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Battle of the Maps

When it comes to S60, we are fortunate to have a choice of which mapping application we use, but which is best? Is it Ovi Maps (Née Nokia Maps), with its world wide pre-loaded maps, voice navigation and PC integration, or is it Google Maps with the power of Google search, high-res satellite imagery and the perfect price? David Gilson has been testing both, and reports on his findings.

Read on in the full article.

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Google maps could have all the brilliant features in the world, but as long as it doesn't allow pre-loading it is not at the races. The fact that there are often times when the connection isn't available or slow and you have a grey screen is stupidity in the extreme. All because Google want to track where we are.

Nokia maps wins by walkover. Google failed to present a fully working product.

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Pre-loading is actually extremely important feature. For example when I want to go abroad, where I am in non-familiar environment and therefore map application is of high usefulness, google maps is practically unusable for me due to unbearable prices for data roaming from my carrier, supposing there is no free Wi-Fi at hand of course, like it used to be in non-urban areas. So google can be fancier and even more accurate, but when it is of no use, it`s just for decoration, as it were.

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I have to admit, that i use Google Maps more often as Ovi Maps on a daily basis. Usually when i need to find out where i am in an unknown town (faster location finding), search for something (much better search function). But there are times when Ovi Maps beats Google Maps hands down:

1. Navigation
I couldn't use google maps for voice guided turn by turn navigation even if i wanted to pay for it (at least as long as the version from Android isn't available for nokia)
I bought a navigation license for ovi maps and have a navigation system in my pocket

2. Offline
When i travel outside of germany i'm offline. The costs are horrendous. So i preload the maps and use ovi maps. In Europe i can use my navigation license and anywhere else i at least know where i am and where i'm heading to. And then the admittedly limited POI database schows his offline superiority over google search.

The conclusion is, why should someone need to decide between Google Maps and Ovi Maps when you can have both?

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What about the other mapping software packages out there?

Route 66
Garmin XT

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Used google maps once on my home network. Discovered that I can't keep the maps, and sans a data flatrate it immediately lost its appeal. Thus, I've been using ovi maps ever since, though I have to say that it only became really usable since its 3.0 upgrade.

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Sorry, Google,

but as long as we can't pre-load maps, I don't even consider using Google Maps.

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Can you compare apples and pears, Windows and MAC, N97 and Iphone?
Of course you can but... these are different. And different does not necessarily mean that one thing is always better than another.

OVI maps and google maps are different as well.
I use both on my N97 and, in general, I prefer the first one because of the pre-loadable maps.

When I have a flat internet or a WIFI connection, of course google is very good, but I am often abroad and, in this case, the cost would be a nightmare.

To conclude, why using one or another when you have a versatile system that can use both?

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It's not just the cost of downloading maps on the go. It's the remote locations where there is no network coverage. These are often the places where navigation is useful, and google can't supply a map for their application. Idiotic in the extreme.

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I am using Maps 3 on E71. It would run circles around Google maps, if it were a finished product. It is not. It is a buggy beta released way too early. Ovi maps has a sound, very good and useful core application, but the buggy 'features' layered on top of it ruin the experience.

I still use Ovi Maps because of the pre-loaded maps, the walk navigation (which works very well where I am at, It knows about some grassy paths in my neighborhood. Not bike roads, though, even if they are shared by bikes and pedestrians.)

My biggest problems with ovi maps: It is intrusive - If I, as often happens, wander to walking routes Ovi maps does not know about, it starts loudly repeating 'Route recalculation.... Route recalculation... in 30 second intervals until I get back to recognized route.

If I set my destination already while on the tube, the damn things will startle the entire car by shouting :'NO GPS SIGNAL!' just as it may yell at any time :'GPS SIGNAL LOST!' Loudly!

Now, I can always tune down the volume, right? NO! (this happened after last firmware update.) If I am to scroll up to check on my route, I will have to use the Center button UP. However, if the volume is down, the center button up will increase the volume. So I can only scroll the map to the walking direction if I have the volume on the loudest!

(this kind of intrusiveness that spoil otherwise good applications is my biggest problem with the E71: The flash on the camera goes off and spoils my photos (try taking a photo of a book page without first turning off the flash), The Ovi Maps is waking up the neighborhood, and the damn thing is constantly ringing because, idiotically, the calendar alarm is on by default. The worst thing a business handset can be is intrusive and noisy)

back to maps: My other problem is the way I need to transfer the activation every time I swap SIM card. That is usually at the airport in a foreign country, when you swap to local SIM. When you need the maps the most! On my recent trips abroad, I was able to activate maps at Helsinki airport using Saunalahti pre-paid SIM, Whereas in Stockholm I was unable to do it with a newly purchased Swedish Tele2 Prepaid and was unable to use maps until I found WLAN access.

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The value of pre-loading when going abroad is something I hadn't considered, so thanks all of you for pointing that out.
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Preloading a HUGE factor

I'm not going to repeat everything everyone else said here, but just wanted to add my voice to the comment on preloading.

I too, live in Germany, and will never use Google maps outside of Germany because of data roaming charges.

I was in London a year or so ago, and got lost. Didn't have a UK map preloaded, so went online to find my way to a tube station from where I was.

within minutes, I got a message saying my data roaming charges had reached EUR 35. I had not downloaded much at all, and simply for that reason, I'll never use Google maps abroad.

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Since I have an unlimited plan, I've used Google Maps. It invariably gets closer to my actual location faster than Ovi Maps. It's as if Nokia has no clue how to implement aGPS. My N97 got better after installing Map Booster, but why does it take a 3rd party to do what Nokia should have done?

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Preloaded maps problem in Asia

I've tried to use preloaded Ovi maps in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vietnam and parts of Thailand without a data connection while traveling.

There was very little utility, because 1) there is no free routing, 2) very few recognizable points of interests, and 3) most importantly, many street names were either untranslated or did not use the English names.

I ended up using a combination of Ovi maps and a physical English map, where Ovi maps essentially told me "you are here."

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Mapyx Quo Software

Has anyone tried Quo Digital Mapping software available from Quo?
You can pre load UK Maps from Ordnance Survey to your device.
Take a peek at


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