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N95 8Gb CPU Speed?

Hi All,

I have been reading a few comments about the N95 8Gb being slower than the original N95. I wasn't so sure, since half of the people have said its faster than the old N95, the other half saying its slower?

So who is right? I am not talking about boot times, I am talking about normal usage, 3d games, apps, videos playing...etc

So how fast is the cpu of the N95 8Gb?

JBenchmark website has N95 8Gb as a 294mhz CPU, has nokia decreased the clock on the 8gb to make the battery last longer??? or was that a prototype?

Every test it is slower, some people have mentioned that the N95 8Gb feels slower too......

So what is the speed of the N95 8 Gb cpu?

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Since it has more ram it would seem silly for them to do that but then make it run slower and I thought the battey time was only greater becasue of a bigger battery capacity. It would be interesting to see some 'scientific' tests

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I've had both in my hand, and usability wise the 8gb does seem quicker.
Not worth looking at the JBenchmark results, until a fair number of people have submitted their results.

On paper, the 8gb should be quicker... More ram and also demand paging means that applications should start quicker, as not as much data needs to be transferred from flash to ram on start-up.

Processor speed is probably exactly the same. Don't see why Nokia would reduced core speed. (A few Mhz is going to make no difference to the battery usage).

Also worth bearing in mind... the original N95 has had two firmware updates already. So if there is any issues with the 8gb, then give the it time to be corrected.

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Some of the N95's occasional slowness may be from scanning the 8GB flash memory when doing file operations; I think that people have complained of slow access on the N95-1 with large cards. Most of the tales of slow N95 8GBs I've heard of involve things like file access in the music player.
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taken from wikipedia

The processor speed has not changed with the different revisions.

I use the N95-3 and have put a 16GB card in it. It works well, I posted this info as there are a lot of Chinese N95s being sold here in Australia so watch out for the lack of wi-fi. No auto rotate for the model 3 is a nuisance.

The N95 8GB
A revision of the N95, called N95 8GB (N95-2, internally known as RM-320), was announced on August 21, 2007, and put on market in October 2007.
The changes compared to the regular version are:

8 GB separate internal memory
Larger display (up from 2.6 inches (66 mm) to 2.8").
128 MB RAM (up from 64MB), 95MB available.
Demand paging (although the N95 supports this too, since firmware version 20.0.015
1200 mAh battery (BL-6F), up from 950 mAh
Cosmetic changes to media and front-panel buttons
New model of handsfree/remote control, AD-54 (as opposed to AD-43 for previous N95 versions)
New multimedia menu, with Nokia's Ovi content integration
Built-in Automatic Screen Rotation (ASR) in software versions v20.0.016 onwards for the N95 8GB version and from v30.0.015 for N95-1, respectively.
Black faceplate instead of the original silver.

Negative changes
Pixel density is 142dpi, compared to 153dpi for the N95; this is due to the larger display but with the same resolution (QVGA)
MicroSD slot removed
Slider protecting camera lens removed to make room for the larger battery; the camera application is now started by holding down the shutter release button
Removal of built-in video editor (later added with the firmware upgrades)
Mass: 128g, up 8g from 120g

The Nokia N95-3 is a revision of the N95, internally designated as RM-160, designed specifically for the North American market. It is also available in Australian and South American market.
The following was changed from the original version:
128 MB RAM, up from 64MB.
WCDMA (HSDPA) 850 and 1900 MHz , instead of 2100 MHz .
1200 mAh battery, up from 950 mAh.
Talk time up to 190 min (WCDMA), up to 250 min (GSM).
Slider protecting camera lens removed to make room for the larger battery.
Camera flash moved to the vertical axis of the phone, so when the phone is used as a camera it sits to the side of the camera, instead of below as in the N95-1.
Cosmetic changes to media buttons.
Height: 2.05 cm, down from 2.10 cm.
Mass: 125 g, up from 120 g.
White keyboard light instead of blue for visibility improvement.
Current firmware version V 20.2.011, 13-05-08, RM-160

The Nokia N95-4 (internally known as RM-421) is the North American 3G-compatible version of the N95-2. The main differences to the N95-2 are:
Camera lens is now more flush with the phone's face.
Multimedia keys are less glossy.
Users will have to upgrade to at least firmware version 31.2.007 to have automatic screen rotation (ASR) supported. The latest firmware version is 32.2.001 as of July 23, 2009.

Both N95-3 and N95-4 have also some additional changes, such as the removal of the sliding lens cover for the camera, improved battery life, and doubling of runtime memory (RAM) from 64 to 128 MB

N95 CHINA (N95-5)
Featuring the internal name RM-245, the N95-5 is targeted at the Chinese market. The main difference from the regular N95 is the lack of any 3G connectivity support, which has not been yet adopted in China [24], and the absence of WLAN connectivity, due to Chinese regulations.

N95 8GB CHINA (N95-6)
The N95-6, internally coded RM-321 is a Chinese market-targeted version of the N95-2, lacking 3G and WLAN support just like the N95-5


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