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Thanks for share.... usefull info man...

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Uprage FM N95 8GB

Hello all. Please do you know the product code for Czech Republic. Is it the same as for EURO3? Thank you for some info. Kind regards Yanik

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Nokia N95 and N95 8GB Product codes [Debranding]

hi Here's some product codes I have found so far, if you find any others feel free to add them in here.

UPDATED(Dec. 12, 2007)

European Code(s):
0557135(Vodafone UK)

North American NAM Code(s):

0557646(3 branded make sure PC Suite ( is installed on your PC and that you have the latest version of Nokia Sofware Updater ( (NSU)
click this link ( and download and install the Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)Beta at the bottom of the page. Current version is when installing, leave all options as is. dont change any options unless you know what to do with it. TAKE NOTE THIS SOFTWARE HAS OTHER FUNCTIONS WHICH COULD MESS UP YOUR PHONE IF YOU USE THEM. ONLY FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW.

plug in the phone to a charger and then connect it to your pc with the USB cable and choose PC Suite mode. It is very IMPORTANT that you wait for all drivers to install if this is the first time you use PC Suite.

start the NSS beta software and then click on the button that looks like a magnifying glass. it will show some info and extra icons should show up.

click on the icon that says "Phone Info"
click on the "scan" button. it should display the IMEI & Phone version. then click the "read" button on the side. your screen should look like the screenshot below

now from here on make sure to be VERY CAREFUL. click the enable box next to where it says product code. make sure NOT to click anything else.
copy the number displayed as the product code and keep it safe somewhere incase you need to revert back to the original firmware.
now change that number to a new product code such as the ones above. the ones above are generic and so there are no restrictions in the phone software.
click "write" just once and this should change your product code.
to check it, remove the check from the enable box, and click "read". the number in the product code box should be the new number you typed in. if it is not then repeat from step 6.
if the code changed, close NSS and un plug your phone.
plug the phone back in and do a firmware update using NSU. in 10mins you should have a debranded phone.
shae marks

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Nokia N95 and N95 8GB Product codes [Debranding]

Nokia N95 and N95 8GB product codes.
Only use the ones below if you know what your doing.

N95 product codes
0534841 - Euro 1 - Sand
0534842 - France
0534843 - Alps
0534844 - Euro 2
0534845 - Turkey
0534847 - Scandinavia
0534848 - BALTIAN
0534849 - Russia
0534850 - Ukraine
0534851 - CIS, Bulgaria
0534852 - Euro 3
0534853 - Balkans
0534854 - Greece / Cyprus
0534857 - Israel
0536058 - Belarus / Moldova
0534833 - Singapore
0536062 - Euro1 - Plum
0536063 - France
0536064 - Alps
0536065 - Euro2
0536066 - Turkey
0536068 - Scandinavia
0536069 - BALTIAN
0536070 - Russia
0536071 - Ukraine
0536072 - CIS, Bulgaria
0536073 - Belarus/Moldova
0536074 - Euro3
0536075 - Balkans
0536076 - Greece / Cyprus
0536079 - Israel
0534832 - Hong Kong
0536084 - Hong Kong
0534830 - Taiwan
0536083 - Taiwan
0534833 - Apac 1
0536085 - Apac 1
0534834 - Philippines
0534835 - Australia
0534836 - New Zealand
0534837 - Indonesia
0536086 - Philippines
0536087 - Australia
0536088 - New Zealand
0536089 - Indonesia
0548298 - India Apac 2
0548299 - India Apac 2
0535053 - Thailand
0536093 - Thailand
0534839 - Vietnam
0536091 - Vietnam
0548986 - India
0534856 - Arabic
0549001 - Australia (sand)
0534849 - Russia (sand)
0534850 - Ukraine (sand)
0536070 - Russia (plum)
0536071 - Ukraine (plum)
0548763 - USA (N95-1)
0548763 - Brazil (plum)
0546222 - Brazil (plum)
0549028 - Brazil (plum)
0534862 - Latin America (plum)

N95 Operator Specific codes
0548170 - Orange UK
0548020 - Movistar Spain?
0548364 - O2 (CPW) UK (Graphite)
0547869 - Vodafone UK
0546659 - T-Mobile UK
0536065 - KPN Netherlands
0547867 - DTAC Thailand
0547686 - T-Mobile (P4U) UK
0549533 - T-Mobile (P4U) UK
0548021 - O2 UK
0550199 - O2 Ireland

