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Here's the answer for those looking how to keep images from showing up in 'Gallery'

If you are like me and get annoyed by images from programs you install (Garmin for instance) or if you get 'special' pictures from a significant other that you don't want just anyone seeing when scrolling through your images. I did some searching and couldn't seem to find the exact info I was looking for so when I figured it out I decided to make this write up in case someone else was looking for the same answers. I figured out what seems like the easiest way to accomplish this w/o having to delete them. Well, two actually.

On my E71 this works. Go to your Gallery and then Images. Scroll down to any image and then 'Options' and then New Folder. You can also go to one of the images you want to not show up and select 'Organize' and then you can move it to a new folder that you create at that point. Either way works fine. Once the folder is created (or before if you use the second method for folder creation) you can then use the Mark option to mark all the images you want in the folder. Then simple Organize->Move to folder and select that folder. This seems to be the easiest way but I'm not sure if your programs can still find them when they need them as I haven't yet had a chance to test this out. Since you are physically moving them there's a chance it could create issues so this method works best for images from a s/o that you don't want people seeing. It also puts this new folder in at the bottom of your Gallery list so it's not the first thing that comes up should someone take yoru phone to scroll through your images and yet easy to get to because instead of scrolling down you just scroll up once. The cool thing is that the new folder (named Folder unless you rename it) is a grid view of the thumbnails. I actually prefer this the standard tile view because you can browse several at once. The nice thing about this is that you can still use the thumbnail views to scan files if you are like me and don't have specific names for all of your images and most are just numbers from when they were taken. The ultimate is if you could set this folder to require a password to view for security.

For images that are installed by a program (Garmin for instance) that it uses but you don't have a need to open them individually you can install Y-Browser which is a free file editing/browsing/exploring application. This isn't as easy IMO because there aren't thumbnails and it takes a few more steps but if you want the images usable by your programs I would suggest going this route to avoid complications. I found that using Gallery first to get a parial name of each image I want hidden and then using Y-Browser's search files option to be the easiest. You just put part of the file name between the two *.* (replace period with partial file name) and then search. Once that comes up just select Options->File->Attributes->Hidden. Then set this to Yes and make sure you Save it. Now it will still be in the same location for your program to use but it won't show up in your gallery view. One tip here is that it seems you have to do them individually as I tried the Mark option and setting it to several at once but for whatever reason it would only make the first file hidden. It seems that doing them one at a time is the only option. This works best for files you don't want to view because otherwise you are stuck using Y-Browser to find images you might want to view and unless you know what the name of each file is it might take a while to find it. Not as simple as a thumbnail view.

Using those two methods you should be able to customize your Gallery to display only the files you want while not giving up any functionality.

Hope this helps.

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Smile Hiding multiple pictures using Y-Browser

In the Nokia Filemanager go to Images you can make new folder(s) . Move all the wanted pictures to the new folder : Mark (shift + D-pad) -> Options -> move to Folder . Now in Y-Browser you can set the Folder to Hidden .
A more radical method in Y-Browser is Zipping the pictures using the Zipmanager . However these pictures won't show up anymore in the used applications . But .zip files can be viewed in Filemanager . Or in a third party apllication called Xplore . In this application you can also view hidden and .zip files .
The advantage of zipping files , when you have plenty of pictures , it will make Gallery much faster .
Good luck jApi NL


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