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7650 / BlueUSB Bluetooth USB dongle / PC-suite not working!

Hi everybody!

Rather happy owner of 7650 for two months now. Decided to buy BT-USB dongle to move data to PC. Read many stories in newsgroups of varying experiences on making it work. Here is one story more, not working very well..

Maybe somebody has experienced same kind of problems, and could help me..!

Trying in coming days also to connect the Compaq iPaq BT-CF-exp. pack to the PC ands 7650.. fiuu.. let's see what happens then

WARNING! Long message.

I can't use the Nokia PC-suite for 7650 -software via bluetooth adapter. Problem in short seems to be, that I can't get the USB adapter to use virtual Bluetooth serial port, in my case COM4.

I have visited the cyber-blue web site / Application, where there is excellent advice given on using the usb adapter with nokia phones. Some things worked, some didn't.


1) Can't use Nokia PC-suite for 7650 -software, because Nokia's m-router application doesn't find bluetooth virtual port from COM4, where it is, at least according to XTNDConnect Blue manager / BT application settings.

2) Can't send .sis -software inst. files, or .jpg picture files from PC to 7650. Somehow I managed to send one vCard business contact card to the phone, but also in that case Blue manager gave error message "unable to send xx to 7650".


1) When trying to establish virtual serial port connection to 7650, from Network and dial-up connections / (self-made)"serial" connection, window says: "dialing", then "registering your computer on the network", then comes error message "error connecting to serial, dialing, Error 777: conn attempt failed..because modem on the remote comp is out of order", sometimes after re-dialing comes another message:"error connecting to serial, disconnected, Error 628: the conn was closed". Also I have got error 692.

Is this the way serial connection should be initiated for Blue manager?? There is no text or advice on Blue managers help files! Or how should it work? And why the m-router app doesn't find the connection from COM4 (the error message there is: "Another app is using the COM-port" -> not true.

During the "dialing", in the background the Blue manager / Folders view is blinking, and the device name for the phone "My Name 7650" is changed to my phones physical device address: "00:02:" etc.

In the phone's screen the BT icon is blinking, and around the dot comes two arcs, which according to phone manual means, that there is connection attempt going on. Sometimes I have reached the "connected" state, where the arcs and the dot are not blinking, but still the connection isn't working.

- Also the btprot.exe has crashed several times during these trials, and Blue manager won't start again without reboot.


- Bluetooth dial-up via 7650 via gprs works fine, from the Network and dial-up connections / Bluetooth dial-up.
- When trying BT LAN connection client, there came once a pop-up window in Blue manager, asking which device should use the connection. But since 7650 doesn't support that, it's not working
- Also once has come the same pop-up window asking for device on serial port, BUT it didn't help then either.. serial connection isn't working
- I can send pics, sounds and vcards from the phone to PC just fine.


-what is the BT app settings in Blue manager / BT ports / default device -option for?? serial doesn't work even then if I enter my phone's address to field.


Nokia 7650 firmware 3.12
BlueUSB / Blue manager 1.07a and 1.08 tried
Nokia PC-suite for 7650
Desktop PC, Win2000 Professional SP2


Nokia 7650
A-link BlueUSB, from /

I have tried everything to make it work, but it doesn't (for about total 20 hours working already). I have to return the USB device soon, and get my money back from Avaks Oy, if it doesn't work as it should. I have to buy a 3COM or Epox BT-USB or some other brand, which works fine in this use (and is in the same price category) at least according to user reports in various newsgroups and forums.

I would be very glad to know of any user, who has managed to actually use the BlueUSB's virtual serial port for connecting the phone and PC via Nokia's PC-suite for 7650 -software!

(here is the BT description of the BlueUSB-device:

Bluetooth identifier : B00580
Created Date : 2002-04-05
Spec version : 1.1
PRD version : 1.0
Product ID : BlueUSB-XX
Software Version : 1.05
Hardware Version : 12.3
Qualified Product Notice : QPN_077-CTCMrev1.pdf
Capability Profile : - OPP-Client- DUN-DT- LAN-DT- FT-Client- SDP- Serial-DevB- OPP-Server- LAN-AP- FT-Server- GAP- Serial-DevA- OBEX
Interop Devices : - -
Product Type : PROD
List Date : 2002-04-05
Company URL :

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I had experienced EXACTLY the same problems as you mate.
IMHO, this BT dongle is crap...or should i say the software is crap.
it seems that PCSuite won't open bluetooth ports (although the ports config window shows the virtual ports as bluetooth ports). My guess is that Nokia wanted us to use ONLY their DTL Bluetooth pack.
I put the portmon on top of it, and PCSuite does not even try to open the port , hence the explanation above ?
Duh, get that thing back and get a refund. :x

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Having the exact same problem! Even got them to send me v1.08 of the software but that didn't sort it.
Let me know if you manage to find anything out.

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It is working!


After so many problems and hassles I got this whole system working properly! I was in contact to Nokia and the makers of the Bluetooth software, and couple of days ago they sent me modified driver of the software. I can now sync my 7650 and use PC-suite without problems.

In the end there was also two special things that prevented this combination from working. I have Zonealarm software firewall running all the time, and it controls also the functions of the PC-suite quite tightly. I had to give rights to PC-suites different modules to get it working properly. Another thing was, that I had the com port reserved by another connection, so PC-suites error message may have resulted from that.

