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Old-school Music management

With Music Stores, Music Player, PC Suite and Nokia Music Manager, the number of ways to get music onto your smartphone seems to be ever-increasing. Yet Ewan relies on a much more 'old school' approach, using WinAmp, one of the most popular bits of 'shareware' in the world, to manage his music files and sync them with his Nseries device.

Read on in the full article.

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Playlists and Art

WMP11 does support copying of playlists to N-Series phones, in fact it will even inspect the N-series device and only copy tracks across that are not al ready on the device. the Playlist then appears in the devices music player playlists.

I would however be interested to know if winamp can convert the original track to a smaller bitrate without destroying the "AlbumArt" metatag? Sdly WMP11 seems incapable of doing this and I'm forced to transfer my files at their current bitrate to avoid losing the album Art

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Meh, that's not old-school I just plug it in and drag&drop to the memory card, but then I do use Linux as my OS of choice.
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Is there a way to manage podcasts in Winamp as well, including the option to delete those you have listened to already from the device?

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Also other players

WMP11 also converts the music to wma not mp3 (if you select a specific "quality level"), which personally I don't like...
Mediamonkey converts to a lower bit rate keeping the albumart intact...

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While Windows Media Player will allow you to copy over a playlist, you can't edit one thats already on the device in the way you can with WinAmp. I also find that unless you use Windows Media Player exclusively to copy files, it has a nasty habit of copying the same MP3 file over twice.
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I'm still old-skool too, but nokia Music manager will at least compress the files so I get more on my phone (1gb 6630) so there is more variety for my cycle ride to work. I used to be a big WinAmp fan, especially with the plugins for music video, but without bluetooth support from WinAmp or iTunes I'll stick with Nokia for now.
I would have used the File & Folder Synchonization in PC Suite, but it was veeerrry sloow and unreliable, copying most files every time !?
For audio & video Podcasts (AAS, favourite bands, Tennis training) I let itunes do it's thing then move the files directly onto the phone using the browser integrated into Windows Explorer, or convert (and compress) the format for my phone first. Tedious but only every few days.
I'm surprised there isn't a more integrated solution, like a more advanced iTunes Agent.
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Tennis training? Tell me more ...

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@Reda EK

Have already tried MediaMonkey....... as soon as you change the conversion settings to a lower bitrate it removes the AlbumArt metadata during the conversion process.

I don't really like WMA but I'd live with it if it kept the Art intact...

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(Tennis training query: - look for Tennis on itunes Podcasts ! - I use Tennis Pod Pro Videos - US-centric mainly, but useful to watch when standing in a q at the P.O.)


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