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5800 Automatically switch to headphones?

How do I get the Nokia 5800 to automatically switch from speakers to headphones whenever standard headphones are plugged in?

When I plug in the Nokia headset (with microphone and player control), the switch is automatic, but when I plug in a standard headphone, the phone plays over its speakers and brings up a menu to select the output device. I'd like to configure the phone to automatically switch to headphones by default. How can that be done?

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To set headphones as default and not see the nag screen:

settings>phone>accessories>headphones>options>set as default

When you get a call you hear it in the headphones but speak into the phone.

I'm not sure what happens with these settings if I now plug the nokia headset in. Maybe it is recognised and I see an option to use the headset, I can't remember.

I do know that pulling the headphones out of the socket sends the music back to the speaker, which is a shame as otherwise it'd be functional as a sort of mute, for when you want the music to stop without having to be seen to pull your earphones out (gritty urban nighttime situations etc).

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Thanks, that works great. I suppose I should have been able to figure it out myself.

I tested with the headset too and the result is interesting. My phone came with the two piece headset (control + headphones). When the headset control only is plugged into the phone, playback continues on the phone speakers, but when the headphones are plugged into the control, the playback is in the headphones and the speakers are off. Pull the headphones out of the control and playback goes back to the phone. This is a reasonable design I think.

Regarding mute, you are right that pulling the headphones out of the socket sends playback back to the speakers. I did check with the headset control, and if you pause the playback using the control and then unplug the control from the phone, the music stays paused. Not much help I'm afraid.

Of course it would be best if these settings would be more configurable. Considering that everything is done in software in these phones, I suppose it's just a matter of Nokia providing the interface. Maybe in a future software upgrade ...

Thanks again for your helpful reply.

Now if I can only find a way to get the phone's screen to stay illuminated when the charger is plugged in I'll have a decent solution for using the phone in the car.


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