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Wirelessly posted (SAMSUNG-SGH-D820/1.0 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 UP.Browser/ (GUI) MMP/2.0)

Originally Posted by bartmanekul
Who here uses viewranger?

I have a few questions:

Can someone post picture of VR running on their phone, preferably with both, 50,000:1 and 25,000:1 aspects.

Whats the best features and which do you use most?

If you have the whole UK on your phone, how much space does it take?

Is it good?

I know I can download a trial, but its only valid for 16 days and I dont know when Id have a chance to use it, so dont want to 'waste' those 16 days yet. I also value what people think, rather than reading blurb on the makers own website.

Cheers in advance.

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For those that are interested, Ive just been emailing Viewranger about the upcoming 6210 navigator.

This phone is going to come with a built in compass, partly using the accelerometer. Making it *much* more usful for walking.

Heres the response from VR:

Yes, we are excited about the compass too and intend to make use of it.

The compass data should be provided through the standard location API, with a small addition. Within the existing API they have defined some flags to support the compass, but haven't yet provided the structure to accompany that. I think it is highly likely that they will provide a minor update to enable it. The S60 3rd ed FP2 SDK is still only a beta, so they may even be able to add it there rather than providing something separate.
Nice eh?

And I just got back another reponse about the compass being a posibility in other accelerometer phones:

I think that the compass is in addition to the accelerometer, or an improved accelerometer, so I don't expect it to be available in the other phones.
Hopefully they will include it in more phones in future. The announcements this week doubled the number of S60 phones with GPS, and every new S60 phone announced contained a GPS, so it doesn't take long for things to become standard features.

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sorry if this has been covered, this looks really good, i have never used it, but someone said about mounting it to a bike?

couldn't you use a modified car holder, would need some modding but could do the trick

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[quote=bartmanekul;329542]Who here uses viewranger?

I Do!

Whats the best features and which do you use most?

Walking in the New Forest I can wonder where I want, not care about where I walk and turn on and find my way back.

Personally I don't use routes, except very ocasionally for planning a long walk (if I dont have a map handy). But then after that I just used it to keep on track.

I wish I had the time on my hands to use the downloads of the whole of the UK.

Personally I trust the View ranger lot enough to get the maps to me with a couple of days... Buy what I need.

Is it good?


Only thing I would Like (Maybe its there or I have not found it) is an anchor watch (I use it sailing as well). That way I can have an afternoon snooze and know my phone will ring if I start dragging. Or even better, software I can set up so I leave my phone on the boat, so it will ring a second phone if the boat starts dragging when I am in the Bar!

As for mounting it on a Mountain Bike, Urg think of all that vibration. Your body is a great shock absorber.

On the other hand if some one can recommend good outdoor type case preferably water proof and small so I can use it in the rain!

Hope some of this helps!

Past Phones: Motoroller (Funky Blue Pebble Shaped one), Motoroller Time Port, SE P900, D500, Nokia N80, Nokia N95. And ithought I was not a techno Geek.


screenshots, viewranger

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