All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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The Nokia N97 Q&A page (The sequel!)

A sequel to the original N97 Q&A, this includes all the original answers and adds those from questions asked in the last 48 hours. If after reading these and my initial Nokia N97 review, you still have questions, then ask away in the comments to this news item. Read on...

Read on in the full article.

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keypad light

Do the buttons on the keypad light up in low light conditions?

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OTA software updates in the US and Widget compatibility with Edge through WAP?...

Can you use over the air software updates to update this phone's software? I had a unlocked N95 8GB a while back that I used with my current US tmobile account, and I couldn't do OTA software updates which I found extremely vexing. To update the software you had to connect the N95 to a PC, which sucked since I only own a Mac (and don't run Parallels or Boot Camp on). Nokia stil has no software support in this department for Mac users. Long story short, is the N97 capable of updating it's software OTA here in the states using only EDGE network connection?

I currently own a SE X1 and and am locked into a 2 year contract with Tmobile. I've been using my X1 for a little over 8 months now. In the time since purchasing my X1 I've run into some new software that I downloaded that would not work with Tmobile's EDGE since it uses a WAP internet connection. It needed either a compatible 3G (which isn't possible thanks to Tmobile's non-standard 3G frequencies) or Wi-Fi connection to function... Will the N97's widgets fully function and properly be able to access the internet using only Tmobile's EDGE through a WAP internet connection?


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Ram app

guys this is a weird question but here it goes, does any one know of a application for a s60v3 to just eat the available RAM... this is so i can try using my e90 with just 45mb of RAm an check its usability with it

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Speed wise how does it compare to the Omnia HD & SE Satio both OMAP 3 devices unlike the N97? Recent videos of both these devices show them to have a very decent speed in the OS.

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How does the physical keyboard compare to the E90's (or other devices, like the 9500)physical keyboard, size and usability wise?

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Let me get this straight: internet telephony is not present on the N97?

And don't give me this c**p about Skype maybe coming via a firmware upgrade.

I want VOIP the way it's been on Nokia phones for the last few years. Please tell me Nokia could not have made such a colossal blunder.

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Are all N-Gage games of the scaled-up S60v3 variety, or are there wide-screen, touch-based ones? If so, which ones?

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considering Skype is coming in a future update, how about those mystery extra video chips being there to enable skype video chats on the N97. Is this too much to hope for.

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will only 50MB of RAM cut it for heavy phone usage???

ok... 32GB of Internal Storage and 50MB of RAM.

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You say "Every flavour of MP4 I flung at it worked ok though". OK, try a video from either one of these two video podcasts:
My bet is that, like in every other Nokia I've tried, the video part won't play. It plays fine on the i8910 HD, though.

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How does this compare against n95 in terms of graphical and processing power?
Is the internet significantly faster on n97?

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Four more questions....


Enjoying the review,

1. Is Skype likely to be available on networks like Vodafone?
2. Will the N97 have the capability to save iPlayer programmes and watch them on, say, the bus?
3. Not sure if it's called a 'breathing light' - does it have a "blink at you if a text has arrived or you've had a missed call' light? If so - where?
4. Realistically, many of us won't be able to afford the 450 to buy a N97 outright, and we'll go to the networks. Are any better than others at delivering firmware updates and is it likely, say, Vodafone will block stuff like Skype/data heavy new features.


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SMS Storage & capacity?

How many SMS's and/or MMS's can the phone store?
Is this stores in the RAM, or in the main memory or memory card?


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Can you please test the BBC Mobile Live TV channels to see if they work, it's adio only on my 5800?
Also, does the N97 scroll through long lists with more accuracy instead of jumping around e.g. 1000+ songs in music player?

( ^_^)


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