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mp4 player

New to forums so please forgive my innocence if this has already been answered

Please help with locating the links in the following document

Rafe wrote:
Yes - MP4 Video Capture and playback is now possible on the 7650. The recently announced Nokia 3650 had this, but now the 7650 has it too. Full information and details in the news story.

An MP4 Video capture and playback application has appeared on the T-Mobile Germany site. Thanks to Sämi and J2theIZZO for pointing this out. The video is recorded at approximately 10 frames per second and the maximum video file produced appears to be around 100 kb - this allows for upto 40 seconds in a non active video (laying down on a piece of paper) and 6-10 seconds for active video (moving around).

This software is being discusssed in the forums, and thanks to the knowledgable community we have there have been some interesting tips revealed. The main thread for discussion is here. On the second page of this topic here a file has been attached which contain the SIS install file (you must be a registered member of the forum to view attachements) - this is an alterntaive to getting the file from T-Mobile - which is the recommended download location. Thanks to RTS for providing the ZIP file. There are also some screenshots in this topic.

Faquick has provided a couple of translation files. The original program is in German, but with the file and instructions in this topic you can have the menu of the program in english. This is an unoffical fix / hack - you have been warned. Please read the instruction carefully. You will need the excellent SeleQ file manager from Ximplify to carry out the instructions (please consider buying this excellent program via our Handango link).

Some other tips that have been posted on the forum and which may be of interest. There is a bug on some phones which means recorded videos can not be deleted if there is not enough free memory, this can be fixed by renmaing the file in question in the program.

The MP4 video can be transferred to the desktop (using a program like SeleQ or EFilemanager and your bluetooth / infrared connection - or e-mail it to yourself). An alternative (using the freeware Forward (not via e-mail is described here). It can then be played in a MP4 Player. Programs mentioned by forum users include Apple Quick Time 6, DivX and other MP4 capable players.

The software is made by a Oulu-based Finnish company Hantro: "Video application version 1.1 copyright Hantro Products Oy 2002". There is also a message telling that the software doesn't work after 31.3.2003. There is also a T-Mobile logo at the bottom of each clip (thanks to pylon for this info).

If you don't want to use the translation files a rough translation is as follows:
Menu in Video list translation top to bottom
Anzeigen = Indicate ( Play highlighted file basically )
aufnehmen = Take up ( New Capture )
Senden = Send ( via E Mail only )
Loschen = Delete File
Umbenennen = Rename
Uber = Product Information
Beenden = Terminate ( Exit Program Basically )
Thanks to mikeprice53 for the translation.

There is a useful summary of the posts on the forums here (read this if you're having problems finding your way around).

I cant open the topics link, where can i download the .sis file




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Its in this thread:

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The message thingy

Why isn't the software available for use after march next year?

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Its just a beta version, for testing.

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Have downloaded player and English version. Up and running. Brilliant. Cheers


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Why we cant just put tha realplayer of the newer V phones into ours???

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wnt installation file

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ton of thanks


mp4, player

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