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Old 31-03-2010, 06:23 PM
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Steve, great article.

I'm still using my E90 after 2 1/2 years, and am still bowled over by just how good a device it is. OK, it's a tad large and heavy (if you put in your jeans pocket you have to sit down VERY carefully!), but the build quality is stupendous; I've always had mine in a noreve case, but it basically looks as good as new.

The only problem with its unusual form-factor is that some software doesn't work very well on the internal screen, but apart from that, it's a totally cool device...

I also have a Nokia multimedia headset adapter for my E90, the AD-54, as well as a Jabra BT one...

Old 31-03-2010, 10:32 PM
The Fixer
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Still Using mine, I'd use it another year if it supported AT&T 3G, but here I am surround by iCraphones with 3g and I'm stuck with Edge, just bought my wife a 5800, it blows my EDGE away... I'm waiting, hard to keep me from going to Android...

Old 31-03-2010, 10:46 PM
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Just saw this article after listing my E90 on eBay...

And yes, the E90 is still a great device...but like an earlier poster, I'm sick of EDGE-only service here in the US. Putting my SIM into a 3G Android device was a breath of fresh air. I'll miss the old brute, but it's nice not having the massive bulge in my trouser pocket.

Worth noting--an E90 in good shape commands $300+ on eBay US--interesting that it's so much lower in the UK.

Old 01-04-2010, 12:27 AM
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Nokia Image Exchange runs on E90!

You recommend Resco Image Viewer. I don't know it. But it is a commercial programm. Many people don't know, you can install "Nokia Image Exchange" on the E90. Even if you don't want to use the online functions of this excellent app, it is a perfect tool to watch your photos on the E90. AND: Despite what Nokia Beta Labs says: It runs on the E90 :-). OK, a few problems (e. g. switching from inner to outer display or vice versa mostly doesn't work), but else it is a dream and changes the photos as fast (and animated) as on an iPhone on the inner display. It supports very fast zooming (Keys: '?' and '+') and a lot of other things...

Old 01-04-2010, 02:17 AM
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Take a look at this and run, do not walk to dump the N97 and all Nokia flagship phones.

Old 01-04-2010, 09:19 AM
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With all these update info in the comments, I think this pimping review can be renewed and gets a conclusion the E90 still wins after 3 years on the market!
- Nokia N900 (v10.2010.19-1 | pr1.2 | RX-51) with 4gb micro-SD, lots of software!
- Nokia E90 (v210.34.75 | 12-04-2008 | RA-6) with 8gb micro-SD, lots of options & software!
- Nokia E50 (v07.36.0.0 | 07-09-2007 | RM-170) with 2gb micro-SD "premier" & lots of software!

My Nokia Phone history--> 6150 | 3210 | 6210 | 6600 & N-Gage | N70 & 9500 | E61 & N73 ME | E90 & E50 | N900

Old 01-04-2010, 10:17 AM
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Smile Customer Care

Sorry Steve , I never needed Coreplayer's cumstomer care . But I still like the App .

Edit : BTW reason for my double posts above : the posts can be seen in the thread beneath the article , BUT they are missed in the Forum thread . As I am using the forum thread : my first post was filtered for Moderating , the second just disappeared ?!

Regards jApi NL

Regards jApi NL

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Old 01-04-2010, 01:51 PM
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I bought an N900 just before Xmas and love it but I do miss my e90 so much so I've yet to be able to bring myself to sell it.

The N900 is great but I miss the solid metal feel of the e90.

Old 01-04-2010, 01:54 PM
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I've been using an E90 for the past couple of years, and I must admit I've had
something of a love/hate relationship with it. I loved the build-quality and the
form-factor; for sheer usability, both as a phone and as a PDA, I don't think
anything else on the market quite matches the E90. On the other hand, the
software regularly used to annoy me to death, particularly the painfully slow
web-browser, with its insistence upon part-rendering the page, then taking it
away again just as you think you're about to be able to interact with it. (Yes, I
know, other browsers are available, but they all have limitations that prevent
them from being as useful as the S60 one would be if it weren't so blipping slow.)

I think what finally drove me away from the E90 was discovering that the most
recent firmware update is only available for *red* unbranded UK E90s, not
brown ones. WTF, Nokia?? I wound up changing my E90's product code in
order to get the new firmware, but that was the final straw. I bought an HTC
touch pro 2 a couple of weeks ago. I miss the tank-like build quality, and there
are definitely rough edges to the software, but web-browsing is a *lot*
less painful, and most of the other things I regularly used my E90 for are
either present or easy to buy or download. In particular, Textmaker knocks
the socks off Quickoffice for document editing on the fly.

