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Old 18-02-2010, 12:18 AM
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Steve your absolutely right...... The Omnia HD could have easily beat the competiton if it had the support of Nokia behind it. Samsungs newest mega phone, the Samsung Halo looks AMAZING. And I honestly think it looks better than any phone on the market. But due to my experience with Samsungs 'support' for the Omnia HD, im not going anywhere near a Samsung phone again.

Old 18-02-2010, 12:19 AM
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Satnav can be useful in big cities, too. Actually, it can be more useful in unfamiliar big cities since there are more roads to deal with. It isn't completely useless. Less useful than Ovi Maps which is usable anywhere, but not useless and certainly better than the Samsung. I would like Google to make the maps downloadable, though. It would save on downloads and also make it usable in the sticks where coverage is lacking. Hopefully Google adds this when they drop the "Beta" tag.

Old 18-02-2010, 12:49 AM
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Welcome to the USA

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Nope. In remote areas where there is no signal (which usually are the areas where nav is most useful) there are no maps. Waste of time. Great for NY/NJ. Crap in most of the world.

Where they think that if it's good enough for them, it should be good enough for the rest of the world And the land of ppl who only use their GPS at home

Old 18-02-2010, 01:30 AM
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just ordered an htc desire...

which is basically a nexus one without the daft trackball thingy

i love my N86 for some things but it just isn't good enough for other things and nokia support and customer service these days is so shockingly bad that it makes me nervous to depend on them for anything really

as for the maps debate ... there is an app for android that does allow google maps (or open street maps or bing maps) to be downloaded and cached on the device ... i think this would alleviate most of the valid concerns about that ... i do love ovi maps 3.3 for the downloadable maps tho

i think i realized that i use my phone more as a connected data device than a phone ... i so rarely make or receive calls these days that the "phone" part of things is almost a nice to have for me ... almost ... more important is a usable pocket computer with always on connection available ... that would be the htc desire (or nexus one or iphone etc) ... i guess it totally depends on what you use your phone for really

Old 18-02-2010, 02:38 AM
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HTC HD2 is the best phone ever... It just takes a little time for Symbian noobs to adapt (I was one also). Only the brainwashed thinks the n97 can come on top.

I'll give you one fine example...

Nokia go on about it's their 4th or whatever generation they are on their Dual LED's flash yet the HD2 on it's very first generation is about twice as bright. lol Nokia marketing...

I even gave n900 a shot and again a massive disappointment . Terrible battery life, buggy software, useless phone functionality, no turn by turn sat nav.

Until people actually experience and learn to use a different OS people want see how dated, buggy and rubbish s60 really is. I use to be a big fan until I realised there are other companies doing a much better job.

Old 18-02-2010, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Tenkom View Post
The n97 has crappy codec support. As does all symbian devices except the i8910, iphone and android. None of them can play divx or xvid which means that whatever you download is gonna have to be converted so you may as well convert to whatever codec your phone does well. Does anyone use wmv? On 3rd edition you can install coreplayer. But none of them has the power to play back vids smoothly.
That last point is wrong.

Sure, on the N85 it can't play a "full" divx file properly, but the supposedly slower N95 had absolutely no problems whatsoever with divx playback.

The iPhone has crappy codec support, possibly the worst of the lot - only plays back one video format, and only supports AAC/MP3. At least symbian supports WMA. Not that I ever use it ....

And of course, whats the main use of divx - its pirated films and tv shows. Its not a consumer codec as such. It was pleasantly suprising that the i8910 and PS3 support it.

Old 18-02-2010, 09:18 AM
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Dear, dear Steve!
As a geek and Omnia lover i have to add some facts:
1. Input mechanisms: there are at least 2 software keyboards, one can install on Omnia HD, which work nicely in both landscape and portrait mods - more then sufficient.
2. Interface on Omnia HD is much more then basic. You have TouchWiz, you have homescreens of Orange, Satio etc. And i don't mention 3rd party progs.
3. C disk size is more then 80 on custom firmware, so n97 owners can only envy that. Moreover - with some tweaks, one moves, for instance, browser cashes to E disk, etc.
4. GPS on Omnia HD is incomparable with anything i've seen, including standalone gps devices. Lock in less 2-5 sec after cold start, even indoors. And Ovi maps are useless in my country (no coverage). There are superb Ndrive, sygic, waze and others in the market.
5. Never used application's store whichever. There are good sites with plenty soft, including yours.
6. Battery working time absolutely depends on usage. So only if person performs the same task on both devices in time, one can argue differencies.
With best regard, Mike

Old 18-02-2010, 12:35 PM
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Google Maps Offline

FWIW, it appears Google is considering adding offline maps to Google Maps Navigation

We might need to have more follow up comparisons. It's good that AAS looks back every once in a while. Most sites review a phone once, before all the significant firmware updates, cast their judgment, and then turn to the next thing.

