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I use Sheet on the 9210 a fair bit, and did so on Psion 3a and 5. I also use Excel a fair bit under Windows. I need to use what they all term Paste Special, where you can copy a cell that contains a formula and just paste the value generated into another cell, e.g. original cell is "=a1+a2" with a computed value of 100 but using Paste Special to paste just the value inserts 100 rather than the above formula.

I can get around it (sort of) by copying the cell, pasting it in to the Calculator, going back up to the history window (not the result window), copying from there and pasting back into Sheet but then it pastes in a 2x2 grid with the value in the bottom right cell. Not very convenient and only works in scientific mode.

I can't seem to find Paste Special anywhere on Sheet (firmware 3.54, Sheet v2.00). Is it hidden somewhere odd, or with a hidden key combination? Or is it another useful Psion 5 feature that Nokia/Symbian have left off the 9210 for seemingly unknown reasons?

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I have the same firmware and app version.
What you say works fine on my comm.
For example, insert these values


Then I use the simple copy and the simple paste (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V). Copy A2 and Paste it in B2.

YouŽll see that B2=B1+C1+D1=5

But if you write


when you paste it in B2 youŽll see


Anyway IŽm not sure about you are talking, my English is not very good! [img]/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
I hope this can help.



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