All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Thumbs up Software

Hi very Well written review has def made me buy one, can you please inform me of any freeware websites etc that i can download to enable me to upload films etc to it?

Or anyother helpful websites which has free software to download...And are they necessary to fill it up with various other applications



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Whether UIQ is more difficult to grasp than Symbian is completely subjective.
I have used several Symbians (Nokia) and 2 UIQs, Moto A1000 and P1i. I have yet to come to terms with symbian which I find too fiddly compared to P1i.
In regards to P1i being an upgrade to M600, why do u think so? Because of the form factor? Because the features are pretty much same as the P990?
The P1i or P1000i is a slight change in direction from SE and rightly so. The form factor of the P990i is rather outdated with the double use of keypads. What would have been the next step in the P1 series? If they were to keep the same size or make it smaller, they wouldn't b able to fit a QWERTY keypad, atleast not a usable one as can be witnessed with the P990.
Would anyone accept a bigger handset?
In any case, as far as I am concerned, the P1i has a lot more plus points than most 'fashionable' business phones out there. And the price factor is as consequent.
The P1i marries a lot of important features: size, battery life, memory balance, wifi etc...
But the bottom line is, it depends on the user. I would rather have a phone that has a good battery life than one which needs recharging almost every day, as with most/all Symbian Nokias. And most Windows Mobile handsets.

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Whilst I agree with the gist of most of whats said above I've now been using the P1 for a good month and I've discovered some seriously BAD and ANNOYING features that are perhaps not so obvious when you're just testing it out and when you need to rely on it as your work tool:

* Reception (on this particular handset is VERY VERY POOR!!!) Beware if you live a low quality reception area because the P1 (I've got at least) just cannot see the signal! (I'm still running the old P910i alongside it and it shows FULL signal in every part of this building whereas the P1 wavers between 1 or 2 bars and nothing! A really disappointing and thoroughly frustrating disadvantage !

* Key lock timing (again on this phone) seems completely ERRATIC! This is also extremely frsutrating as you'll be holding the stupid thing for up to 20 seconds sometimes before the keylock kicks in - just when you are in a hurry! OR it can come on almost immediately before you've had time to even pull the stylus out of the slot! I've timed it! It really is erratic! VERY POOR Sony!

* This problem has caused me to accidently brush a contact name on the way into a pocket resulting, the other night, in the stupid thing calling one of my contacts abroad for 1hour 47 minutes and costing me 50!!!!

* Back button is temporamental at best. You have to really hold it in sometimes and even then it just wont unlock the page or go back!

* Minimising the radio or music player is not always obvious on every screen meaning you have to spend ages going back a acreen to spot how to make the player continue in the background.

* Power button: WORST feature of the phone! Its very flimsy and I can see it giving up the ghost quite quickly. Just today I was unable to turn on the phone and had to jimmy the button with the stylus. This is really badly designed for a new phone.

* Charging is also erratic! Some mornings you take it off charge and it hasnt sucked in a joule of juice since you plugged it in! Again bloody annoying if you're going out of the house for a long day when need the thing to be fully charged!

* Stored images: Another seemingly erratic feature! Where the hell are those photos I've just taken; you look in the image gallery and they dont exist. Search around a bit, come back to where you started and sudddenly they appear! What the chuff is going on?

* There are scores of other little annoying things too (like the number of menus you have to go thru to do a simple cut and paste; unexpected lengthening of one SMS message to 3 - a really OLD problem that was ironed out of these phones in the P800 days);....well the list goes on.

Am so so disapointed with the P1 (and although there are clearly issues with this particular handset) there are also design issues that are counter-intuitive and plain pointless or over-complex. Sorry to anyone reading that was involved in the design but it just seems like it has been put toegther by an elephant.

COME ON S.E. why dont you test this stuff PROPERLY!!!!????? (Your PC Suites are notorious for this - although I have to say at least this is the best one so far, despite having to call the service centre to get the connectivity issue sorted - even then they reckoned I had a dodgy port!

The 990 was a total failure, full of these kinds of bugs.....I'm really sorry to say at the moment (despite LOVIN the P series generally) I feel the P1 is the WORST phone I've ever had!!!! I wish I'd gone for that Nokia N95.

Thoroughly miserable Mark
I should admit that even though I love my P1, u have highlighted some points that I feel are a let down!
From what your saying, the P1 'recognises' a traditional '1 length' sms as more than just '1 length'. I usually find it hard to write a complete '1 length' text but with the P1 I find myself sending '2 text' more often than not.

Regarding the HW lock, I noticed the same issue therefore decided to manual lock it everytime. Even then the 'return' button doesn't always lock the handset when u press it. Best thing to do is '* + lock'.
Can anyone advise me whether there are shortcut keys for the media player? I find it innapropriate to have to use the touch screen to skip a track (which means I have to unlock the handset everytime). The alternative is to pause with the scroll and they scroll to the next track!
Am hoping that SE will release FW updates soon. Am in 2 minds whether to actually return my handset or not!

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my 1st symbian, so i think its great

unlike other here who have owned other symbian, its my first symbian, and i like it, especially after coming from treo 650. its performance is just right for its price.

