All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Shockingly new, yet shockingly old

In which I muse on how far we've gone backwards in many ways, in the last 15 years... and introduce a device with 5.3" wide screen, instant response, comprehensive office suite and staggering battery life.... Am I the only one to get misty eyed over this sort of thing?

Read on in the full article.

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Yeah, I was just thinking something similar actually about computers. My 1980s ZX Spectrum would boot up instantly, literally switch it on and the main menu appears. My Windows-powered PC on the other hand takes several minutes to load up (even when the desktop appears it spends ages getting everything ready with the hard disk clunking away incessantly). I'm not exaggerating either, it's literally minutes before it's settled down and willing to actually open an app properly.

Why does it take SO long to get a computer ready now? I know they've got more to get ready, but they've also got far more speed and memory too. And the longer you own the computer the longer it takes each time you switch it on...

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Good article!

Good article, Steve, and yes I get the point!

Strangely I have been having a rush of nostalgia myself and recently got a 1MB 3a from eBay so this piece is interesting in its timing.

I cannot believe Nokia et al have not capitalised on the HUGE demand (it was there for Psion, and I don't think it has gone away!) for a QUALITY keyboard, QUALITY size screen and built in FAST office apps that just "do the job".

The Psion (3 or 5) was a true office replacement computer and could stand alone or be used with with a PC/Mac. I am amazed still at the number of people still using them!

IMHO, too many phones today compromise on both the computer/PDA side and the Phone side... reason I still stick with the 9500/9300 series and will continue to do until some enterprising manufacturer sees the error their ways and "does a Psion"!

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Steve, you are definitely not the only one to wonder what happened to Psion's crown jewels. If some people are even going to the trouble of porting Palm software to S60, for example, why doesn't somebody let us have the functionality on S60 that was available on EPOC[Symbian] 15 years ago?

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Good article Steve, and worth considering - hopefully Nokia people are reading this to keep their minds set on some of the right priorities. However I think it'd be fair for them to come back with the question, "well what exactly do you want for that performance?".

We're talking about (processor) power/performance/cost ratio here, basically. Compared to a modern Symbian phone, the 3a is doing very little comparatively. The OS will be leagues less sophisticated and capable than current Symbian, is not driving a true colour display, all the different radio interfaces, hardware etc. that current Symbian phones have.

That said, I think it's probably inevitable that Symbian has got architectural bloat that just wouldn't be there if you rebuilt it from scratch. I bet Android would be far nippier on the same hardware than Symbian for example. The drawback of that of course is that you wouldn't have the software compatibility or stability.

> My Windows-powered PC on the other hand takes several minutes to load up
Tzer2: As someone who's designed and written all sorts of software on mutliple OSes over the last 25 years, I can tell you this is just Microsoft's appallingly bad software engineering, pure and simple. This is not bias, and it's a shame the general public and journalists don't realise just how incredibly poor Microsoft's engineering is. Their success is pure marketing, and illegal and immoral tactics. Some Linux distributions can fully boot in single digit seconds, on the same hardware as a multi-minute Windows boot. And yet end up giving you the same functionality. If only people could see through the Microsoft halo and aura, they would see them for what they are - a giant parasite

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Has anyone got a clear explanation for why Psion pulled out of the business in the first place? Did they run out of money or something?

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If I remember right it was a multitude of different factors all hitting at once:

Psion goldcard modem sales were slowing due to more and more machines coming with internal ones pre fitted.

The PDA market share was getting squeezed by windows mobile and palm PDAs which were seen as more innovative and fashionable, and so when it was time to respond with a successor to the venerable series 5....

They came out with the series 7, that managed the mean feat of being too big to be viable as a PDA and too non standard to be considered as an option to a true sub notebook. I dread to think how bad the sales figures were for it as I've never seen one in the flesh (Nor have I seen Teklogic's followup Netbook).


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I still miss the keyboard on my Philips Velo.

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It looks like modern smartphones are too much of a phone and not enough of a computer to be useful to the mobile information worker. Hence the immense popularity of the modern crop of netbooks.

You can now even buy them heavily discounted with a flat rate data tariff. Quite amazing, because the Communicator used to be in that very same niche a few years ago.

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I do miss my old Psion as well. Especially that I could have multiple Agenda files.

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I agree entirely, Steve. Well done for breaking the taboo and coming out and saying it. IMO the rot set in when they separated the OS from the UI. There's nothing wrong with Symbian, it's S60 that's stagnated for years.

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Bit bemused about the speed put forward for the X1 in the article, most of the RL feedback for the X1 I have read indicates it is fairly fast. Are these speeds taken from a pre-production X1?

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Yeah Steve, you completely lost the plot with that X1 comment...the 6 seconds stuff you mention if probably from a video from a pre-production unit that got very popular...

If you see the tones of videos of retail units now available, youŽll see its much, much, faster now

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@ares and Super chimp:

Yes, fair enough, I'd been trying pre-production firmware on the X1... I was only making a general point about modern OS being slow sometimes - I'm sure there are some areas where the production X1 is still grindingly slow - EVERY OS has some of these log-jams.....
Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

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SonyEricsson Experia X1 is slow? Of course it is, it runs Windows Mobile. No more explanation needed.

It's like people saying the hardware of the Google/Android/T-Mobile G1 is crap. Of course it is, HTC made it.

In other news, the pope is Catholic.



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