All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Nokia N97 firmware v20 previewed

There's a nice long video from SymbianWorld, recorded at Nokia World 09, looking in detail at the upcoming Nokia N97 v20 firmware update (kinetic scrolling in all lists, more memory and much more), the same as the launch firmware in the N97 mini. The video is embedded below in high quality mode, for your convenience.

Read on in the full article.

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This is the firmware the N97 should have been launched with.

Nokia makes it seem that these "new" features are new in the cell phone world. Kinetic scrolling, album art,

Wake up and smell the coffee and next time release a device without having "beta" firmware on it.

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When he is holding his N97 mini with the chrome ring in that light it really looks like iPhone

Steve any word if those improvements will come to 5800?

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I can only agree with Adiron. Kinetic scrolling needs the third firmware upgrade to be implemented (v.12 still not available for my unbranded N97 though) and these nice transition affect available on all the touchscreen devices but the Nokia ones need to be added manually by hacking the phone... Something is going wrong at Nokia...

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Ups, I meant Candido... Guess I am still half asleep...

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Well, Apple also is making a big fuss about the 'new' copy and paste function in Iphone OS 3.0 that is already available elsewhere in the smartphone world. Everybody is the same when it is 'marketing'.

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Except Apples cut and paste isn't a text based only. Its desktop like that can cut and paste objects like pictures and sounds too. And when you do copy and paste text, it keeps the format like font/text size etc...

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N97 firmware 2.0

I agree that kinetic scrolling should have been in the firmware at launch and with the extra memory & C:\ tweaks... this would have been a much nicer phone I had bought in June. I'm sure this would cut a substantial amount of the negative reviews with the constant barrage of "no kinetic scrolling / double click single click / using a scroll bar" issues with the great hardware but clunky UI. Oh and ofcourse and the "Nokia is doomed" which is hilarious to read.

Nevertheless, Iphone 2g buyers would have wished for the Iphone 3.0 software at launch, so that it can be functionally comparable to Symbian 60 touch products. Nevertheless, people ate that up so a little kinetic can't hurt.

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Apple makes anything seems like a new feature. Just talk to any of their fanboys, who laps up every single lie Apple caughs up.

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And the net is SO FULL of all the cheers and celebrations about the kinetic scrolling! I can't believe my eyes, tweets, blogs, everything - I swear, if it was the latest, most revolutionary invention connected to the N97. Blaaaaargh!

And, it seems like they're not gonna shrink the button bar on the side in landscape mode. :/ Oh well.

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Question And the 5800 will get its new firmware when?

Any idea on these features making it to the 5800 (finally) plus a better home screen?

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Any idea what is the official release date of N97 Firmware 2???


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I am hoping for these features to arrive on the 5800 as well, however I have this feeling that, because the 5800 is so much cheaper Nokia might choose not to update the 5800 as well, to drive people towards upgrading their handsets for newer models. Recall, the 5800 is a bit less than half the price of an N97 (at least in the UK) and probably a lot less profitable for Nokia - it was released primarily to widen the user base for S60v5, and the customers Nokia wants to take care of are really the high-spending N97 buyers.

In short, there might not be a further update for the 5800, for business rather than technical reasons.

On another hand, if the 5800 is essentially identical internally to the 5230 (WiFi module aside) then we might hope to see some of the 5230's features in a newer firmware.

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I really appreciate that Nokia launches these features when their thinking that they are ready. I prefer to have a kinetic scroll function which is working like all the other features provided by this awesome phone, than having a buggy one only to say that's inside.

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No comment on whether copy/paste works in the browser. It's a little ironic after all the criticism of the iPhone not having copy/paste that the current Nokia flagship cannot copy from a web page just when the iPhone can :-)


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