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Unhappy N96 Switch Application Erratic / Not Connecting

Hi everyone

I used my replaced N96 for the 1st time last evening (after putting in my SIM card). Till then the SIM card was in my N73 Music Edition and that was the phone I was using. Well, 1st of all, I went into Tools -- Device Manager -- Options -- Check for Update and it surprisingly found a firmware update and started downloading it. I think it was around 3MB. It downloaded restarted and updated the firmware and restarted again. Took about 10 mins or so.

One thing I find after the firmware update is that there is a crackle along with the warning tone that comes.

Next I wanted to transfer everything from my N73ME to the N96. I already had issues with this in the older N96. So I wanted to check if stuff was getting transferred. I went into the application called Switch in the N96 and it asked to turn on the bluetooth in the other phone, which I did etc. It detected the N73ME, asked for the passcode for pairing the devices which I completed. Then, on the N96, it showed the list of stuff to be transferred for which I selected ALL and clicked Ok. Once this was done, the phone listed all the items for transfer one below the other and at the top it said "Connecting" with 2 lit up boxes blinking. This kept on going for more than 20 mins with nothing happening on the N73ME. On the N73ME it did not even ask whether I wish to accept the connection request from the N96 (this happened when I tried it with my wife's E-50 in the morning today).

Since I was busy doing something else in my PC, I didn't know how long it was before the connection request appeared on the N73 screen. I then saw it and accepted it. After this, another 10-12 mins of no activity after which slowly the contacts started getting transferred. After 40-45 mins from here, 310 contacts had got transferred, one calendar entry was transferred and out of more than 100 messages, only 20 had got transferred. On the N73 it showed 103 text messages in "Sending" and on the N96 it showed only around 20-22 messages. I could not believe this process was so slow.

From my old 6600 to the N73ME when I got it in Aug 2007, the transfer application was sent via bluetooth to the 6600 and all contacts, images etc were transferred to the N73 without any problem. The whole thing was over within 10 mins. And I had more than 150 contacts on the 6600 too.

But the N73ME and the N96 both being such modern S60 phones with so many more features and more powerful processors etc, why is this happening ? This is just atrocious. The 1st time I got my N96 on the 18th of September 2008, the transfer was done pretty quickly. But after that, it never worked properly, even after clearing the paired devices list in both phones, clearing the transfer log etc.

Please enlighten me on this issue in case any of you has experienced this on your respective N96 phones.

Due to this problem, I still have more than 80-90 text messages on my N73ME which have not been transferred, around 50-60 images, a couple of ringtones etc. Also there are recent calls, notes etc which have not even been touched upon yet since the text messages transfer itself is not over.

Please help !!

Warm regards,
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Use the Nokia Content copier instead:

-Connect your N73 to your PC (bluetooth or USB cable - pc suite mode)
-Perform a backup using Content copier
-Connect the N96 (bluetooth or USB cable)
-Perform a restore with Content copier from the N73 backup file (Content copier will decide what objects are compatible between the phones).

I have used this procedure for several phones and it works well. I actually used this two days ago to help a colleague transfer data from his old N73 to his new N96. He also encountered the 'Connecting' problem with the Switch program, but ran out of patience after a few minutes of no activity and went for the pc solution instead.

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Hi bjornb

Thanks for the inputs. Based on what you have mentioned in your message, it appears that the "connecting" issue between N96 and other N-Series phones is a common issue.

I shall try what you have mentioned. But I guess the "phone specific" part of the backup process in Content Copier would not get restored to the N96 after backing up from the N73. Hopefully, all contacts, text messages, images, ringtones etc would at least get transferred.

I thought the backup and restore procedure was to be done only for the same model of phone, ie backup from N73 and restore to N73. I shall anyway try this and post back.

Thanks once again.

Warm regards,


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