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Battery test i8910 'Omnia' HD .mp4 (AAC) playback: 8h 10 mins!

A (day-long) battery test i8910 'Omnia' HD and .mp4 (AAC) playback: 8h 10 mins!

Aim: How long on supplied 1500 mAh battery power will the end-user enjoy continual playback of conservatively encoded .mp4 (aac audio) files from the onboard 8Gb mass memory of the i8910?

Commercially bought DVD to PSP software by IMTOO was used to encode a file from an SD digital source, this was then transferred to the i8910's 8gb mass memory, and played back continuously, from a full charge, until the handset turned itself off.
The SD source material was chosen to be of bright, daylight content i.e. High-brightness for the OLED to handle, not a dark film e.g. Not one with a lot of blacks; at least for the majority of the file.
53 mins were encoded resulting in a @ 350 mb file, containing a 368 x 208 pixels .mp4 file; 64 kbps joint stereo AAC originally destined for a PSP (512 kbps). In addition, I ensured the output had no letter boxing (black bands) almost all of the entire OLED surface (640x360 pixels) was covered by the 368x208 upscaled .mp4 file.

Test preparation:
The i8910 battery (1500 mAh original Samsung part), as supplied with the handset, ~ one week old was fully discharged, by leaving the radio on overnight, then switching on the handset, and again using the radio to fully deplete residual charge (NB this is the 6th time I have fully cycled the charge/discharge cycle, no real reason, I think 3 or 4 times is best to optimise battery life... but I am having too much fun with this handset!).
The handset was then charged for 4 hours; 5.50 to 9.50 am. All battery bars stabilised ok. Switched off handset to clear internal memory (hopefully). Recharged again for 5 min. Switched on handset, 3G telephony I decided to keep on, but no WiFi was started or any other application except the Media Gallery. I find the 350 mb .mp4 file and prepare for playback, like this:

I set up the speakers' volume to half i.e. +5 (although 5 is not marked on the slider, but I put the bar in the mid, fifth click position). This I find loud enough in my office for this .mp4 file. I realise Auto brightness is on. I quit, go back to Settings -> Device -> Display, switch it off, then play with the Brightness slider and ensure it is on MINIMUM BRIGHTNESS. What am I doing, I hear you say? Well, I am monitoring the device in a bright office, and anyone who actually has the handset will know that the OLED is perfectly watchable even at the lowest brightness setting! It is that good. I am happy with this setup.

Test progress:
10.02 a.m. File playback starts, speakers are on (as they are throughout the test)
10.55 file ends. I leave Media Gallery running and go to Home screen. One battery bar has been lost.
10.56 I immediately start the file again and leave the device playing.
11.49. Again check battery bar another lost, so two down after almost 2 hours.

Etc. etc. ~ and so on ~ cycling this bright, full screen, .mp4 file every ~ 53-54 mins. Gets boring, so I put it, still with speakers on, in a drawer... and set my office clock alarm to remind me to check :-)

~ 14.30. Only two bars remain... but in my week's experience I believe the scale of the battery bars is not linear i.e. it gets longer the less bars there are, let's see how it continues...
16.00. I check out of curiosity, stop play back for 15 secs, look at homescreen and return still 2 bars remain!
16.07. Ok, I checked once more = and now I see one bar left. So, that is at least 6 hours of continuous playback from one full 4h charge until one bar remains, with 3G on! And at least 90 minutes for it to drop from two bars to one bar, rather than ~ 60 mins for each bar drop during the early parts of the test.
16.24. Surprising no bars remain now; only the 'empty' battery icon. I take out the i8910 from the drawer and put back on my desk to monitor it.
16.56. still going...! 17.11... 17.28... 17.44... will the battery ever run out!?
18.01 FINALLY! handset reports 'Real Player will close now - battery too low' and returns me to the media gallery.
But the handset remains on can i make a call? Yes! (1 minute)
I try playback again no luck, still reports above 'battery too low'.
I try WiFi and Opera mini ok, BBC full graphics front page loads up in 7 secs, a little slower than usual, but nothing to do with the battery, probably WiFi getting IP address for the first time today.
The handset is still on; no media playback, & no camera, that will not start, Too low power. But what else can I do? Let's surf! 18:05 start surfing 18:22 still surfing. Getting bored! Start up Route 66 finally handset shutdown! 18.22. So, I forced the final battery drain via GPS startup.
Total uptime: ~ 8 hours 30 mins.

Last part of test. I am waiting 15 minutes to see if battery has any 'residual' (emergency) charge.
18.40 Restart handset. It boots ok. 15 secs later battery low; then 5 secs late 'recharge'.
So, there is no 'residual charge', so to speak, AFAIK with this battery.
Test End.

I received no calls / sms during the test (I was working) but I left 3G on, handset in Silent mode; I did not WiFi or opened any other apps until the Media player (s) refused to start (from 18.01 onwards).

Conclusion: 8 hours 10 mins + 20 min WiFi only
A 368x208 / 64 kbps aac .mp4 (512 kbps) file, no letter box bands (full screen), containing a movie with bright (mainly daylight filmed) content will play continuously for 8 hours 10 minutes on a full charge of the original Samsung 1500 mAh battery, + low brightness setting (but as it is OLED, I still found this acceptable in a bright office environment), half volume setting on external speakers (not headphones). A further 20 minutes were available for me to surf only via WiFi. After this the battery will defintely need recharging, even after leaving handset off for 15 mins.

This is more than an acceptable situation / watching experience... I am very impressed.
Well done Samsung on this aspect of the i8910!
(still, shame about the HD movie recording / AMR codec, eh?).

Perhaps others can try a more power-draining test, with maximum brightness... and perhaps +7 on the volume (+8 gets quite loud indeed!). I expect using headphones will allow for even longer playback.

NB From the EMPTY BATTERY icon being indicated, I still had another 2 hours of .mp4 playback!

Good luck with your own tests!

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This is amazing result! With my N95 8gb i can get only about 4 hours of video playback, yes i know it's 300mah less on battery bit it's 1 inch smaller screen too Well done for Samsung, this show the true quality of hardware they put into this phone. I hope they will fix that little software problems in future firmware and then we all have a perfect phone to buy

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Yes! I agree,This is amazing result!With my N95 8gb i can get only about 4 hours of video playback.I hope they will fix that little software problem in future firmware and then we all have a perfect phone to buy.
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