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Question How to uninstall Nokia Maps on N95

Greetings folks.

First time poster. Nice to be here.

I bought a Nokia N95 on T-Mobile last week. No memory card was supplied, so I'm using the internal memory. I downloaded and installed Nokia Maps, and notice 1/4 of my memory had been eaten up, even tho I selected the minimum memory usuage in Nokia Maps settings.

So far, I've spent hours crawling through Google trying to discover how to uninstall Nokia Maps. I'd rather use Google Maps.

Nokia was absolutely no help on the telephone, but I suspect that was because I was calling an international call centre and they didn't speak English.

I performed a Nokia Software Update, which was supposed to get rid of everything (it did manage to delete all my games I'd purchased) but still, the damn Nokia Maps application remains.

Is there any successful way of uninstalling this junk off my N95? Does an Explorer-type app exist whereby I can see my /PRIVATE folder on my "internal memory", other than signing a copy of FEXPLORER.

Can anyone offer any advice.


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You can't remove Nokia Maps. It's part of the firmware. You can (as you've already discovered) wipe the memory of the extra maps you've downloaded, but the core application remains.

Don't think of it as an either/or choice. Get a huge memory card and download extra maps (via a PC) to it. Install Google Maps (the s60 version) too.

Then you can use both. Google Maps needs a data connection (which may cost you heavily); Nokia Maps doesn't. Google Maps has cool satellite views; Nokia Maps has more search options. And so on.


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Beware downloading versions of the Nokia/Smart2Go "Maps" application to the phone. The version supplied with the firmware of the N95 includes a version of the "Maps" application that supports trackig even if you haven't paid for the voice navigation. The downloadable versions of the Nokia "Maps" application only support tracking if you buy the Voice Navigation.

Note that this has nothing to do with the Nokia "Maploader" Software that you use on your PC to download the actual maps themselves to your memory card.

I don't think that you can download the maps themselves to the phone, only to a memory card.


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