I also bought the Bluetooth expansion pack for the 3630 Compaq iPaq, and it works OK with the phone. With the USB-dongle there is still some problems. I have used the phone as a GPRS-BT-modem, and it's very easy and convenient now to surf the net with the BT-enabled iPaq!

They are delivering the modified drivers and the Bluetooth software to customers in couple of weeks time, I understood from their e-mail. So be patient and try then with the new software version after it's published. They also said there comes many other fixes and even new features with the new version.

Bluetooth isn't very mature technology right now, but after it's working, it's just so great and as easy-to-use as it's hyped.

The great thing about this A-link / Cyber Blue USB dongle is it's price, I got mine for something like 60-70 euros. Other brands like TDK and 3Com cost double as much. Now when it's working OK, I'm very happy with the product.


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Hey... saw your post - do you have these modified drivers of the software to share... as im having the exact same problem with my phone..... pc suite does not see bluetooth at all.. is all very strange..



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bluetooth and nokia 7650

Hi all,

I had simliar problems with mine but it now works. I downloaded a file from the below web site and it sorted it out. Good luck


download file and copy "%sysdir%\system32\drivers" and reboot your computer.

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7650 virtual comm port

I had same problem with Cyber-blue dongle. So I uninstalled the flaky included software, and installed brainboxes usb dongle software instead. It's the same Cambridge Radio Systems Chipset!! Now it works a treat, full 7650 suite connectivity. Sorted.

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What is the solution?

I think i was lucky. Generally, when i find problems like these i do this: i uninstall and reinstall everything in a logical manner (deleting all drivers and remained software files after uninstallation). When i did this i installed first mRouter (that is the BT software) i activated it and then installed PC Suite. NowOf course you have to tell the BT software (BTmaginu.exe that is) that the connected device that it sees (the 7650) is connected with a serial cable and select it as default in the settings panel of the BT software. Then start trying the com ports tha the mRouter shows as possible connections: mine shows from com6 to com 11. I checked the com 10 and com 11 together and suddenly it worked fine. If i choose onloy the com 10 or 11 it does not work.
Always read the manuals (of the dongle and the 7650) the answer is always there in other words...

Hope i helped

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Re: bluetooth and nokia 7650

what file I cant,t find any file to bluetooth?

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Re: bluetooth and nokia 7650

Originally Posted by prezes
what file I cant,t find any file to bluetooth?
You can download from

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:agrue: give me the passvord

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Anyone have a password for this zip file? the 2.0 version??? I can't find anything on the site to let me have it. ???

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Please help

I had same problem with Cyber-blue dongle. So I uninstalled the flaky included software, and installed brainboxes usb dongle software instead. It's the same Cambridge Radio Systems Chipset!! Now it works a treat, full 7650 suite connectivity. Sorted.
how did you install the brainboxes? i downloaded the files but there isn't install file. how do i do it manually. please contact me by email thanks!

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Bluetooth Sucks!

I was an early adopter - I picked up a 3Com USB adaptor years ago. It came with 2 CD's of drivers which was offputting and although it was easy to transfer files to/from my phone (7650) it was almost impossible to get it to work with Nokia PC Suite (the main reason for the purchase).
I assumed that the technology was immature - so I am most unimpressed now that i have a new Acer laptop with built in Bluetooth and the latest version of PC Suite to find EXACTLY the same hassles!

1) Meaningless list of COM port numbers - which one is blue tooth?
2) Selecting them has no effect.
3) Making a connection externally to mRouter seems not to help.
4) If you get a connection it is dropped unexpectedly.

I recommend you follow these steps:
1) Get PC Suite working on InfraRed. This is dead easy and if you cant get that to work then there is no point in worrying over BlueTooth.
2) Get BlueTooth working for photo transfer and other low priority tasks - again fairly easy but requires that you get the devices paired etc.
3) Use your blue tooth software to establish a serial port connection with the phone. On my PC I have to leave the resulting success notification dialog open or it closes the connection again.
4) With that open go to mRouter and select ALL the bluetooth options. Note that Bluetooth serial uses 2 COM ports not one, one for data and one for signalling or something. Of course this is not mentioned anywhere...
One will switch to 'connected' but both are needed so leave them all checked.
5) If the above does not work - reboot. For some reason teh COM ports get conflicted and often the only way to get all to work is to be freshly booted so noone else has snagged those COM numbers...

Your mRouter icon should go coloured and the other inducations of a successful connection shown (as per infra red in step one).

All in all not the 'easy connection technology' it was supposed to be!

Good luck!

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Angry O.m.f.g

I wish I had read up on this forum before I went and baught my 'SafeCom Class 1 Bluetooth Dongle'

No end of greif trying to set up a virtual serial connection with my 7650, Can't get PC Suite working, and am rather annoyed, havent tryed any firmwire updates as from what i've read they don't do much at all, Curse the part of the packadgeing for my dongle that says plug and play
Plug and Pray more like, anyway, I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me out at all (Apart from telling me to give up ;P )

Tom Mickle (LoKi)


7650, bluetooth, blueusb, dongle, pcsuite, usb, working

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