All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Finally an objective review of the N97

This review is not like some of the love fests we've seen here and Nokia sponosored sites.

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Because it is negative, doesn't mean it is objective. Seems like it is biased just to the other extreme.

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Indeed, just like the phonearena N97 review too, where it read, to me, that the guy hates Nokia, and is a Samsung fanboy.

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Who cares what one person says about something anyway i've had some handsets they with not such great reviews but i thought they were good phones .But the bloke who wrote this review obviously hates nokia .

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Here's my objective preview.

It only has a resistive screen. No the screen probably won't be as good that of the Apple iPhone or Google Android in terms of quality or clarity. No there is no inbuilt stylus (but apparently there is a stub that can be attached by wire to the phone). Yes the UI look archaic and dated and many of the touch features appear to be an after thought.

But it is still one of the most complete phones out there.

Unlike Google Android, you know you can send files via Bluetooth. Unlike both Android and iPhone you know (unless the phone provider has taken it out) you can connect the phone to an asterisk server. It has an FM Transmitter, has TV out, has USB charging, and is one of the first phones to be given 32 Gig on board memory as well as a MicroSD slot.

Quite simply, Nokia won me over with its features.

And with any luck, we will see some firmware updates to iron out any wrinkles, and improve efficiency and usability.

I think Nokia needs to keep its features, which, really are, second to none, and focus more on the UI. Certainly one of the greatest things about Nokia was its utilisation of S60 allowing for third party apps to be installed. So do Nokia get rid of that and allow all the application developers to start again and we eventually end up with nothing, or do Nokia keep it and really tart it up and make it look good?


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What I find more telling than reviews are the problems that the first user have and report through Nokia Support.

Go to and enter "N97" in the search box.

Titles like the following make me a little anxious to see just how my N97 will perform:

Nokia N97 NAM Any Succsseful Story ??????
N97 Backlight doesnt always come on
N97 NAM Battery Indicator Problem
N97 and the Home Media Server??
N97 NAM with crash issues... Anyone else?
N97 Text Messaging problems
Nokia N97 NAM - - Made in China??
Nokia N97 Asia version Failure..!

One "Lesson Learned" from these early users is DO NOT insert and try to access a MICRO-SD card that has been formatted on another phone--especially non-Nokia. It seems to cause lock-ups/crashes.

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As someone who has one and doesn't work for anyone, I have to say that I'm disappointed with the N97 and see it as a step backwards, IMHO.

Now I'm sure that there will always be people who approach these devices somewhat emotionally and may be defensive about them, but they want a lot of money for this device, and it just isn't anywhere near worth what they want for it. Another failed device that will go into the desk drawer, for my part.
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finally, n97, objective, review

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