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Trouble with photo transfers

Hi, I have recently tried to put my photo's taken with my i8910 onto my laptop but I am having difficulty with the sizes. The trouble is that the photo's all stretch vertically to appear square, I can open them in photoshop and they are the right size, but I don't wanna have to open every single photo and resave them, it will take forever. I am guessing that I am just missing something simple, but don't know what it is. Has anybody else had this problem, and does anybody know how to fix it? Thanks.

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more info, if possible...

I'd like to help, but perhaps a bit more info? Which O/S you using? which handset firmware might be good too & do you mean that your photos appear stretched in Windows Explorer? As they open up ok in Photoshop, erm... what's the problem?

I'm using XP and viewing i8910 images that I tend to take in 6MP widescreen mode using the program Irfanview. In Windows Explorer thumbnails mode, all the thumbnails look fine, no problem, they are not square but are widescreen, within the square of the thumbnail image (if you can udnerstand me). All ok for me. Never had a problem ever.
I've been with (no dirty thoughts, please LOL) quite a number of firmwares, but currently reverted back to Orange UK + updates = xxIF2.
(on the dialler, tap in
the last 5 characters of the second line = what most people call the firmware version, so i believe)
Sorry i can't help more at this stage!

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I've seen this *bug* too - it's actually Windows (Vista and 7 in my case) trying to be clever and resizing the photos to fit the screen. However, in doing so, it's not observing the aspect ratio correctly.

... as you've said, the photos are the real size when you open them in something sensible like Photoshop; it's just the Windows picture viewer that gets them wrong...

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Glad someone else has this issue. It has bugged the life out of me as I have all my photos in Windows photo gallery and am running vista.

On a possibly related issue, I've tried to view the photos and videos taken on the phone on my ps3 and can't view them at all. Anyone else had an issue with that? Photos taken on my main digital camera are just fine.

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Hi - I've not had a problem viewing i8910-encoded (if that's the right term for photos taken on the i8910) 8MP or Wide6MP .jpgs via the PS3's SD card (+/- microSD-adapter or transferred from i8910 to PC to full SD card) slot.
I HAVE had the problem of i8910-encoded movies - none of these have ever worked on PS3 (PS3 states movie format unknown/unsupported or whatever - that's on every firmware I've ever tried, including the later AAC--audio encoded i8910 .mp4's).

re: DLNA
Via the i8910's alleged 'DLNA' connected home application... well, that is a whole new different ball game. Used to work for me, with .jpgs from the i8910, via router etc(see my other threads here at AAS), bit no longer does (firmware update borke it, or my handset now has a hardware problem, no idea which!). In any case, it was 10-15 secs transfer per image, so very frustrating flicking through many images (unless they were of lower resolution e.g. 0.3 MP was almost instant to progress through a collection).

Sorry can't be of more help. Could be all manner of issues; very likely firmware. I may have a bizarre set of hardware issues with my handset too, but not quite sure as yet. Waiting until Orange UK releases a decent firmware update until deciding what to do with my handset.

Perhaps a bit more info for us for you though? - your sentence can be understood in different ways? i.e. you trying by DLNA or card slot, or via PC to SD to PS3 etc!

In any case, cheers!

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cheers. converted to MPII so i could edit in windows movie maker. then published as WMV. Then copied from usb stick to ps3. works ok.

For photos I just had to copy off the usb stick on to ps3 and then in to photo gallery. I'm sure in the past I could copy direct from usb stick in to photo gallery but perhaps I didn't.


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Hi all,
I have the same issue with jpegs opening on Windows 7. when i tried viewing the pictures on windows xp, everything was fine. i guess it would have something to do with windows 7's native viewer, because when i tried opening it with another viewer it did not have the same problem. so i'm guessing it's a windows problem? although i could definitely be wrong...


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