All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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N85 owners, can you please answer these quesitons??

Im deciding between the N85 & SE C905... I will have the chance to have both for a couple of days, but have limited use of them, ie, unable to use them for texting, calling or internet.. I am only ablt to asses the gui and features etc.. as the unlucky loser will be getting sent back and cancelled...

Ive seen the specs, and notice on paper vid capture is meant to be good, can anyone comment?? Is generally resolution and quality ok?

What is the general response of the interface like, navigating, using programs etc...??

More importantly, what is the audio quality like... I ditched my ipod a while back as I hated carrying 2 devices around with me, so will be listening to audio quite a bit on it...

Oh yeah, what is battery like.. Im used to charging my SE K80i about twice a week.. and actually find it hard to believe in this day and age some people still have to charge their phones every other day.. Im hoping it will last at least a weekend with moderate useage...

I should have the chance to experience these for myself, but having other opinions for contrast would be beneficial...


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Please read what i said in the other thread. The n85 build quality is very poor, there has been a few users who actually have gotten quality ones but most were poor. There has been problems with the speakers blowing out, speaker to talk in was has given people problems, slider is loose. I would choose the C905 but your missing out on nokia applications and support that nokia gives through firmware. I played around with the C905, very solid phone, good slider. Its also a 8megapixel cyber shot camera with xenon flash, n85 uses 5 with dual flash. The n85 is a good device for mp3 playing it has the 3.5mm jack, im not sure with the c905, you can put any headphones you want in. The n85 cool feature is the FM transmitter, which is weak but is useful while using in the car. The battery is suppose to be very good, the Oled screen uses little power and the phone should work for 30 hours for music playback, 7 hours for talk and a few days for standby.

I would also suggest to wait for the n86 or look into samsung i8510. The samsung has 8mp camera and is about $420 online. It has a very good build quality but firmware support from samsung is bad. But you will be get a symbian s60 device. Overall i wouldn't recommend the n85, i personally am going to return the n85 and wait for the n86.

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Thanks.. I think I posted this before you replied to the other...

Hmm shame about build quality.. I really dont like th UI on the C905, it arrived today.. its very dated, and really offers nothing more than my K800i.. just with a better camera. I suppose im looking for a more open, customisable OS, but not yet ready to venture back into the world of Windows Mobile devices...

Ive got an N85 on order, so at least I can have a play with it and compare the two before I decide..

Build quality of the C905 does seem solid though, which is always a bonus.. bit concerned about battery life though. Ive never fancied any of the samsungs, they have the worst battery life out of any mobile I know, ive had friends with many different Sammys and they require chargind nealry every other day... I also cant likve without some form of keypad.. .touchscreen is good until the novelty wears off, then just becomes annoying...

I suspect the N86 is going to cost at least 10 more than my N85 contract which is 25 per month.. and Im not really willing to pay that bit extra... so we will have to wait and see what the build quality of my N85 is like....

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Beer if I was buying a SE now ..

I'd get the 995 .. but thats competing with the N86 not the N85

I've had an N85 for 6 months .. its a nice phone - its not my primary phone .. I still have my trusty N95 for that .. I've just got the 97 .. it might end up replacing the N95 .. but not yet.

On the whole it really matters what you want to use you phone for.
I found the 85 good .. the screen is really nice! And it does most things really well, especially after a few firmware updates. Video capture / playback is good not brilliant but usable for youtube etc.

If you can stretch your budget to the N86/SE 995 you'll have a bit of a curve before the firmware is really sorted.
So maybe the N85 (you might find a few second hand ones for sale now .. like mine)

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Ive jsut got the missus an SE which has a similar button layout as the 995, and its really small and fiddly to use.. plus, a pet hate, no lense cover on an 8mp camera..

|It really wouldnt be difficult for companies to stop messing about with good bit on one phone, then bad bits, and just make a good all rounder...

Maybe worth considering though, it is feature packed.... thanks

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My N85 has just arrived, and I must say, despite wha tother people have said about build quality, it seems fine.. solid, ok, not quite as good as the SE c905... but I cant pick any faults with it...

Plus points at the mo... compairing to C905..

headphone socket
usb sockets

Both of which are in a usable place, not on the side!!!

On charge at the mo, so not playing with it yet...

Audio quality on SE qs good, better than my ipod!!!! but max sound volume was not loud enough, ok in a quiet room.. but would be useless on the street or on transport... cant wait to see what Nokia is like...

Keypad may take a little getting used to though...

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Originally Posted by DrScouse View Post
Im deciding between the N85 & SE C905...
It's too late for you now, but did you ever consider the 5800XM?

Apart from the 3.2MP camera resolution I consider it better than any current N-Series handest Nokia is selling, and at significatly less cost to the N-Series top models.
The 5800XM has the latest S60 9 5th edition OS, Wi-Fi, GPS, high res (640x360 - double that of the N85) & touch-sensitive screen, up to 16GB (maybe 32GB) Micro-SD card support etc.
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go for nokia n85 ......


answer, n85, owners, quesitons

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