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I have had this phone for a couple of days, and, whilst it's great in many ways it annoys in some - the basics, for example, alarms do not sound when the phone is switched off or on silent mode. SMS delivery reports are handled poorly, they cause the same sound alert as a new message. Both these are sorted on S60 so why not UIQ3. It seems UIQ3 has not been developed at all in 2/3 years.

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Question help

what is ok? e61i or p1i?? im having a hard time to decide what phone ill get.

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On screen qwerty keyboard

Does the P1i has an on-screen qwerty keyboard?

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P1i or Nokia???

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
what is ok? e61i or p1i?? im having a hard time to decide what phone ill get.
Good question. I also actually have a similar issue: P95, e61i or P1i :-)
So far, it is a question of your priorities:

- All Nokia E/N series phones actually come with WLAN and VOIP/SIP support, which is nice to have. Furthermore, they come with Nokia maps (worldwide!!!), which is very useful when you need e.g. citiy maps, even without GPS it is very useful.

- P1i has no built-in VOIP/SIP support, but you can buy apps or fring that support VOIP, if needed. A bit plus of P1i is in my opinion the touchscreen and the keyboard (well, e61 also has keyboard).

Both have synchronization with exchange servers.

==> NOKIA: Maps + VOIP --- or --- SE: Nice touchscreen.

If you think about WM 6 smartphones & SIP: The built-in Nokia VOIP/SIP runs out of the box. I also thought about a WM 6 smartphone, due to claimed VOIP/SIP support. After reading news and threads about many issues with that (you'll have to add some components, modify registry, ... ... and maybe it works, depending on the revision of your phone -- surly not what I want ;-) I dropped the WM 6 smartphones.

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nice phone

Got this phone about 5 days ago on a new o2 contract. Having used windows mobile 5 for a year its certainly a very different experience when moving to Symbian UIQ. My first issue is 3rd party software. I have been having problems installing software via the PC. It seems I cannot install any symbian software on the phone, but it has to be only UIQ 3 type. Is this correct? If so, it drastically reduces the amount of software available for the phone, unlike windows mobile where the majority of software in my experience is backwards compatible.

Apart from that issue, it is a great phone and despite being wary of the strange keyboard, it is actually very comfortable and easier to use than the qwerty keyboard on my Fujitsu Loox T830.

I think I might do a comparison post on my blog soon.

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settings problems

hi rafe tis phone is great.... i love it to bits, this is my first smartphone n the only complaint i hv is it's user friendliness eg. abt the setting its hard to locate certain settings like when you sent message how do u see what u hv sent??? there is no outbox folder for u to see what u hv sent just the inbox which can b quite frustrating (till now i am still trying to find this setting) n another thing is how do u set all the files u bluetooth or download etc. transfer directly to your memory card (i have not find the settings for these either) n have to transfer manually the files to my memory card which is very annoying. it's little things like this i think se should improve on, the consumer experience n the user friendliness of the product itself that will make a great product excellent... other than that i hv no gripes.... love it..... any help rafe plsssss.....

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Talking why all the bad comments on p1i!

after all the comments i read, bragging about the p1i.comparing to other phones!

can anyone suggest me a phone that have at least 3.2 mp cam. wi-fi, clear fonts,hpdpa connectivity, good audio,good ram! what should be the perfect phone.saying p1i is obsolete 2005-2006 technology.please tell me...before i read the comments, my mind was set to buy the P1i, until this comments came i got this doubt with P1i.


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Thumbs down SE P1i Caller Groups

I had a SE P910i and upgraded to the SE P1i. I experience the following problems with this phone:

1.) I cannot set ringtones per caller group ... So what is the use of a caller group then?

2.) when in a call I cannot go to my calender and thus cannot make entries or browse the calender

With the P910i I can do all the above. In my view the P910i was a better phone ... Believe me. I use a phone to it's fullest extent and buy it for it's features and functionality. Buying this phone was a big mistake for me!

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Thumbs down not as good as expected

I purchased this sony erission P1i mobile 1 month ago. It has good features but :
1. It is complex to use.
2. Most of these model have a green shade in camera photos (They call it green tint)
3. Sony erission not seems to be intrested in solving my green tint problem, service is PETHATIC.
4. The mobile has a bluetooth PAN which can be used to connect to internet but does not work file with toshiba blutooth.

So guys my suggestion is it would be good to buy a HTC Touch rather than this phone.
And if u still want to buy this phone do check the camera, by taking a snap of a white paper.

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Thumbs up ..

apparently i have this phone from ericsson,its really nice..feature wise,its way better that the past P phones of really accomodates the files that you'll be needing however, with regards to its keypad its kinda complicated and takes time for a person to get used took me almost 2 weeks to use the keypad smoothly but other than that, this phone is simply amazing..i think the camera is nice, really has sharp edges for the colors.. its like its been taken from a digtal camera

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Do not buy the P1i

Unusable for business purposes:
- No searchable address book
- Unusable device lock (fixed to 1min)
- Unreliable synchronization with Lotus Notes
- Unresponsive UI and SLOW boot
- Unusable without fingers/stylus.


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