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Question VCF multiple contact import


I've saved about 90 contacts into one VCF file on my Sharp 903,
using that phone's "backup contacts to memory card" function.

I then sent this VCF to my new Nokia N80 via bluetooth, wanting
to import all of the contacts.

Unfortunately, it only seems to import the first contact from the
file when I do 'Save business card'. On a previous Symbian phone,
I used an app called SmartvCard (now called Best vCard), which
could export/import multiple contacts to/from VCF files.
Unfortunately there seems to be no S60 3rd edition version yet.

How can I import all the contacts from my VCF file?

Ideally I would like to avoid having to use PC Suite,
I'm mainly a Mac OSX and Linux user...

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Well I had the same problem. I don't know if in mac you have any app that reads vcf. What I did was transfer the file to pc. It opened with windows address book one by one, then exported into separate vcf files and back to phone. There should be easier solutions. Wait for other answers.

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I have exactly the same problem as this. Not only is there zero support for Linux (I don't have Windows on my desktop), I can't get the phone to import a vcf file with multiple contacts from either my mail client or my SE S700i. Note that this appears to be a simple task with the S700.

This is seriously frustrating. I've just had to spends 3 hours sending all of my contacts in separate vcf files via bluetooth. I'm very disappointed with this.

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Same mobile, same OS (Linux) and.. same problem :-(((
I can't sync with the PC, I managed internet sync with gogole calendar but not for the contacts.
Does anyone know how to at least import the contacts as .vcf ????

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Time to necro; the date is 5/7/2010 and I just bought a E55.

Seems this problem still exists.

As a very messy work-around I have copied all the .vcf files to a folder on my SD card. When I need a contact I will have to scoll through and add it.

Total rubbish of course, but at least there's the minor bonus of only having frequently used numbers in the address book.

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Bump. Again. This time with Nokia E66.

Nevertheless, multiple contacts VCF can be easily splitted without use of any specialised software (as long as you use linux or cygwin).

--- content of shell script:



for i in `grep -n '^BEGIN:VCARD' "$VCFILE" | cut -d ':' -f 1`; do
j=`tail -n "+$i" "$VCFILE" | grep -ne '^END:VCARD' -m 1 | cut -d ':' -f 1`
tail -n "+$i" "$VCFILE" | head -n "$j" > "$i.vcf"

This will create multitude of numbered VCF files out of single PB_Backup.vcf. They should be copied onto memory card (on E66 to \Others\Contacts\) and then imported by "Contacts" -> "Options" -> "Copy" -> "From memory card".


for those eager to copy calendar too, here's the script



for i in `grep -n '^BEGIN:VTODO' "$VCFILE" | cut -d ':' -f 1`; do
j=`tail -n "+$i" "$VCFILE" | grep -ne '^END:VTODO' -m 1 | cut -d ':' -f 1`
( echo 'BEGIN:VCALENDAR' ; echo 'VERSION:1.0' ; tail -n "+$i" "$VCFILE" | head -n "$j" ; echo 'END:VCALENDAR' ) > "$i.vcs"

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