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Help, I'm a little bit lost with my new N95???

Hi, OK well this is probably going to sound a bit odd, but at 39 years old I have managed to avoid using mobile phones pretty much all through the 1990's and 2K's - as really I just didn't (and never have) liked the ubiquitous nature of them and the fact that 'everyone's got one.'

I've never been much of a one for jumping on the bandwagon - and indeed this is why I avoid very popularly named branded products - as I just don't like the idea that I am so much of a sucker I can't think for myself. (Well this is what I tell myself anyway - it may or may not be true).

But I am a complete gadget nut - and after seeing a bunch of ads (yea I'm not such a free spirit really I guess as I'm a sucker for a good advertising campaign) and after reading a ton of reviews, I got the impression that the N95 might just be significantly different enough from any other phone to set it apart - so that I might not feel like just another member of the herd. After all (or so I reasoned) everyone may have a mobile phone - but not everyone has an N95!

But anyhoo the thing is I'm a bit lost with it.

The first thing that's bugging me is I installed Nokia software Updater and it is saying that there is no firmware update for my phone. (As a gadget nut, my first instinct is always to go for the most recent firmware update).

Admittedly my firmware version is the latest available from Orange (v 10.0.018) but it isn't the latest available from Nokia.

So my first question is, if I get the phone unlocked (which I have read how to do on this forum, by paying Orange 20 etc) will I then be able to use Nokia Software updater to flash my firmware up to the latest version? (Which is I believe v11.0.026 - although I could be wrong). It isn't just something I want to do for fun BTW, as there are the odd one or two glitches here and there that I have found - and hopefully this will resolve some of these.

Moreover once the phone is unlocked, will I still be able to use my Orange sim? It might seem a strange thing to ask, but I am planning on maybe travelling across Europe later in the year - so I am happy with Orange in the UK, but I may wish to switch to a more local provider, depending on the particular location I find myself in. (As hopefully this will save some money).

The second thing that's bugging me is the GPS functionality. Out of the box, it doesn't seem to be working - or at least it keeps complaining/giving an error message that it doesn't have any maps.

I always envisaged that GPS on the N95 would be like GPS in my in car navigation system (although possibly not quite as good) and that all of the maps would already be there - but am I to assume that I am to be forced to buy these maps separately if I want full GPS functionality on my phone?

How exactly does this work?

All I want is to be able to look at my phone, determine where I am on a map and determine how to get to where I want to be next. That was half the reason I got the N95, as it was meant to be a small handheld GPS device as well as a phone - and a lot of my trip would probably involve a great deal of walking and traveling on trains and public transport etc. I just thought it would be useful and fun to track my journey as I go.

Thirdly something else that is troubling me is I put a Pay as You Go Sim card in it and I paid for a 10 voucher - not much I know, but I am not likely to be a heavy user (and texts are something I will probably never use - email yes, but texts no). But after playing about with the network (and not actually calling or texting anyone yet) it seems I managed to drain through that 10 in the space of no more than an hour or so.

I have seen other people who's service providers give them 'free Internet access' on their phones. But largely this is just BS, as their web access is really very limited - and the access they do have is restricted exclusively on a small selection of web pages which are focused solely on selling additional goods and services for the service provider in question.

Looking at the Internet access options on the Orange N95, it didn't seem any different.

There was an option simply called 'Orange Internet' (not sure what that is about, but anyway), there was another option called Orange Java (again not sure what the score is here either) and then there was a final one called 'Orange MMS'. Again, it beats me what that's about too). (There was of course the standard WLAN service which I configured to connect to my home network - and which obviously doesn't cost a penny).

So what I want to know is firstly what are these services all about - and secondly do I have to pay to access them? The one I used most was the one called 'Orange Internet' - as this was required in order to access some services I was interested in when not in range of my WLAN.

Is this where my 10 went to so quickly? I didn't sign up for anything - and really as I said, as far as I could work out (although I didn't really look for that long) Orange do only provide limited Internet access in order to sell you additional goods and services etc. I imagined it was free in the same sense that looking in a shop window is free - but I wonder if it is possible that they have charged me simply for the privlidge of accessing their web site to look at what additional sevices they had on offer?

A couple of other things that cropped up from reading around this forum are, isn't the N95 supposed to have some kind of VOIP functionality too - and will unlocking the phone and flashing the firmware restore this functionality?

Again I'm sorry if these are dumb questions - but as I said, I know virtually zilch about the whole mobile phone thing - so I am kind of jumping in with both feet first with the N95.

Anyway any advice, or just general tips or hints anyone can offer would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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