All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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P990i... worth it?


I didn't really had the time to read trough the whole forum, but I hope I still get an answer for such question...

I always had nokia phones, right now I have a good old 6630 - but recently I've got a need for wi-fi, and the P990i seemed to be an ideal solution (prices got down considerably, and right now I've got a good offer for a used one)

Problem is, I've found tons of complains on forums about buggy, slow, unstabile software - most of these were old (1 year old) ones. Some say that most of the problems had been solved with newer firmwares... are they? I can not decide, if the risk is a student, I don't know if I can afford to make a wrong decision... Are those stability issues solved? Is wi-fi connection to open hotspots seamless now?


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At least, there is one unsolved problem, because is hardware, a limited memory But try for your self!

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My friend has just got this set and I must say its ebery wiorth of it. be it the 2 mp camera to just I mean everything. memory is 128 mb I supppose by default but is expandable and so maybe just be according to your needs.
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Forget the 990i - I have one and it will not sync and SE are absolutelky hopeless on helping
I have a iPhone - terrific and no issues - worth every cent

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I am happy with my P990i and it really depends on what you want to use it for!

For instance, the above guy suggests an iPhone, yes it is good, but it will not meet my needs. Forget the Wow factor and check if it will do the job for you.

I had a Nokia smartphone (Symbian) and it was hard t o do anything meaningful. The P990i as a keyboard and a stylus and that was important for me.

I did not experience any of the buggy problems, but that is because I probably because I got my phone much later.

So, my advise, is as soon as you get your P990i is to do a firmware upgrade, you can do this yourself from your PC. Yes, I can use Wireless internet from my friend's house and you can set up loads of internet accounts e.g. encryption network key....

I was at a hotel and I could access their Wi-Fi.....

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If it fits your budget, give the P1i a try. It's much better.

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Thumbs down


I made the mistake and the phone is a complete dog. I cannot hotsync with Dell XPS 1210 running Vista and neither Sony Ericsson or Microsoft seem able to resolve some "GUI not responding" problem

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P990i is a SMART PHONE.. its not for everybody

got that answer from another forum, im just passin' it around.. I've had S60 v2,v3.. but for my purpose ( i go for application-add ons, i dont stop til the phone model has everything possible for its specs) the SE Pseries hit me smack where i want.. I had a P910i and now - the P990i, no problemo!

my P990i has an encyclopedia, a world atlas, complete MS dictionaries, a bible, 3D games abound, mathematical stuff, recipes, movie players, bluetooth hack, power pt sync-PC, i even have Garmin XT navigator on it!.. etc!

and - Its WI-FI man! INTERNET ON THE GO..

i'm just waiting for the UIQ3 version of IR remote and im gonne be truly satisfied..

but - it comes with a price. you have to have at least a 2 gig external memory card.. You have to learn to be a 'smart user' too - its a smartphone man..

next post - what it takes to deal with battery, speed, and 'hang' problem..

enjoy your phone.. if it doesnt serve your need - go find another one!

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I bought this thing thinking it would work with my Locationfree player but it doesnt because i live in the United States.Bummer!


p990i, worth

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