All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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MP4 Video Capture now available.

If you search for T-mobile germany in Google, you have the option of translating the site to english.

The download is free too!!

But the application is in German, but is quite simple to use.[/url]

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I couldn't find any tech specs for the program, but through playing a clip back through an MP4 player on my PC, it would appear that it records @ 10 fps.

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I can't believe nobody is intrested in this piece of software!

I'm just waiting for T-mobile to email it to me now. Hopefully T-mobile UK will offer it soon.


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Omar, check

We are all discussing it there... 8)

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September 17, 2002

Tools and information
for the Nokia developer community


In this issue:
1... News and Announcements
- Nokia Mobile Internet Conference
- On-Line Software Market Features Nokia 7650
- Technical Day at Nokia Developer Hub in Helsinki
2... Latest Launch: Nokia 3650 and Nokia 3510i
3... Newest Emulator - Nokia 7210 Mobile Handset Simulator
4... Notice to Series 60 Developers:
Action required for all Series 60-based Applications
5... Case Study: Futurice
6... Latest Updates at
7... Manage Your Account

1... News and Announcements

~ Nokia Mobile Internet Conference ~
Forum Nokia invites you to the 7th Nokia Mobile Internet Conference, to be
held November 5-6, 2002, in Munich, Germany. Mobile application developers
will have the chance to meet Forum Nokia representatives, examine the
latest Nokia tools and developer resources, and experience hands-on
product demonstrations. The conference consists of three content streams,
including the “Create Revenue-Rich Applications” stream for software

Read more about what is available for developers

See the full agenda and register

~ On-Line Software Market Features Nokia 7650 ~
The Nokia 7650 Symbian OS applications are now available in the Software
Market, on-line marketplace selling applications directly to Nokia phone
users. The Top 10 list currently features applications from all
categories: business, content tools, entertainment, and personal
productivity. Applications created for Nokia 7650 are also compatible with
the new Nokia 3650, so there will be even greater market potential for
Series 60 applications.

Visit the Software Market

Find out how to sell your applications in the Software Market

~ Technical Day at Nokia Developer Hub in Helsinki ~
Forum Nokia will arrange a Technical Day at the Developer Hub in Helsinki
on September 25th, 2002. During this day Nokia experts will give
presentations on various subjects related to developing MMS with Nokia:
What tools does Forum Nokia provide? What type of support is available
from Forum Nokia? What are the features of the Nokia MMSC? How can a
developer gain access to a real-live MMSC to do some testing? The final
presentation will deal with using the Nokia MMS Java Library, and the
entire afternoon is reserved for developers to just sit down and code to
their hearts' content. Forum Nokia experts will be on-hand to provide
immediate support, developers will be given access to the MMSC in the
Developer Hub, and will have access to some of the latest MMS terminals.

This event is free of charge but registration is needed. For more
information, please contact

See the full agenda and other information

2... Latest Launch: Nokia 3650 and Nokia 3510i

Nokia introduced two new phones, Nokia 3650 and Nokia 3510i, at the
"Totally Board" event in Marseille, France, on September 6th.

Nokia 3650 is a Series 60 Platform imaging phone with Symbian OS. It is
Java capable and comes with a built-in camera (Camcorder). The tri-band
device will be launched globally, providing developers with a single
platform regardless of geographic market. Applications written for Nokia
7650 imaging phones are compatible with the new Nokia 3650.

Nokia 3650 has 4 MB of memory, allowing greater multimedia storage, and it
supports removable memory cards for even greater capacity. The camera
takes pictures at a resolution of up to 640 by 480 pixels and up to 16
million colors. Video capturing is also possible and video clips can be
sent using multimedia messaging technology. Nokia 3650 has Symbian OS
version 6.1, which allows application programming using C++ programming
language. The device runs version 1.0 of the MIDP Java profile extended
with the new Mobile Media API, SMS API as well as Nokia UI API. The device
also supports Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS), SyncML, and
location-based tracking functionality through Enhanced Observed Time
Difference (EOTD) technology.

Nokia 3510i is a fashionable, low-cost Series 30 phone with a trendy
design, bright color display (96x65 pixels, 4096 colors), GPRS, and
pre-installed games. It comes with support for MMS (create, send, and
forward messages in color), MIDP Java 1.0, polyphonic ring tones, and
digital rights management to protect the revenue stream of application and
content providers. Nokia 3510i is a dual-band GSM (900/1800, EGSM) device
that will be sold in the European, African, Asian, and Pacific markets.

