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Old 11-09-2009, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by ShakaZulu View Post
The n97 Home screen is a mess. It is definitly the sign of a HARDWARE company's take on how to implement software. The only problem is that Samsung has bypassed Nokia when it comes to Hardware and actually has assigned a larger ammount of engineers than Nokia to focus on the OS whilst Nokia has moved coding power away towards OVI.

Touchwiz makes sense, for a power user yes N97 might be what Zappa is to Syd from Yorkshire but for the Neville Nobodies, Samsung makes more sense. I truly cannot understand how the N97 could be released AFTER the the I8910 and still be inferior because it truely is.

The features that that Samsung focus on are features that make a father happy to have the device close by when his daughter sings at daycare. The features that Nokia focus on makes an engineer happy when there is a feature contest in a bar late at night... BUT CAN YOUR PHONE DO THIS.

Remember the days when you used to know a band that you thought was really cool but nobody else knew anything about... thats Nokia's feature set, whilst Samsung has focused on being the Rick Astley, Lady Gaga of phones... mainstream. The camera software in the I8910 beats ANYTHING that Nokia has to offer.
On personal experience, I'll definitely agree with your last statement.

And a lot of the rest of that post is... a very good analogy!

Old 11-09-2009, 09:45 PM
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In depth, post update after 30 minutes of use review: It still sucks(it actually got worse thanks to the 3d task switcher crapping all over the multitasking.)
And stop talking about the nokia. This is an i8910 thread about the new firmware.

Old 13-09-2009, 06:19 PM
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Yes, that task switcher does suck - anyone found a way to go back to the old 2D way of doing things?
Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

Old 13-09-2009, 07:16 PM
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The 3D task switcher is AWESOME. I've just found out that the pictures in the carousel aren't snapshots of each program, they are live! For example, while switching from Gravity to Mobbler, I can in passing quickly check the progress of a SymTorrent download without having to actually switch to SymTorrent. Better yet: while switching from Gravity to the Mail app, I can check the progress of a SymTorrent download and the name of the song Mobbler is playing.
For some reason, however, this doesn't work with Podcasting and its progress bars. Probably another Podcasting application bug. It works very well with every other app I've tried, however.

Edit: after a few more experiments, I found several other apps which, like Podcasting, don't do live updates under the 3D task switcher. Among those which do live updates: Web, Mail, Mobbler, Symtorrent, WLAN Creator. Among those which don't: Touchwiz homescreen :(, Music player, Gravity :(, Podcasting. Even so, it's a great feature. As a rule of thumb, those apps which redraw themselves (properly) when you rotate the phone with the 3D task switcher running do support live updates.

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Old 15-10-2009, 01:50 PM
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Dear capitaine,

did you noticed refresh button in DLNA settings???

Old 29-09-2010, 11:49 AM
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hey i installed the software as shownin the link and it crashed my phone... when i turn on my phone it only displays a pic of a (mobile and a (!) and a computer) does anyone no how to fix this thanks damian

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