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Nokia N8 What to do When Sim is Broken

hello, i have a nokia n8 thats just five months old and the sim socket dont work....long story wont honor it in any way....i am looking for an alternative way to connect a new sim card socket to the IC chips in the phone. I have the parts, i just need the info.

If anyone has any knowledge that my may help i welcome it. I am open to any info like GMATE for iphone an iOS. It is not compatible with symbian. I just hate to trash such an awesome phone over a sim card connector.

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there is no way around. best to let nokia repair your unit rather than risk it. they'll just replace the sim port. its less than a hundred dollar.

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I had the same issue after using a micro sim with a cheap adapter in my N8. Took it back to t mobile who said it wasnt under warranty. Being the way I am I complained to nokia and told them that after being a nokia customer for 15 years I was appauled at the build quality and wanted it repairing. I did not say anything about using a micro sim. Sent the phone to nokia for repair and they did it under warranty for me.

While it was away, fearing it not getting repaired, I contacted in Sheffield England who said that the sim slot repair was around 30 to repair. They told me that the sim slot needs to be heated with infra red to allow the contacts to be soldered correctly, basically meaning a diy repair is out of the question. Ring them as the repair for the N8 sim slot was not on their website.

Hope this helps people

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i don't have much Idea about that. but I think you need to consult with Customer Care


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