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Need some advice is the N95 right for me?


I don't own an N95 yet but I am thinking about purchasing one but I'm not sure if it's the right phone for me. I've done allot of reading on it so I know the feature set pretty well and I like everything I see especially the WiFi.

Here's where I'm coming from and where my doubts are...

I've used a Treo 650 for about 3 years now, I realized I really like the hardware keyboard after buying an N800 and realizing the a soft keyboard isn't up to snuff. Hardware keyboards are just more accurate. I also like the idea of having a full keyboard having to press 2,2 for B and 3,3,3 for F isn't very appealing, I've moved on from How R U? to full sentences in my text messages and emails for that matter.

My other option is to get a the BlackBerry 8800 sure it doesn't have a camera but it does have pretty much everything else that the N95 has including MSN Messenger but it's lacking WiFi.

Here are the main applications for my Treo 650

Managing appointments
Managing contacts
Taking notes
Syncing (I'm a Mac user... I've read that the N95 supports iSync anyone have any experiences?)

Here are the things I'd like the N95 to be able to do which should also include the list above

I'd like to be able to Send and receive Email... the email on the Treo 650 is horrible
I hope the N95 has a better email application something that supports IMAP as well?

Instant messaging

Also how's the battery life on the N95 would it be possible to get 6-8 hours of Wifi connectivity? and lite IM usage?

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- N95 supports IMAP4 and POP3 with the built in e-mail client.
- If your going to connect to an Ms Exchange Server (2003 or 2007) Nokia's klient "Mail for Exchange" can be downloaded and installed for free as well.
- N95 is a smartphone so of course all your "managing appointments, managing cont... etc" are there.
- As of today no IM program is included with N95 but you can download and install Windows Live Messenger for Series 60 from here: For now it's still free.

- An 0-9 keyboard can in my opinion never compete with a qwerty but I'm sure you've heard of T9? It's built in in N95 and if you enable it you don't have to press 2,2 to get B etc. If you're used to make lot of notes and/or sending e-mails you can consider investing in a wireless foldable keyboard such as the Nokia SU-8W.

- I seriously doubt that you'll get 6-8 hours of Wifi connectivity on one charge. Maybe 4-5 and then you have to leave completely inactive (haven't trieyd though. I'm using it myself but only to connect and then disconnect when not needed anymore).
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The E90 sounds more your thing, especially since you want a keyboard. Its got pretty much everything the N95 has, but a few multimedia things, like the camera it doesnt. However, its still a 3.2 MP camera as opposed to a 5MP. Its got wifi and GPS etc.


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