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Old 10-04-2009, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by RAFE
In a general sense the Omnia HD faces a number of competitors, including the Apple iPhone v3, Palm Pre, HTC Touch Pro 2, and the Nokia N97.
Yes. Most of those are on my potential purchase list. Along with the Toshiba TG01 or even the 5800.

My Take:

Omnia HD

Screen - Big AMOLED - Yes please. My daughter has an iPod Nano. Not sure if it's OLED, but when first looked at the screen, I thought it was fake or something. It just seamed to have so much more vibrancy. Picture felt more 'solid' if that makes sense.

Resolution - Would have liked a higher resolution. I crave 800 x 480. Especially on a big screen.

Camera/Video - What's to say. Simply the best...

Input - 5800 is ok, so hope this is at least as good. Capacitive on apple was nice, but lack of accuracy is a concern.

Power - Looks snappy.

OS/UI - Played quite a lot with the 5800. I'm quite happy with it. Not sure why people complain. Yes there is room for improvement. But cool factor aside, it works fine.

A bit worried about TouchWiz. I like having a good home screen. With appointments, shortcuts etc. visible. Did not see any widgets that would act like that. Do like the idea of 3 screens.

Really like the WinMo customizable options here (touch flow looks more eye candy than useful). Higher res. screen would allow for so much more info to be displayed.

Support - Will Samsung pull their finger out or not. Particularly with Nokia focusing so much on services for users. Will App Store be any good. Hard to tell, don't see as much activity (yet) as the others...

Nokia N97

Screen - Will it be 'Good enough' after I've seen the OmniaHD. Otherwise great.

Resolution - As per OmniaHD. Give me more...

Camera/Video - Would shine brightly if it had not been overshadowed by the OmniaHD.

Input - I was happy enough with the 5800 screen sensitivity. This also adds a keyboard. Probably best option here (along with HTC perhaps).

Power - Shame they did not jump to next gen./add acceleration.

OS/UI - as with HD, but Widgets and home screen look more capable.

Support - Nokia seam fairly good at providing firmware updates and they are really making a big push on services. Lots of potential, but will it be realized.

iPhone 3rd Gen.

Screen - Donít know. Existing models have a good screen.

Resolution - As per OmniaHD. Give me more...

Camera/Video - Rumor is, it will be better than current. But still not very good.

Power - Current hardware seams snappy. But no multitasking. I really like jumping between apps half way through something.

OS/UI - Nice interface. Though novelty factor has worn off. I donít miss it after switching over to the 5800 (both devices belong(ed) to the wife).
Lots of features missing. Many look like they will be patched soon with new rev. But still feels like catch up. Still no Ďproperí GPS solution out there.

Support - Love the App Store, but hate Apple. Way too much control over what I can/canít do. Also hate the way they try and squeeze every penny they can out of you. You have to pay extra to have a track you already have, made into a ring tone. They take the piss sometimes (I put Sony in the same camp). Shame they come up with such nice stuff sometimes... Makes life complicated.

But Iím not getting one unless I can get it without a contract, choose my own network and still have a warranty.

Palm Pre

Actually, this isnít really on my list. I suspect it will take forever reaching the UK and the company may not survive long enough for it to do so. Not enough independent hands on yet to know what you are really getting. Has the potential to make me change my mind though.

Toshiba TG01

Screen - 4.1 inches, nice. About as big as you can get while still getting it in your pocket. Now if it was AMOLED, that really would have finished it off nicely. They mention something about REGZA technology from the TVs etc. but it does not look Ďthatí good in the YouTube videos. A little washed out even.

Resolution - 800 x 480. Thank you. Though I donít see why they canít do full colour.
Camera/Video - 3.2 Megapixel and QVGA video but no Flash/LED. Come on guys. I can live with a (good) 3.2 megapixel. But why no LED and no VGA Video. With so much cpu power, it canít be that hard.

Power Ė 1 GHz processor. Seen some of the demos. Most capable here.

OS/UI - ĎShouldí be upgradable to WinMo 6.5. From what Iíve seen on some YouTube videos, it looks quite nice. Used WinMo before and it did need a refresh. Looks like 6.5 will do nicely. Looking good. As long as they manage to get it to ring the phone ASAP. Iíve had no end of troubles with WinMo phones where it actually takes forever to actually ring after some has called you. By the time you get to the phone, theyíve gone. You can hack and improve it etc. but you should not have toÖ

Support Ė Toshiba has a rather poor support history, but they look like they are trying really hard with this one. WinMo with 6.5 and Microsoftís new App Store, should attract devs back to platform. I just wish the XDA Developers site supported non HTC hardware. They do some fantastic stuff with cooked ROMs etc.

Nokia 5800

Already out. Wife already has one. Costs half what all these will cost. Does most of the same, though perhaps not quite as well.

Is it worth all the waiting and extra cash? I do wonder sometimes. The 5800 really is exceptional value.

Just my thoughts (sometimes writing them down helps decide...) I think Iím swaying towards the Toshiba at the moment.


Old 11-04-2009, 12:08 AM
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video performance

So, I have a quick question on video performance. I owned the e90 for a short bit but returned it because the video performance was too slow. Meaning that when I saw something I wanted to record, I would pop out my phone click this and then that and then the other and then finally click the record button (as if all that clicking nonsense wasn't enough) and now I have to wait 5-10 seconds for the video camera to start. Add it all up and I'm like 10-15 seconds after I have the phone out to start recording.