Old 18-02-2010, 12:52 PM
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and this is n97 has some juices left =D

but i dont think 64mb will be on the go go..only few apps will be installed on that..=D

Old 18-02-2010, 01:14 PM
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As an N95 8GB user on the hunt for my next phone, I was very interested to see this article.

Something Iíd like to see, though, is for particularly bad areas to also be highlighted, i.e. scoring negative points. I think that bad points are more important when judging a phone than good ones. I expect a phone to do a certain set of things well Ė i.e. making/receiving phone calls, sending and receiving texts, etc. When a phone does something well or gives me something extra, Iím very happy Ė but Iíll quickly get used to that and think itís ďnormalĒ. Itís when a device does something particularly badly that I notice it Ė itís something that Iím loathed to normalise. It might be the world best phone with the best software, but if it weighs 2 kilos and needs to be constantly plugged in then I simply wonít buy it.

I met someone with an i8910. OMG it's a bit of a brick - reminded me of the satio with its weight. Nice screen, but made me think of my old Dell PDA. S60v5 fell woefully short of the immediate appeal someone gets from picking up an iphone or a Ďdroid. That's not to say that the long-term, day-to-day use won't be better - just that it didn't sell itself to me and wasn't easy to use.

I have to say that I think the N97 mini's design is pretty much perfect. Yes, it needs a better screen and a better laid out keyboard, but it feels like a phone and still has a keyboard and a touch screen. In that regard, I love it and would get it straight away. But against, that is still S60v5. It's still lumpy and feels like lots of separate apps that are fighting to run at the same time, rather than a concerted, combined experience. So I like it, but donít think I can get over that S60v5 hurdle.

Iíve had a go on a friendís N1. Like most HTC devices, it feels great in the hand and has a great screen. I still would like a proper keyboard, but the touch screen is good. And Android feels good as well Ė things are typically where youíd expect them. Is it great? No, though it could claim to be great-ish. More importantly, my couple of hours trying it out tell me it doesnít do anything particularly badly (and, just as importantly, firmware fixes are quick).

So Iíd end up with the same conclusion as the article Ė the Nexus 1 wins Ė but more because it doesnít do anything particularly badly, whereas the other devices do.

I think Iíd be more tempted by the HTC desire though.

And, after that, I hoping Symbian^4 proves itís a good as it should be.

Old 18-02-2010, 08:45 PM
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This is not a fairest fight !! How could it be without the iPhone 3GS ?! This is just an inexorable comparison . Sorry Steve .

Old 18-02-2010, 09:21 PM
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why use n97 for comparison. use n900 instead.

Old 19-02-2010, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This is not a fairest fight !! How could it be without the iPhone 3GS ?! This is just an inexorable comparison . Sorry Steve .
Actually, every phone comparison does not have to include the iPhone! This is simply the comparison of three similarly specced phones. As such I found it very interesting - Thankyou Steve.

Anyway, as all you iPhone fans say it is so good there is no point in comparing any other phone to it is there

Old 19-02-2010, 10:47 AM
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iPhone user, please come back when it does all these...

- removable battery!!

- have a camera of 5MPix or more...

- can transfer files using bluetooth!!

- has a card slot!

Old 19-02-2010, 11:47 AM
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"It's at this point that the hack-loving i8910 HD freaks (and I use the term 'lovingly') will be crying foul, but the fact remains that a modern smartphone is so much more than collection of silicon chips and bits of plastic. The Nexus One and the N97 both leap ahead of the Samsung by virtue of far better support from their manufacturer in terms of updates and software."

--- It's really a foul here for most i8910 users. But with the JB1 and HX updates, it's really a big improvement for this phone, even others say "it sucks". Remember that not only updates and software makes up a phone, don't forget the hardware as well. N97 has many flaws in the hardware part, even though the scratched camera lens can be replaced to your nearest Nokia Care center, it's no excuse of a phone this expensive, even its GPS is dodgy. Its overall build quality is nowhere near i8910. Nexus one is promising, and we'll never know someday, it's OS might be the best.

And yes, let's not forget iPhone 3GS here, should be included as well.


fairest, fight, google, i8910, n97, nexus, nokia, samsung, update

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