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outlook sync problems

Hi there,

I read everywhere that it is easy to sync the Nokia 9500 and I like to believe it is. In fact, at home it worked at once. At work, where I use it most, is where the problems start.

My Nokia runs firmware 4.44(1)
Outlook 2002
Windows XP Professional
PC Suite 6.6.16

When I try to sync here at work, I only try to sync contacts and calender. At some point i may try email as well, but I am trying to keep it simple for now.

My sync settings in the nokia are back to factory settings (which means it tries to sync by bluetooth). I have tried also selecting data cable, but doesn't make much of a difference.

One of three things happens:
1. it can't sync at all, because it is waiting for some reply of the phone.
2. it syncs - or at least in finishes the process - but no entries are synched.
3. it syncs, but only syncs my phone entries (very few so far) to the PC. Every time I do this it syncs them again, and then again. After five syncs I have five copies of this entries. It doesn't though sync anything from the PC to the phone (which is what I want, b/c there I have my 200 contacts and calendar entries.

I like my Nokia, but I have reached my level of patience with this. I have never seen anything like this. I have hard reset the phone twice, installed PC suite three times. I have used factory settings. I have tried creating a new profile. I believe I have tried it all, but to no avail at all.....

Please help .

Many thanks,


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Bas, hope this can help, I'm using the following:

Nokia 9500 firmware 5.22(1)
Win XP Pro SP1
Outlook 2002
PC Suite 6.5.12

Under the Synchronization Properties
1. Under the Advanced settings
- Direction: should be update in both directions
- Conflict Resolution: I opted for Microsoft Outlook
2. Under the Calendar/To-do tab
- Sychronization range should be indicated, I set mine 2 years before and after
- I uncheck the option Do not synchronize completed To-do items....
3. Under the Contact tab
- Highlight All Details
4. Under the Microsoft Outlook
- The profile choosen must map the correct folders when you check the "Select
folder" button, might be that the folder being referred are your personal
folders for contacts, to-do, calendar and not the main mailbox outlook
contacts, to-do, calendar

Hope this helps you.


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I would be interesting to hear did you get this sorted out. My view is that it is rather problematic to syncronise between one phone and 2 PC's, it can easily get mixed up. If someone does that with some other sw/manufacturer and succeed flawlessly, would be also interesting to hear.

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Hi Baz -
Did you get this sorted? I had similar problems, and undoubtedly what worked for me (fingers crossed so far) was 2 things: v6.6 (which you have) and secondly an thorough clean out of Outlook. Because you're synching with work data, certain entries (particulalrly in Calendar/Tasks), will not be compatibel with Symbian. Certain repeating patterns in Outlook differ from those in Symbian and I think this is corrupting your set up. This is probably not ideal if you're trying to synch with a work PIM, but it may be possible to extract all repeatinh entries firstly and take it from there. I agree that Nokia still has some way to go with synching! Hope this helps

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I have been using it. outlook express repair and recovery outlook express more stable and secure than other programs.

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I get all this and more!

I have:

OL 2003
Symbian 4.44 (1)
Nokia 9500
Win2k Build 2195 SP4
PC Suite 6.6.16

Outlook 2003 Corporate vsn but all my Contacts are on the laptop, nothing on Exchange. My Calendar is on the laptop and there's a copy of free time up on the Exchange server. I have several repeating appointments set. My Calendar appears to synch fine. It's contacts that get messed up.

But I do have 2402 contacts (I used to have over 3,000!) but PC Suite only reads 2003 (or so). The previous version would read over 2,700 entries and synch them ok.

When I change time zones, everything gets messed up. The system believes it needs to update EVERY entry in contacts. Heaven knows why, it obviously messes up some time-stamps.

I started with factory settings the other day and completely rebuilt the thing. Still having issues.

This is the most unreliable synch software on the planet. I also try to contact Nokia, but their support sucks, despite all the nice words they write on the Club Nokia site.

I hope they scan these forums.


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Try Outlook recovery. This program can repair corrupted pst&ost files from password-protected ost files, recover Outlook email and data from corrupted pst files larger than 2GB with the maximum size for *.pst files of 4GB and have many other facilities.

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You can also try a tool called Advanced Outlook Repair to repair PST file. It is a powerful tool to recover messages, folders and other objects from corrupt or damaged Microsoft Outlook PST files.

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SInce youre at your work, Im assuming you dont have admin rights and thus no installation rights. (I could be wrong though)SInce the sync worked fine at your own place Im thinking two things; 1. Cable connectivity driver not installed (or faulty install) 2. Firewall, maybe its blocking your `outbound` datastream?

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Outlook PST Repair

Hey dear, Why don't you use Outlook PST Repair to repair your lost data? I used this tool last month and it repaired my PST file very well.
Outlook PST Repair


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