All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Warning about Panoman.

For those that are intrested, sadly I only had the function for a week or so... I will not pay for it again...

Please see below Mails...

They also included a copy of there "General Terms and Licence (Order Terms)".

To make sure I knew they had it in writing, or to add insult to injury...

Sadly only company who gave this responce...



Dear Gerrit,

we are sorry that we cannot help you. Each purchased version is strictly bound to the provided IMEI.

We are aware of the problem and we would like to provide a better solution for situations like you described.

But it's not easy to find one, which is not easy to abuse at the same time...

Best regards,


Von: Gerrit Shaw []
Gesendet: Montag, 17. März 2008 10:22
An: PanoMan
Betreff: RE: PanoMan Order Confirmation #39674

Saddly I have had to change phones for another N95 as last one aquired a fault.

Is it possible to send new code?

Thanks Gerrit
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You can't even get an updated version without paying again! Check the site: there is no way of downloading without paying. I paid late last year and a few week later a bug fixed version emerged. I wrote support and asked for a download and was told it would be available within hours. A few weeks later I wrote them once again and got the same answer, but nothing happened. So I ended up having to pay twice for the same app.

Nice product, cr@ppy company. Think twice before handing over your money.

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I've never been able to use this app properly - the image stored onto the phone looks good - try to take it off and it gets messed up

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Well I've got it on my N95, used Panoman, and got pictures off without any problems at all. I think it is a good app.

And BTW, quite a few vendors only limit the purchase to one IMEI, and whilst it is frustrating in the event of replacements, it is entirely logical and not an issue I fault. Having been at the receiving end myself, after leaving my first N95 on the train (doh!) it was annoying having to repurchase some my software. But, if you buy from places like Handango, they do offer a download protection policy on each purchase (for a small AP) and fortunately a lot of my software was covered this way. So I was able to redownload for the new IMEI. Some, like SymSMB kindly provided replacements, but others had to be repurchased. Annoying but understandable.

I do not advocate having a moan at suppliers because you can't get a free replacement. Bad will does nobody any good.
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Try uninstalling everything Nokia from your PC and then reinstall. SOmetimes the drivers gets messed up and destroys pictures during transfer. You can also try connecting in card reader mode, that's not affected by the bad drivers.

On the Windows platform the serial is usually locked to the user name on the phone. Works as good as the IMEI option, because it's too messy to have to switch user name for each app. It also have the clear advantage that you can upgrade your device and still be able to use your paid for soft, without having to impose on the developer. Perfect solution, if you ask me

Oh, and let me praise the SymSMB developer too. They helped me upgrade my device during the xmas holidays! Way to go Overall I must say most developers are very nice about updating/upgrading, except for Bit-side (Panoman) and CoreCodec (may they burn in h***).

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With 'support' like this you can see why people turn to cracked software. I don't generally agree with cracking but if I'd bought Panoman and then couldn't install it on my replacement N95, i'd be glad there is a crack for it out there.

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@ sbc - will give it a bash on the weekend as busy messing with N-gage games


panoman, warning

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