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Ewan, The Fringe and The Nokia N97 - part 3

It's part 3 of Ewan Spence's 'real world' test of the Nokia N97 at the Edinburgh Fringe and it's embedded below. In this part, he looks at some interface oddities, and at Email and Web use. A couple of minor items of errata: the GMail Java application can go fullscreen in portrait mode too, of course, but you have to dive into Settings | App Mgr | Installed apps and highlight Gmail, then use Options | Suite Settings, turning the on-screen keyboard 'Off'. Also, the E75 uses microUSB as well as the N97. OK, scroll down to watch!

Read on in the full article.

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Exclamation Uhm..

No sound at all? This has been recorded using an iPhone, surely!

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Plenty of sound. TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS! 8-)

And don't knock iPhone video. The 3GS produces results that are up with anything produced on most Nokia phones.
Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

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ewan, one factor i would like you to test is the GPS on the N97.
Im having a horrific time with mine.
It finally got a lock a few days ago and i was pleased. Kept lock as i walked from
home to the train station. Lost lock while in the train (the 5800 kept its lock on the train) and IMMEDIATELY relocked on stepping out of the train. This was in areas close to home..however using the N97 at London Bridge station (near Tower Bridge) it again disappointed with no lock...(5800 had a lock...all evening) can you test yours out and give us the results?

Secondly, im having problems getting turn by turn navigation. The only prompts i
get is "No gps signal" when the N97 loses its lock and "youve reached your destination" no "turn left/right after 30 metres"...
i have a drive and walk licence for europe and my settings are set to "walk"
but i never can get turn by turn on this please a bit of a noob
on this...

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Excellent, I can errata myself.

!) Steve's right, but I'll point out real world test means hiding this so a regular user can;t find it means Fail, even if the option is there. That's my excuse

2) I meant my Sony Minidisc, which I record audio on, that's mini-USB.
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I am in China. Unfortunately i cannot see the video due to filtering. Youtube is censored here. If the video source is from your site then it should be ok.

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Internet connectivity

Hi Ewan, great watching your reviews so far. I was really hoping that you would have included something about how the connectivity is different on this device. I have a Nokia N82 and automatic switching and selection of different access points. It's been quite a painful experience on my N82. Thank God Profimail allows you to select a primary and alternative access point. That has its' quirks... alot of time the connection times out and can't even connect to my GPRS (alternate connection).

However I've heard that the N97 has some new connection management thing going on. How well does that work? Especially when it comes to strictly mantaining a connection to the net and switching from wireless to 3G or other GPRS connections.

Hopefully there'll b time to address that.


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