I'm sorry to see that Nokia don't seem to be interested in continuing the
Communicator line. They seem to be working on the assumption that the E75
and N97[-mini] between them will bridge the gap. Time will tell, I suppose, but
I think they've left an open niche that other manufacturers will exploit.

James Lothian

Old 01-04-2010, 01:59 PM
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steve do you really think the E90 will rise in value?
i bought mine for around 200 2 years ago and have been looking at the prices and they seamed to have stayed pretty much the same.

ive got one and was looking to do a bit of a clear out. had it for like two years, probs the best Nokia ive ever owned, with no flaws expect its not shiny and new anymore!!
if Nokia did an updated E90 maybe an E95 with same form factor and the internal screen was touch id buy it in a minute.
ive got an N900 for the record.


Old 01-04-2010, 02:45 PM
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Wink pimping the E90

Thanks again for the excellent article!
Pimping: commonly used nowadays as making something cool or better.

I am a fan of the E90 and tried to make it better: i.e. easier to use/better. This has meant on the software side adding:

Dayly use:
advanced device lock (automatic once set-up)
alon contact guide
best profiles
conversation nokia
Handy Alarm Pro
Handy Blacklist (automatic once set-up)
Handy Calendar
Handy Shell
Handy Taskman
Handy Tools
Ion Battery Timer (automatic once set-up)
Keylocker (automatic once set-up)
Memoryup Pro (automatic once set-up)
Missing Sync (automatic once set-up)
NetworkAccelerator (automatic once set-up)
Phone Shortcuts
SPB Weather
Total Recall

Not Dayly
Abby business card reader
Advanced device locks Pro
Best birthday
Group Creator
Handy expense
Handy safe pro
Internet radio
Joiku spot premium
Merrium Webster dictionary
Slovoed dictionary
Spb tv

car charger
extra battery
Bluetooth earpiece
memory card reader
stereo headphones

As to the future I would love it if Nokia came out with a successor with some improvements:
Better web browser and faster browsing
Touc-screen on the outside
faster processor
ability to assign yourself the pre-defined buttons (top row inside keyboard)
page uo and down buttons (inside keyboard)
delete key further down from navigation button
Thanks again

Old 01-04-2010, 06:39 PM
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Legendary phone with flaws

Like a few commenters here, I've had my E90 for 2 1/2 years, and it's been great enjoying the power that comes with a full qwerty device with 3.5G and GPS for this length of time. I think that it was ahead of it's time, given that it came at a time when there were few phones of this nature around.

However, it does fall down in a few places - mainly the software.

Calendar - was never that sophisticated. It could have made great use of the large screen, but didn't really.

Office - sorry but quickoffice suite was a pain and fiddly to use, and has also corrupted an important file of mine - grrrr...!

Web - as someone mentioned - great for it's time, but not the best option now.

There's still a market for this kind of device, which isn't really being filled. I've had a good look at the N900, and I think it's close, as long as I could get a good PIM suite sorted out on it with calendar/word/spreadsheet etc... But I could do with a slightly larger keyboard.

E900 please.. ! And calendar, word processor and spreadsheet as easy to use and functional as the ones found on the psion 5mx.


Old 02-04-2010, 11:21 AM
Dan Din
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I've always loved the communicators - started with the Psion 3a... now have an E75.

What I think is missing is the full-on spec phone. Why do Nokia not come out with one phone which has the best features and spec for everything. So, keyboard, touch screen, GPS, of course, but also a high Mega-pixel camera, universal s60 software compatibility, etc etc. I know the cost would be restrictive, but hey - I would be willing to pay a LOT of money for such a beast. The E90 could have been there, but didn't quite make the grade.

Am I asking for too much? Of course I am.

Old 09-04-2010, 02:46 PM
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E90 great almost

I still love it and use it. Can type on that better than anything else. The problem is the new technology of a 5800 makes it faster. WIFI appears to be more efficient. Just works better. The E90 has taken great pictures and is very reliable. I only have a hard time getting batteries to last ok on it.

E90 size factor. I get criticisms in the US about it being so big, but the iPAD will be the biggest form factor, almost phone that exists. The E90 has been great for reading books and ok at movies. I figure if I get itching for an iPAD, I will carry my E90 around some more.


e90, n97, nokia, pimping, replacing

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