!
Regards to everyone!

in summary: (there's been a few detours and extra flashings + lots of 'lost' data - not lost forever, but, let's say, I have a notebook and use a pen sometimes!)...
xxIE2 -> debrand xxIF7 -> xxII1 -> return to xxIF6 (just for fun)
[June '09 through to today]

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My experiences are the same. Ever since I started using the italian softwares and the chinese also the phone has been getting slower and slower. And I've not really been using the phone. A few days ago I reflashed to the original (IE4 generic) firmware so I could get norwegian language because I'm going to try and sell my phone. And it is indeed alot faster. Especially the browser. I guess there is a reason samsung haven't released these firmwares.

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Thumbs up an update to this thread

Well, Opera Mobile 10 beta is a revelation for this handset. It is still going very well indeed. A recommended experience.
iPlayer 2.5 is still poor. I guess at the BBC end - it still serves up some unwatchable Tv programs. You can listen to the radio progs ok though.

The speed issue still holds - it is much faster since I downgraded to xxIF7 (June 23rd 09) firmware. However, I now have a sneaky suspicion that this speed is offset by slightly poorer battery life. Don't get me wrong, it's ok, but I've noticed it! I am happier though on this firmware. I'm not doing movies, as even with aac they are not good enough, so the i8910 remains my 'weekend' handset.

regards to all!

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there's a beta 2...

I've noticed Opera Mobile 10 beta 2 is the latest version that can be downloaded; it has some new functionality, and so far working ok!

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Oh, it's almost 2 months since I went back to using the June 23rd Orange firmware... and I've finally perceived my handset slowing
down again... (!) So, re-flashed and it has become speedy again! Anyone else found this can happen?

Roll on any official firmware updates, ... as we all know the rumours from Samsung... it's only been 7 months since the last official UK release ...

Kudos to Panashe Michael Ngwerume ... but the damage has been done, once bitten, twice shy AND I still use my old WinMo for day to day use!

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Interesting post dude....Forums are always helpful in one way or the other. Thanks for giving out information. Its really nice and mean full.
testking information about 1z0-047 and 1z0-052 as well 220-702

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Anyone got this working? i've tried the old user agent trick but it still says phone is unsuportedm amy idea's? I'm running hellonasty maryone 6.5 23xxxx rom if that makes any difference
Hank Freid

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Is anyone with a N5530 able to use BBC iPlayer recently?
For me it has stopped working the last few days. testking VCP-410I had an older version of iPlayer until yesterday.
Version 1.6.0 caused a Script Alert error testking mcts "TypeError:Undefined Value"
I'm thinking this only happened after a recent Software update to the phone (last week i think).testking mcse
I uninstalled the version of iPlayer i had (1.6) and installed the newest version (2.5).testking SSCP I can now connect (ie no Script Alerts) but it goes to a BBC iPlayer page which says "Sorry that didn't work. BBC iPlayer is currently experiencing technical problems etc"


beta, iplayer, mobile, opera

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