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NSU Failure on N95-1

Hello Guys,

I have read quite a lot regarding the above issue and was wondering id anybody could answer a few more specific questions.

I have attempted to update my Nokia N95-1 with version 20.

I successfully changed the product code using NSS to EURO1 rather than vodafone specific.

I then ran the latest NSU (downloaded today) and it started to update, I had no virus or spyware running. I closed them in task manager.

My phone got to 2/3 throuh and it asked me to carry out a recovery by removing the battery, refitting and switching it on - no joy.

I have attempted to reformat it by holding green, * and 3 while I switch it on, held the buttons for 90 seconds but no joy......stayed on a white screen with nokia on.

Did I hold the buttons for long enough?

I have tried to carry out NSU again but it cannot find the phone.

Is there anyway to flash it completely back to factory settings?


Am I going to have to take the phone into a Vodafone shop?

The only thing that bothers me about that is the product code, are they switched on when they inspect phones?

Will they need to send it away or can they carry it out on site.

I assume it is dead, so I am a willing to try pretty much anything!!

Just can't believe it all went pete tong.

I live in Swindon, in case anybody knows a place that is local.

Thanks for reading this and kind regards!!

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I'd take it back to the vodafone shop. A year or 2 ago I flashed my sonyerricson k800 with generic firmware when it originally had the vodafone version. When it kept giving low battery warnings vodafone repaired it with out flinching. I can't see how you can loose. If they won't repair it you're no worse off.

Good luck

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I think vodafone will completely force flash the firmware, thus they won't ever be able to tell that you changed the product code because they don't get to turn on the phone either until after the forced flash.

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Thank you very much chaps!! Most kind!!

Can this force flash normally be done on site??

Kind regards,

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I would assume that it depends on the service centre and what type of equipment they have available. They may not have the software on their systems etc....

Regardless, you'll have to take it to a service centre anyways so let us know how you make out!

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I doubt a voda shop would do it unless its a major one, but some of the Nokia service centres can do it on site. Dunno about Swindon area tho.

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Hi rvfgod

I have a problem a bit like yours last week. I updated the software on my phone (Still with a voda product code) and it just died. If i turned it on all i got was a white screen.

I phoned up Vodafone and said that i had run an update on the phone and now it would not work. (thats all you really need to say too)

With that the guy on the other end of the line said that we would have a replacement phone out to me in the morning.

And that was that, the next day a city link guy came and dropped off a new phone and took the old one. I did really well out of it cos the screen on my old one used to rattle and this one is solid.

I am a special care customer (Whatever the hell that means) so maybe that helps but its worth a try.

Best of luck.


failure, n951, nsu

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