All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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AAS Insight 134 - Nokia E5, Swype, Ovi, Samsung

In All About Symbian Insight 134, we start with news of new, community created Samsung i8910 firmware, which leads to a discussion of Samsung's mobile platform choices. Rafe discusses the Ovi Files closure and talks about how the thinking behind Nokia's Ovi service strategy has evolved. David shares his PixelPipe Send and Share experiences, before bringing news of UK operator Orange's HD Voice service. Ewan talks about Swype, an alternative text input entry system, which is now available in beta. Finally, Steve gives his first opinion on the Nokia E5.

Read on in the full article.

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I solved the bug of the slow app menu too, even with over 80 apps installed, it's called SPB Mobile Shell hehe, pops up instantly. I wont speak about it but I think you guys will like the next update

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I cannot believe what I hear

So it is only a bug that makes starting application of S60 5th so slow?

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Probably this should've waited until the end of this week's Nokia World Preview AAS Insight but can't be bothered to sit on the link or remember to post worse for wear on Fri/Sat.

Anyway I think Nokia need to be very adroit in how they manage the weight of expectation that has built up on S^3 through late roll-out, disappointment (dismay) at S^1 and possibly most pressing not breaking somewhat optimistic/misleading statements and indications given to investors.

Picking up on this Reuters article ( Article here ) Concerning releases and anticipated devices at the coming Nokia World in which it explicitly mentions Nokia's share underperfomance and the pressure on OPK and commitments made to investors.

The real problem as I see it is in this area of the article which is surely going to be echoed in one form or another all over the place:-
CEO Kallasvuo, whom industry sources say Nokia is looking to replace, has promised the usability of Nokia's Symbian smartphones would not be an issue by the end of this year.

He will make the keynote speech at the London show on Sept 14 at 9 a.m. (4 a.m. EDT).

"Everyone will be very curious about the Symbian 3 user interface," said analyst Francisco Jeronimo from IDC.

"We will probably see good designs with a focus on touchscreen at very competitive prices, but the main question is: Have they finally fixed the user interface?"
Well the quick answer (yeah the quick answer's not the right one - but it's often the one that is in the headlines) is no, not because a lot of work hasn't been done under the hood but because the thing looks virtually the same as S^1 which is widely perceived as having failed particularly at the top end and is not going to look like the UI paradigm shift that had been promised., Now we all know that's to come with S^4 but the question is will either investors or developers be willing to wait for it and will consumers be willing to look past it's aged look deeper into it (I suspect not).

I keep harping on this subject but delaying this refresh (the delay whilst Opening Symbian) could prove fatal to the OS and severely harm Nokia. After 18 months and more of being promised the good stuff (rather than fails like the N97) patience has run out across a wide spectrum of interested parties and unfortunately S^3 I don't believe is the animal to carry that burden. They may well have (and I surely hope they have in all this time) done lots of clever technical stuff under the hood unfortunately neither the consumer nor the the investor really cares they just want visible improvement or tangible if you like. Removing the insane single/double tap inconsistency/bug is not it. Which is why along with the ridiculous and harming delays I also believe Nokia and Symbian (ie Nokia) made a major blunder in not fixing the UI first rather than in S^4 - I understand the upgrade path idea but dramatic action was called for and S^3 isn't generally perceivably it.

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Why?do Nokia let all the things they are doing let the Public see it,Its a Big mistake at Nokia,but they never seem to want to change,All the phones they produce gets Leaked out to Early,an all that does its Help the Mobile Makers know what phone they have to Produce to Dint the Sales of the Nokia phone,the N8 a good Example,September is going busy month for mobiles to Released,Htc announcing one the same time as the Nokia event in London 14th September an Samsung releasing 2 more Galaxy mobiles,an this will not be good for the N8,but Nokia ought to keep Quite about what the are Producing an Shock the Public,with the N8 this is going to be a Important mobile at Nokia because if its Fails like the N97,the President will lose is position an loads of producers an developers will be down the road as well,you can easily see that Nokia have been really Frightened of Releasing the N8,but the should kept quiet about the N8 then all the pressure on them would not have been so Heavy

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Very much looking forward to meeting the AAS team once again next week. As one of the bloggers going under the 'going and came back' mention at the end it will be good to see what Nokia has planned for their next range of devices and services.

Another great insight from the team btw


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ass 134

great show everyone. . .


134, aas, insight, nokia, ovi, samsung, swype

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