N95 Language Packs
EURO1 - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
EURO2 - English, French, German, Turkish, Dutch, Italian
EURO3 - English, Czech, Slovakian, German, Polish, Hungarian
Scandinavia - English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Danish
Baltic - English, German, Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian
Russia - English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian
Balkans - English, German, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Greek
Arabic - English, Arabic, French, Farsi, Urdu
Hebrew - English, Hebrew, Arabian, Russian, Romanian, Spanish
Africa - English, Portuguese, German, Italian, French

N95 8GB product codes
0550348 - FRANCE
0550352 - ALPS
0549487 - EURO1
0550359 - EURO2
0550370 - TURKEY
0550373 - BALTIAN
0550798 - RUSSIAN
0550799 - UKRAINE
0550375 - CIS, Bulgaria
0550378 - EURO3
0550379 - BALKANS
0550801 - GREECE, CYPROS
0550802 - ISRAEL
0555180 - SINGAPORE
0555181 - MALAYSIA
0550455 - INDONESIA
0550454 - NEW ZEALAND
0550453 - AUSTRALIA
0550459 - THAILAND
0550457 - VIETNAM
0557980 - HONG KONG / CHINA
0557877 - MALASIA
0550388 - AFRICA (NIGERIA)

N95 8GB Operator Specific codes
0558166 - SFR France
us marriage

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Hey all, I have changed my N95 product code to a generic Australian code (code off my old unbranded N95) and when I try and upgrade the firmware NSU tells me that updates have to be approved by my carrier before I upgrade, so therefor it is still regognising my phone as a branded phone. I have tried everything I can think of and still no luck.

Any suggestions?


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Hola soy de peru y quisiera saber cual en la lista que ponen sobre los paises no esta mi pais que puedo hacer????? Cual seria el codigo correspondiente a mi pais..saludos

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i m changing product code of my n95 & n95 8gb with nss .... every time i connected myphone it conect normally ... `problem here starts .i open nss ,. when i click phone info.. it doesn`t display anything .. also when i click read button it show`s error ... .whaat`s the probl... plz help me out ..

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I have tried unsuccessfully to debrand my N95 from Vodafone UK using NSS as suggested in the forum. To allow my wife to use it on T mobile without Vodafone branding.

Every time I get to the point of scanning for phone info in NSS, I get an error message under scan for product. I have tried the process on three different PC's two running vista and one XP and the reult is always the same. Incidentally the phone has been unlocked officially by Vodafone. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Originally Posted by exfiles View Post
I have tried unsuccessfully to debrand my N95 from Vodafone UK using NSS as suggested in the forum. To allow my wife to use it on T mobile without Vodafone branding.

Incidentally the phone has been unlocked officially by Vodafone. Any ideas would be appreciated.
If the phone has already been unlocked, there's no need to de-brand to allow a T-Mobile SIM to work.
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Does anyone have the generic UK code N95-2 RM-320 (e.g the one you get off expansys)? I have Euro1 on mine but the WLAN keeps freezing after 5 mins, forcing me to reboot. I dont think its a hardware problem as it didnt happen on v30 and I'm wondering if flashing to a different PC might resolve the problem.
Thanks in advance

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The reason your phone is not detected because you need take out your sim card for NSS to work. Once you have change your product code then you can put you sim card back in for you to update your phone using Nokia software update. I hope this help...

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my phone is not upgrading

Hi, I have just changed the prod code of my Nokia N95 8gb. Previously it had prod code of Three (3) UK. Now i wanted to change it to Pakistan Languages packs. After changing the prod code, languages are not changed but my phone is not getting connected with nokia phone updater. It gives error now.
Unfortunately i couldnt save previous prod code of my device. now upgraded it.
Is there any option for undoing the changes made?
I want to come back to original product code. is there anyway to do it.

plz help.


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i have this n95 with product 0548364

i am using version



as i have seen many n95 other product codes sets are updated to v 35.0.002.
why there is no update for this product code .

and can i flash another latest version n95 on my phone , will it harm my set ?
it is not in warranty , so should i do it ?

i want to use India version , can i do that ?

can anyone reply on this ?

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n95 is the best mobile of nokia m useing this cell fone rite know

Nokia N95

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N95 8GB Debrand vodafone

Hi everyone I am new to the forum and I am having a problem debranding my Nokia N95 8GB I first have to say I am no whizz kid with this kind of thing so need things explained in layman's terms the instructions I followed were from another website (forum) that I can not find again but they told me to download NSS and the Nokia PC suite which I did they then told me to open NSS scan for new device, phone info, read and to change product code to 0534841 which I did and that should be job done but it isn't it is still Vodafone and if I try to repeat NSS it does not seem to be able to read any info from the phone and declares in the bottom left corner error reading am I stuck with vodafone for ever all my numbers are intact which they said I would have to restore but it seems nothing has changed help appreciated Chris


8gb, codes, debranding, n95, nokia, product

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