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Sms problem with cellnet sim on 9210 i cannot recieve sms sent by freinds etc from website sms service . i can only recieve from other mobile phones. i rang up cellnet they replied and said i had loads of sms piled up to be recieved, they said its my phone so i put my sim in another phone sms came through the ones from the websites. i formated my 9210 reinstalled all software still no luck can some one please help.
i can send sms from my 9210 no problems and recive from other mobile phones.
please help

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GSM providers are liars when they blame this on your phone. Is a known fact that many providers simply no longer deliver web based SMS, just because they make no money from that. No need to format or reinstall everything, the messages were on their way to Oblivion long ago. I'm sorry. This scenario is corroborated by the fact that you do receive SMS from other phones and have no problem sending them either.

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Indeed many network operators have to pay the recieving operator to pass an SMS message across to the other network, this is very lucrative for the networks although the money is effectivly passing between them all the time and neither makes much profit from it in the long run, in the short term it shows a healthier cashflow. In the mean time web-based SMS gateways do not supply the networks with money so the SMS messages are not processed, and hence why there are less online web-based SMS services than there once were.
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Yes but since he receives his sms when he uses the same sim in another phone, this probably isn't the case is it?
it should be a sms setting in his 9210.
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I receive the sms on the same sim when i put it in another phone also i have tried using another sim vodaphone on my 9210 same problem it is something with the phone which i cannot figure out. can some one please help me

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I do agree with some of the earlier posters about the crap mobile phone ompanies are selling about these problems. But... You should try the following scenario: load the SIM in your 9210 and start sending SMS by web. These most probably won't be received. Now unload the SIM from the 9210, put it in another phone and switch it on. Let it register itself with the network (you see the network calling sign) and switch the phone of. Now put the SIM back in the 9210 and switch it on. Do you receive the SMS now?
If not, or if you didn't want to try this, closely inspect the SMS that is sent by the website. Look for the sender-id and special characters in the message. Perhaps you can post some of it here.
And lastly: provide us with a link to this service, so we can test for ourselves.

Best regards,


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Thanks i will try that out and let you now

thanks NineTwoOneO i will try that outand i will post my report back


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