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Old 24-07-2008, 08:41 AM
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Front Camera

YES, IT HAS A FRONT CAMERA AND IT WORKS. YOU CAN MAKE FACE TO FACE VIDEO CALLS (If you like spending money). The fact that some rewievers go upfront and state that it does'nt come with a front camera makes you realize the poor quality of the information the internet is giving to the masses.

It also has a VoipClient, some problems connecting to multi beacon hotspots (Fonera for instance) and somehow limited range but given those limitations it works a charm over WiFi. I suggest anyone to sign for a free number here:

Old 22-08-2008, 09:31 AM
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Angry E65 and Nokia issus


Having purchased an E65 a year ago as a business phone in Australia I found the battery life when using 3g and activesync to be around 2-3 hours without making a single call. Futher to the dissapointment of purchasing a 3g business phone (for email and high speed internet access on the road), it was a rude awakening when visiting the Nokia care(less) centre. I was made to wait near to an hour to retrieve my phone each time, and the problem was never fixed. In fact only on the phone's 4th visit did they declare there was a problem, they then insisted the phone was out of warranty and not their problem any longer. Having waitied weeks for unreturned phone calls and the Nokia care centre nearly throwing my phone in the bin, I contacted Virgin Mobile, my carrier to discuss my disappointment, they immediatly picked up the issue by replacing the battery at their own expense and taking the matter up with Nokia directly - bravo! Bottom line is not because of their product, but because of their complete disregard for customer service I will never purchase another Nokia again, shame on you Nokia for pushing around the little guy. PS I will remain with Virgin Mobile for as long as they maitain this level of service. Thanks for reading.

Old 16-04-2009, 12:43 PM
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Only one camera

This phone comes with one camera only. But it's possible to make video calls.
It's a great phone, but I think that it misses 2 important things:

1) Doesn't show the call duration while you are on the call. That should be very simple to do but I believe that the carriers don't want so people can spend more time on the phone.

2) My old nokia had a function to switch profiles in a pre-programmed hour, so If i have a meeting from nine to ten I could leave it on silent mode until like 10:15 and it would change the profile at that time back to normal.

Does anybody know if it's possible to do one of these two functions on E65?

Old 02-01-2010, 11:35 PM
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The worst phone ever

I have owned the E65. It is the worst phone I have ever had. It has a laundry list of problems including dropping calls, freezing and going offline (not reading the sim). The offline problem makes the phone useless. I will therefore be purchasing a new phone that is NOT a Nokia. I have been to the Chicago flagship store where they said it was about software updating, which didnít fix it. Now I have to ship it in to get fixed. Since no normal person can be without a phone, I will just have to buy a new one and throw this one away. Nokia customer service has been despicable and has not taken the responsibility for their poor product. The company has changed in the last ten years. I advise people NOT TO BUY NOKIA.

Old 23-03-2010, 09:50 AM
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Thumbs up

e65 rocks!


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