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N96 Battery life after 12.043 firmware

a few days ago I got fed up of T-mobile not rushing to provide new firmware for my N96, so I changed product code, and upgraded to 12.043. During the upgrade, when it got to about 95% done, it said I had unplugged my cable, and phone was stuck on Nokia Test Mode screen. I panicked, and after some stressing, and more than a few choice words, I unplugged my phone, took battery out, put it back in, and turned on. Happy days, My phone works, new firmware says its on, and phone now runs like a dream.

Except now my battery life is next to non existent. I charged it up before doing firmware, and left it plugged in during. I now have to charge it once a day, or it dies. I havent been using bluetooth, no music player or anything, just the odd text and call, nothing strenuous.

Is anyone else having this problem, or was it due to an uncompleted update?
I don't want to have to try updating again in case it fails again and bricks my phone, as it is always telling me I am unplugging it and putting it back in when in pc suite mode, yet mass transfer works fine. HHEELLPP!!

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It also said I unplugged the phone....3 TIMES, but the battery life isn't that bad.
It even lasts entire day with step counter in the background while listening to music with backlight @100%

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sounds like your battery is a hell of a lot better than mine, charged it last night before I went to bed (10 p.m.) now, at 2.30 p.m. I have 1 bar left :-( and I haven't even used it, its just been turned on since last night

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n96 12.043 battery life

I believe that you have Garmin XT installed on your phones.
Please check this out.
12.043 definetely has problems with Garmin XT.
A Garmin process does not die and eats your battery if you do not kill it yourself by a task manager software.
Check if tsrAutostart.exe process is running on your phones (even Garmin is offline).

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how do you know I have garmin xt? spooky lol but yeah, check processes, not there. besides had garmin on for ages now, never affected my battery life before firmware update

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n96 battery

I guess you have Garmin, because i had the following problem:

With firmware v11 my battery last about 48-60 hours (Garmin was also installed)
With firmware v12, my battery started to last at most 24 hours (Garmin was still there)

Then i checked background processes with jbak (a free task man. i strongly advice it) and i realized Garmin's process tsrautostart.exe was running (even the Garmin is offline).

I killed it. Also it loads itself when card loads itself, so i deleted the file cardrunner.dll.
Now if i use Garmin, after closing it i also kill the process.
And now i have again at least 48 hours battery life.

And i do not know why everything was ok with v11. But i certainly had problems with Garmin XT on v12.

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hnkaraca thank youuuu!!

I was puzzled that my battery didn't last long and when I ran energy profiler, the wattage was constantly peaking (from 0.05w up to 0.30w) every few seconds. Since I turned that process off, it didn't happen anymore, so i'm expecting battery life to increase dramatically.

Is it possible to remove the process from the autostart list instead of deleting cardrunner.dll? Thanks again!

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Battery life

You guys are GREAT!. Its been driving me mad why, since upgrading my firmware that the battery has been lasting less than a day.

After reading this positing i found that just by deleting the cardrunner files and rebooting the phone after using Garmin I'm back to normal battery life.

Thanks again for taking the time to do this posting - it really has been a great help.

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Guys thank you very much... this jbak tool seems to be the great tool. I have also had the same problems with battery life and Garmin, so now I'm going to see what happens after I have deleted those two files and cleaned the process tsrautostart.exe.

Please one more thing - is it possible to tell jbak to automatically kill tsrautostart.exe if it pops up?

What exactly can trigger tsrautostart.exe to pop up?


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Angry help please

Hello guys
Thank u for posting this info
I just bought N96 and I have similar problem I have new software but my batteries standing
Leasing 7hours -
I try to find what you are talking about in my device -but I couldn’t find it .
Would u please can any one help me to go through this step by step
I don see on my phone this
Delete or rename the files:

Well I did see the (resource ) but not the rest
Any help please

Thank u

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