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Old 26-07-2010, 09:03 PM
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AAS Insight 128 - TnP, Symbian DevCo and Nokia Q2 results

In All About Symbian Insight 128, we open with a round up of recent news including the formation of the Symbian Developer Cooperative, the retail availability of the Nokia C6, news of the i8910 HX7 firmware, and Nokia's Conspiracy for Good. Rafe talks about his experience with Track and Protect and Ewan asks whether Symbian needs a reference device. Finally we talk over Nokia's Q2 2010 results. You can listen to AAS Insight 128 here or, if you wish to subscribe, here's the RSS feed.

Read on in the full article.

Old 27-07-2010, 10:38 PM
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@Ewan sorry, you can't forgive and/or praise Nokia for long term view when they can't actually deliver a working handset for the last 18months and this is following up on your own review of the X6 (excluding N97's)

This is maybe a long term pipe dream and indeed Nokia have predicted many trends and yet failed to execute on so many of the important ones (do we need to bring nGage up again). If you can't make it work without being a spod it's pointless and someone else will make it work for the masses who have a life. Those that can will make money off it , apparently Nokia can't.

At the moment having derided touchscreens they're scrabbling around in the dust trying to get a new open (but driven by Nokia) platform going and it's` simply not happening and dont let the sales numbers fool you, just before Moto went down the river they had some of their best results for the RAZR until the playing field changed.

All I have heard from this site is the amazing things Nokia and symbian are doing with their super advanced mobile OS and yet I see no evidence and certainly none in my hand or for the last 24 months and it's always "just coming up"". And that's why Nokia can't increase their profits and if they can't do that (and for 2 years they can't) that's why a p/e ratio of >25 says they're still overpriced .

Old 28-07-2010, 03:50 AM
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Agree with Rafe about failure to execute

I agree with Rafe that Nokia have not executed properly in the past 2 years or so. Had Nokia executed their own plans properly, they would be in much better shape.

Their future roadmaps do look interesting, their developer offerings also seem to be in much shape now, but everything will ride on their execution of their own plan. Hopefully they will not again repeat the N97 (underpowered hardware, poor firmware etc). As much as people blame Symbian, its not Symbian but Nokia that have done a poor job over the past 2 years.

I wish the best to Nokia and hope they learn from their mistakes and come out with great handsets again. The N8 looks interesting, Symbian^3 looks much improved, Qt Mobility is finally maturing (still some work to do), and people are starting to look at Ovi Store. The N8 should sell well provided its priced right and provided it has good firmware. And hopefully Nokia will come out with more mainstream Symbian^3 phones real soon too instead of putting out a million variants of the 5800/N97.

Old 28-07-2010, 04:12 AM
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Well, sure, execution is key for the Finns going forward, but execution has been a stumbling block over the last few years, why would it be different going forward? The same group of guys are still in charge. All the company was shuffle a few departments around. What they need is new blood.

Anyway, as far as going forward with Qt and Meego, has the company considered a Plan B? What happens if Meego, its technical capabilities aside, gets no market penetration and developers ignore it? What then?
They are literally betting the company on Meego; good luck with that...

It's going to be a crowded OS marketplace this year, what with the new Blackberry touch OS coming out tomorrow, Windows Phone 7 (and Microsoft literally doling out cash to lure developers), along with Android and iOS. Meego is going to have an uphill climb gaining market place traction.

Old 28-07-2010, 04:38 AM
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All valid points. Nokia has an uphill struggle for sure.
And in the mobile OS war, may I also add WebOS

MeeGo still remains a wildcard. Its not even clear what the UI will look like, its not clear if they have any big software developers onboard for launch and as you said its not clear if anyone will actually develop for Qt. Add in the fact that MeeGo is the last to the party, and the first "MeeGo" device wont be "real MeeGo" means users are going to be very confused. MeeGo is a gamble for sure.

As for Qt, Qt also works on S60 and all future Symbian versions too though so that might attract developers as it means that Qt already works on millions of installed S60 devices. Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 was released very recently so its still not clear whether developer uptake will happen though.

(I am a developer myself and must say the Qt SDK is good but all it does is put Nokia on par with lets say Android in terms of dev tools.)

Nokia need to be aggressive with developer relations, a job they have not done well. Counting on the open source community is not good enough. They need to approach big ISVs, give them incentives and do more aggressive dev relations like Microsoft. Doling out free devices to developers, doing roadshows etc will also help.

Whether Nokia will actually do so remains to be seen. Well even if they dont, its not like I invested any money in Nokia so I am not that bothered
But I do hope they execute properly as it will be great to see some good Nokia devices again


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