Read more about Nokia 3650

Nokia 3650 Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Nokia 3650 Camera

Using the Nokia 3650 Messaging API

Read more about Nokia 3510i

3... Newest Emulator - Nokia 7210 Mobile Handset Simulator

Nokia 7210 Simulator supports browsing, Multimedia Messaging Services
(MMS) reception, and push reception. It is designed to run as either a
stand-alone or integrated application. Developers can use this tool to
preview local files and Internet files. Those developers using Mobile
Internet Toolkit 3.1 or Adobe GoLive 6.0 can use the simulator as a
plug-in that provides additional capabilities specific to the Series 40 UI

The tool replicates the UI of the Nokia 7210 handset, including the
general look, key layout, key definitions, error messages, display and
rendering, soft keys, and menu selection. As is the case with most of the
Nokia tools, Nokia 7210 Simulator installs on Windows NT 4.0, 2000, or XP.
It requires the JRE 1.3.1 or later release.

Download the Nokia 7210 Mobile Handset Simulator

4... Notice to Series 60 Developers:
Action required for all Series 60-based Applications

Effective today, all Nokia products based on Symbian OS and Series 60
software will have a built-in mechanism to warn users attempting to
install non-Series 60 software on their Nokia phones that there is the
possibility of a software conflict. The need for the mechanism is becoming
increasingly obvious, as the number of third party Symbian OS applications
is growing quickly, and there may be a chance that users confuse various
Symbian OS form factors.

When installing an application on a product such as the Nokia 7650, the
phone will check the software for a special id-sequence to determine
whether the application is designed for the Series 60 platform. If the
id-sequence is not found, the user will get a notification about the
potential conflict. Installation process can be continued, but at the risk
of installation failure.

All Series 60 applications should carry the id-sequence in order to
facilitate smooth installation of software. The lack of the id-sequence
will result in a warning message, but will not prevent from attempting to
install the software, if the user insists upon doing so. In practice, the
id-sequence is a single line of software code that needs to be added. The
line is the same for all Series 60 applications.

Q: Is this mechanism a part of the Series 60 package, in other words will
it be automatically included in the products of all licensees?
A: This mechanism is a part of Series 60 package. However, Series 60
licensees can customize it.

Q: If in the future, there are generic and smart software packages that
will automatically determine which Symbian product is being used and
installs only the appropriate UI component of that product, will the
existence or the lack of the id-sequence in the device be problematic?
Does Nokia anticipate the development of these kinds of smart sotfware
packages? It is vitally important that we do not lose the platform
A: Symbian OS software packages cannot automatically determine the product
or platform being used. However, software can be written so that it sniffs
the platform dynamically when running and scales to target (all variants
will be installed). The downside of this kind of coding is that it is
challenging and results in a larger application footprint.

Q: What is the id-sequence code and where should I add it?
A: The id-sequence code for Nokia 7650 is 0x101F6F88 for instance. The
line you need to add in the .pkg file right after the header should be
exactly: (0x101F6F88), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"} .

5... Case Study: Futurice

Futurice is a leading provider of expressive messaging solutions for
mobile handsets. Its Expressive Messaging System (XMS 3) is a Java
messaging application that adds facial expressions to characters created
by users, to add emotion and interest to text messages.

XMS 3 surrounds otherwise simple text messages with emotionally expressive
picture elements, such as human and animal characters. The application
adds text balloons to indicate tone of voice, mood, time, and setting
backgrounds, thus raising mobile messaging to the level of personal
conversations. Teens, curious about new technology, find the visual medium
addictively satisfying. The 20- to 45-year-old demographic uses XMS 3 to
maintain relationships with significant others.

A private, Helsinki-based company started in 2000, Futurice enjoys
multiple Nokia support efforts. XMS 3 supports Nokia WAP phones like the
Nokia 6200 and Nokia 8300 series, as well as SMS and MMS (color and black
and white) models. XMS 3 is marketed to carrier customers through Nokia
Tradepoint, and direct to consumers through Open Mobile (an ASP provider)
and Small Planet. Open Mobile hosts XMS 3 for operators in Asia, who are
offering it to an eager subscriber base.

Download the complete Futurice case study, including:
- The steps required to support menu-based interfaces in multiple
- How Futurice separated the creation of a basic character from the
representation of the emotion felt by the character
- Illustrations
- Architecture Diagram

6... Latest Updates at

Nokia 7210 Mobile Handset Simulator (MMS/WAP Edition), beta 0.23
Nokia 7210 Mobile Handset Simulator User's Guide

Using the Nokia 3650 Camera API

Using the Nokia 3650 Messaging API

Nokia 3650 FAQ

Develop and Test Nokia 3650 Applications on Available Nokia 7650 Devices

How to Create MMS Services v3.2
Nokia Messaging Characteristics v1.1
MIDI in Nokia phones, v1.0

Segmentation and Re-assembly in the Wireless Transaction Protocol v1.0

WAP Service Developer´s Guide for Nokia Series 60 Phones with XHTML
Browser v1.0

7... Manage Your Account

Subscribe to any of the Nokia Developer Network newsletters at:


Please note that the services and information that Nokia provides to you
are subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.
Terms of Use
Privacy policy

Copyright (c) Nokia Corporation 2002. All rights reserved.

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the Middle East, send a blank email to:
Symbian phones ruleeeeeeeeee

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capture, mp4, video

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