How quickly can you start recording with the Omnia HD? and how many clicks does it take to actually start recording?

Thanks guys!

Old 12-04-2009, 01:05 AM
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symbian and 3rd party softwares over samsung i8910

now we know that omnia hd...(i8910) has a symbian os 5th edition.. with its touchwiz...but i wanna confirm that,,,,can we install themes by 3rd part and can all the apps for 5800 can be installed on samsung...if this is possible then trust me...its have gonna huge effect for this phone and definitely...we could have a chance of buying this phone...

pls confirm it....


Old 14-04-2009, 07:52 AM
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A little late for this review but I've been wondering about this for a couple days now.

Did Samsung manage to figure out the problem with the Log application, or does even the OmniaHD still display all calls with the mobile symbol?

Old 17-04-2009, 11:25 PM
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Question other gps programmes ?

would the omnia hd b able to use other gps software such as copilot ? I already have a version for my present winows based xda

Old 19-04-2009, 07:22 AM
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What about Call quality?

It's a great phone by the review, and I'm looking forward to ordering one if 2 things can be answered:

1) What is the Call quality like? Some phone are notoriously bad for this.

2) What is the "real" battery life like - that is, normal use: a few calls a day, watching a video or two, taking a few shots with the camera...?

Old 18-05-2009, 04:48 PM
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Considering this phone vs the N97. I do like both phones, N97 tops it in some respects, this in other.

First question, does anyone know if this phone supports SIP/VoIP connectivity?

I would imagine the N97 like the N95 would, so really hoping the i8910 does.

Secondly, does anyone know whether the phone might support using Nokias SportsTracker?

Thirdly, I see this phone is supposed to come with Route 66? Does anyone have any feedback of compability of Route 66 with Nokia 5800, N97 and i8910? This article seems to suggest that it will work - could be a beta, I don't know, but I just had a response from Route 66 saying that it's not compatible and there is no news yet.


Very few GPS software out there for these devices.


Old 22-05-2009, 06:20 AM
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Great Phone BUT not on Orange

this phone is a nightmare to have on orange. whatever you do do not get it on an Orange contract as you cant install any apps. see user comments for the phone on

Life is too short to live with regrets and 18 months or even 24 months is an eternity to spend with a phone u can't use to its full extent.

Old 18-06-2009, 04:19 AM
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Unhappy (DEBATE) Omnia HD Vs N97, Please Help Me Choose.

I already Pre-order both and I have to cancel one of them before June 25th at least, because it supposedly ships out, and I can't afford both to be charge on my debit.

For Now, My Vote Is The Omnia HD, why because it's something new to S60; 3D effects, TouchWiz Home screen, Camera Interface, Music player/ Album Covers, Menu Icons. Also the HD Video Recording Which I Know the audio sucks for now (I Hope), and The Oled Screen. (Think I'm Missing another New Feature). I'm tired of the plain old S60 to be honest with you, but at least Samsung Tweaked it a little. The N97 However has the same interface besides the N97 Live Widgets which was a good idea, and the web browsing which I now heard has Kinetic scrolling (I Now I'm really confuse which to pick.)
Also the N97 has the Full Hardware keyboard which was very smart, but everything else is basically the same. (Correct me if i'm wrong i Might have forgotten a New feature at the moment.

Overall You Get The Idea, so I'm confuse which to pick.


Omnia HD, Oled Screen, 720p HD Recording, Tweaked S60 Interface, Touchwiz, 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound...etc

N97- Full Hardware Keyboard, Live Widgets, 48 GB Max Storage (32 GB Onboard memory, Kinetic Scrolling, and Nokias Full Software Support (Firmware Updates)


Omnia HD- No Hardware Keyboard, Video Recording Audio Sucks (For Now I Hope), No Kinetic Scrolling, and Bad Samsung support for Firmware Updates.

Nokia N97- Low Processor, No HD Recording, Same S60 Interface.\

What do you guys think is the better go? Besides the Hardware keyboard If It's a Needed Feature To You. ( I don't mind Not having a hardware keyboard)
What do you think it's the better phone? Pro's & Con's Please.

Ps. Do you think Samsung will support the Omnia HD Via Firmwares as Much as Nokia Does? Be Honest. This is what I'm afraid of in terms of the audio from the Video recording, the feature of the Kinetic scrolling, and other added features to improve the device, or Any bugs the device might have when shipped?

Please be detailed; Thanks. I really Appreciate it.

Old 18-02-2010, 04:19 AM
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Lightbulb Omnia HD I8910 GPS Chip

The i8910 GPS chip is the Atheros AR1511 which it's performance is about same par with the SIRF Star III GPS chip (only a bit slower, but with all those GPS+ and A-GPS technic it sure will surpass the StarIII chip where mostly only utilising the offline mode), that's why the GPS signal tracking is far more fast and better then those Navilink 5.0 GPS chip which use by mostly all the Nokia phone (included N97/N97Mini/X6 maybe even the N900)...


conclusions, gps, i8910, omnia, preview, s60, touchwiz

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